All hell is breaking lose down under

All hell is breaking lose down under, By SunBôw

Photo: Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia, Dec 30, 2019, 10 pm…

Bairnsdale 12-30-19

Bairnsdale is the first town I visited in Australia 3 weeks ago. It’s a couple hours drive east of where I am now, in eastern Victoria. Tonight a vast region around Bairnsdale looks like hell as up to 90,000 people are being evacuated from an area half the size of Belgium. This is only one of the thousands of bush fires that are ravaging Australia right now all over the country, in proportions never seen before, as a hotter summer than usual is just starting.

Today, as temperatures reached 42 to 44 degrees in Victoria with winds up to 100 km/hr, many new fires started all over the State and in other parts of the country, including the in outback and desert. The losses in wildlife amount in the millions and over 800 houses were burned, evacuations multiply, including in Melbourne’s suburb.

Our friends and their friends might have lost or will be losing houses to the flames, many roads are closed and some region face blackouts and power outages.

Today, while doing a small ceremony calling for the rains, it rained for fifteen minutes, the first rain I see since I arrived in Australia three weeks ago. We can’t save the whole world, but if many join in prayers and ceremonies, it will make them more efficient and powerful. Please join us in sending prayers and healing rains to the lands of Australia…

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