More magic along the Australian journey

More magic along the Australian journey, By SunBôw

On Saturday, Australian time (one day ahead of America), we went for a walkabout around the bush and found Dooligah footprints of a young individual, near the pond. There was also of course, tracks from Roos, Wallabies and Wombats, as they all come daily to the precious water hole that keeps them and their bush alive. The dog Bull and the cat Millie also like to come out for hikes in the bush.

On Sunday, we went to visit other places along the drying river where we saw a small hut-like structure made of small twigs, likely the work of the Junjeri, the small Hairy Humanoids. I went for long walkabouts with Bull and found more footprints, also heard several thumps close by and mumbles in the woods, while feeling observed. I visited as well the tree structures area on this land, observed more closely and took more photos.


On Monday I got to touch my first live wild Australian mammal: an Echidna sitting by the road side. We went to visit sacred sites: the Blue Pool, resembling a womb, which was a women’s site. Men who have tried to swim there often drown or come close to. We found petroglyphs over the pool, one depicting a woman giving birth and another one of a bird. We met lizards sun bathing on the trail. A few miles upstream, we visited the Dooligah caves, appearing as a huge face on the cliff. Kagi Taka Raven has had many sightings there and we could feel the site was watched by the keepers of the law of the land. A modern day Original Elder painted a Dooligah on a cave wall when doing a quest there.

I’ve been learning about the many varieties of birds and the medicines they carry, while my new favorite hobby is now picking feathers in the bush. More stories to come shortly.

3 thoughts on “More magic along the Australian journey”

  1. Hey Sunbôw,

    Marty here ( Eagle Breeze )

    Warm welcomes to this great shared island!…

    Back on 11 August 2019 while on a fire trail whilst riding a mountain bike, l stopped on an open region of fire trail to phone a friend, this took part about 1pm in the arvo… whilst chatting l was gazing about from the cusps of the escarpment from ridges into the sky checking out for eagles to which l notice from a rock outcrop, this about 400m away, l could make out a large black figure and was facing directly towards me.

    His physique of broad shoulders a chest about 4/5ft across and what looked to be 9/10 ft tall possibly taller. This took place over the conversation l was having, l mentioned with my friend to what it was l was looking at, a Yowie man l mentioned l remember l gave out a slow arm wave as it just stared over at me for l suppose 2- 3 minutes, before slowly disappearing or as the vegetation appeared to press forward through until l could not see him no longer.

    Curious l came back with my camera a week later, took some images whilst standing from my exact location…….. then l went back to the location he was standing, remembering a blackened or burned tree limb l knew he was standing under, l then stood in approximately the spot to gather a reference of his hight.

    On uploading l could work things from the image…… But it wasn’t until two weeks or so later, when l felt compelled to take a relook in with this image, and here my astonishment, have overlooked in noticing the presence to a different Yowie man? Rediscovering in a slightly different position from the image to the black Yowie is this a brown Yowie?

    Going by what happened l can only feel this was all meant to be…. be present, be purposeful, be peaceful, be for interspecies relations, an honourable gesture giving in which can only simply be, be as you are.

    A name before this image had appeared, likely because over the last few years acceptance had been established, where l had received this name from a lady Yowie Nuk- talie…

    I am not alone here with sharing in communications with these Yowie forest people, l am in shared company as we share from this location our individual different experiences, often gifted surprises of organic messages, rock cairns tipis and whatever has us ready, l once had a deceased bird place on the trail for my return passing, on only a short walk.

    Over the last few years on such times l would send my thoughts out to thank Kamooh, even though l am in Australia l wanted to breathe out heartfelt thoughts to him for his open generosity in gifting with us insightful messages, reading many messages from the Sasquatch messages to humanity, thanks to Sunbôw and all involved, not to mention books written by Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis and there are many others whom gave to assist myself with the earthly substance exhibiting great reasoning, reinforcing me with deeper consciousness back into my life.

    Thank you to everyone for expanding my personal growth imbuing divine embodiment.

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