My arrival in magical Australia, land of the Dooligah

My arrival in magical Australia, land of the Dooligah By SunBôw

It’s been barely 28 hours since I landed in Australia as I write these lines, but so much magic has happened already that I feel called to share some of it with you all. After Kagi Taka Raven picked me up at Melbourne Tullamine airport yesterday morning, we drove to his home in the bush by Briagolong. On the way the black and the White Cockatoos greeted us. We stopped to check some sheep and save a Turtle that was crossing the road. At his home, he showed me some of his medicines and crafts, too many sacred objects to show or describe them all. I soon got to meet the King Parrots, the Crimson Rosellas, colorful Bronze-wing Pigeons, Magpies, and the White Cockatoo carrying healer medicine.


Raven then took me to the area where the Dooligah have built tree structures.

After walking the land, we went for a night safari with a spot light to see plenty of Grey Kangaroos, Swamp Wallabies and Bare-Nose or Common Wombats roaming in the bush. Night photos didn’t come out well, but we had many clear wildlife sightings.

At night I was called out to go see the Full Moon and I hadn’t walked outside since a minute when a Dooligah shouted at me and three of them showed up about 20 yards in front of me. I felt they are the real Original People and keepers of the law of the land and understood what Raven told me about how they are impressive and powerful and very serious about protecting the law of the land. I felt humbled and honored to be greeted by them and asked permission to walk on their sacred grounds and gave grateful thanks.

This morning a Wallaby showed up just outside my window although they don’t usually come out in day time. I did a ceremony to honor the spirits of this land and made a spirit plate picking the different local plants as i was taught by Sasquatch. When I did a tobacco offering to pick the piece of red gum eucalyptus bark, a flower appeared next to ma face planted in the tree bark. It was Armridge, the Elder of the clans of Australia. I brought the spirit plate at the medicine wheel and smudged, did a friendship song with the new Kangaroo drum I was just gifted and offered some medicines and gifts.


We then went up Mount Ben Cruachan a volcanic cone overlooking the whole region, with view on the ocean to the south and mountains to the north. A Wallaby jumped just in front of the car. There is a large cairn of uncertain age and origins at the summit and caves where there were obviously ancient ceremonies done as we found smudging sea shells. On the way we saw large tree-ferns, among many other wonders. This is just a brief report of my first day and a half in Australia, land of the Dooligah. More to come…

Without forgetting the goana…


7 thoughts on “My arrival in magical Australia, land of the Dooligah”

  1. Magic keeps unfolding. Today we found Dooligah tracks and heard thumps in the bush two different times. I heard the Original ancestors play didjeridoo and sticks in the bush and saw two large roos jump across the field. I’m hearing loud knocks close by as I write these lines. Spirits are powerful and very ancient in the land of the Dooligah down under…


  2. Beautiful and powerful trip. Pictures are brilliant but I’m sure barely capture the moment. I am so happy that you are with our brother and family from down under. Hard to believe was short a few short years ago that we all met. Many blessings on this journey brother and all ways. Be sure to keep journaling, this is a magnificent accounting with pictures that really convey the thrill of this magical, mystical land.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and amazing pictures. What is amazing to me are the prevalence and similarities of stick structures around the world. I find them in the Sierra Nevada in California and have found them in the Selkirks in NE Washington.
    I love all your posts.

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