Amazing 3D reconstruction of a Sasquatch, by Marcia K. Moore

Sharing here the news and progress made by our friend and outstanding artist Marcia K Moore in her project of bringing to life a 3D image of a Sasquatch. Marcia is an experienced and talented multidisciplinary artist, who has created and exhibited 3D forensic reconstruction of ancient elongated skulls, among other pieces. She has also contributed some of her art to my last book Hairy Humanoids from the Wild.

She told me months ago this Sasquatch would be her next big project and it is with appreciation and awe that we see it come to life. Here is her message, posted today, with her links. Congrats and thanks Marcia for your amazing work:
This is a 3D Digital Sculpture that I am working on for a
Check out the website video promo and subscribe and follow us on YouTube.

YouTube: Mystmar Entertainment


Marcia K Moore

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