Flat earthers: You’re not in Kansas anymore

Flat earthers: You’re not in Kansas anymore, by SunBôw

I chose this title to list a few subjects that may still be controversial and denied by mainstream, as if the shock of cognitive dissonance caused by the new knowledge required too hard a revision of beliefs adopted as facts, or else this sensitive information is suppressed and covered up. As an example, ancient and new science has shown clearly that the Earth is a globe, although there is a resurgence of believers in the flat Earth. This is not the main topic, but an eloquent example.

One only has to travel around the globe to realize it is a sphere, even if not a perfect one. Since my first trip to the southern hemisphere, I had noticed that the sky turns counterclockwise around the Southern Cross or rather the Earth spins clockwise around the South Pole, as opposed the its counterclockwise rotation at the North Pole. I have been adapting ceremonies to this cosmic flow, when in the southern hemisphere.

Never to late to learn. Just tonight, looking up, I realized that the waxing Moon in Australia (southern hemisphere) starts on the left and the waning Moon ends on the right,



as opposed to the way it appears in the northern hemisphere, starting with first crescent on the right and ending with last crescent on the left.

lunar cycle

I had noticed before that it started from under like a smile in the tropics. Add to this that it is rising in Australia, while it is setting in America. Also, the constellations we see in both hemispheres like Orion, are seen upside down in the south as compared to the north. So the Moon as well appears upside down in the south as compared to how it appears in the north, and its phases go backwards or in the opposite direction.

This is itself should be enough to put aside the flat Earth model which could not fit with or explain any of these phenomena, while the spherical Earth does perfectly. Hence, it takes only keen observations of facts to find the truth and debunk erroneous theories based on beliefs. Yet, many prefer to cling to false beliefs than to accept the facts.

There are likewise other subjects that are still decried or taboos, although heaps of documented evidence prove clearly the facts. Some mainstream theories and beliefs have been taught as dogmas, leaving any questioning or double-checking discarded. Sasquatch or other Hairy Humanoids for instance, are still being denied and ridiculed by mainstream science and academy, in spite of thousands of years of records and evidence.

Mainstream academic doctrines such as the Darwinian theory, the lineages of hominins, the Out-of-Africa theory or the Bering Straight theory have all been debunked and proven false in the wake of new discoveries, but academic institution are slow to adapt and evolve, or rather stubborn in their systematic refusal of admitting new knowledge undoing the wrong interpretations and erroneous beliefs making the actual credo.

A recent archaeological discovery in Victoria, Australia, proves that the Originals inhabited the land since at least 120,000 years, while validating other such discoveries that had been discarded by mainstream. This in itself debunks the Out-of-Africa theory which claims modern humans left that continent 100,000 years ago, while it makes the Out-of-Australia theory much more plausible (or Out-of-Lemuria?). Australia also has revealed the planet’s oldest stone axe (Nawarla Gabarnmang), the oldest stone circle (Wurdi Youang) and the oldest rock paintings, which indicate the oldest existing cultures.


Another topic that raises controversy and often stubborn refusal or plain denial of well documented facts even from official sources, is climate engineering, aka geoengineering or weather manipulation. Although the technologies and practices started back in the 1940’s with chemtrails aka aerosol sprays, they have developed since with radar emitting ELF to EHF waves into the ionosphere to manipulate the weather and cause seismic activity, and with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) mounted on planes or satellites.

Weather manipulation is a multi-billion dollar industry, involving governments, military and private contractors in top secret operations. Those operations happen in remote but real locations, and are done by institutions and corporations with names and an agenda.

”Australia is the world leader in high-frequency, skywave over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) technology…” -From the Australia government website, defense.

When the world population will realize that the climate emergency crisis and global warming is not only a hoax, but an artificially created crisis through military technology for a control agenda, then and only then will it be facing the real problems and standing against the perpetrators of the depopulation agenda which includes weather wars.


Today’s weather manipulation report for Australia…

Most fires are out or contained except on the southeastern tip. Rains all over Queensland today and they’re piling up as the natural counterclockwise flow of the Rainbow Serpent is interrupted and blocked by intense radar activity from the weather manipulation stations in WA that keep the western half of the country cloudless. They’re creating and forecasting an ”extreme heat wave” to start in a few days. We can see concentric circles of EHF and straight beams of ELF emitted mainly from the two stations on the west coast. But the Rainbow Serpent takes a loop detour in the Indian Ocean and curves back eastward to hit the west coast with abundant rains. See for yourself…

And while at it, there used to be documentaries including from the BBC revealing that the Moon landings were hoaxed and filmed in studio by Stanley Kubrick and later Disney, under the veil of secrecy. Kubrick had revealed this with photos, but later all those documentaries and sources disappeared from public view. Now, archives newly released show Kubrick filming the fake lunar landings with comments from Wernher Von Braun, ex-nazi who became founder and first director of NASA. With the convenient disappearance of the original sources, those who carried this info were called conspiracy nuts, but with this footage newly released, only an ostrich will still refuse to see the light.

For Humanity to evolve and solve its many problems, it will have to wake up to a bigger picture and a new reality, drop the blind folders, renounce to outdated misconceptions and erroneous beliefs inculcated by the controlling institutions of the dying paradigm, and accept the responsibility that the disclosure of knowledge suppressed by the ruling elite brings concerning who we are, who are controlling our world, and how to free it and ourselves from the grip of the control grid, with multidimensional understanding.

Flat earthers: You’re not in Kansas anymore…

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    There is, indeed, much disinformation to debunk. Terra is a globe. Most planets are globes; even suns appear to be globes. We’re not in the Fifteenth Century C.E. anymore, folks. The early European explorers didn’t sail off the edge of the world. I hope someday, conventional archaeology will be willing to look into the local legends and mythology of indigenous people all over this globe, which are really stories that have been told symbolically over centuries upon centuries of human occupation. Humanity sprung from Lemuria, not Africa… and so on. There is a reason why our Galactic friends in their shiny starships call this the Planet of Lies…

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