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Close encounter with my son today

Close encounter with my son today, by SunBôw

Today I had the great blessing of having a clear Sasquatch sighting with my son. After I just finished covering mechanical inspection, repairs, plates and registrations on my van so I can leave it with him while I’m gone, we went for a walk in the woods on some hiking trails. After half an hour walk in the maple grove, I felt a presence and looked up to see a Sasquatch standing between two trees. I told my son: “A Sasquatch is watching us”. He looked up and saw him. He was about 50 yards from us. Then the Sasquatch move a couple steps aside so we could see him clearly, jet black on snow white, with his long arms hanging and his head leaning to the side. I recognized Kamooh and am grateful that this venerable ancestor showed himself to my son. We watched each other for a couple minutes, but when we kept walking toward him, he was nowhere to be seen around. This made my day.

Thanks and blessings to all our relations…

Kamooh Kwani

1 thought on “Close encounter with my son today”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. What a sweet and powerful gesture to you and your son. Perhaps even the acknowledgement that your son will be more than caretaker of your vehicle in your absence. I had the good fortune to have met you both during your cross country road trip and can say for certainty that your son, like his papa, carries about him a great love, strength and wisdom, necessary attributes for a good friend, liaison, caretaker.


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