Another intense day in Yowie country, Sunshine Coast

Another intense day in Yowie country, Sunshine Coast, by SunBôw

Today, Trevor invited me to meet a spiritual group in Cooroy and Aishah drove me there. What I shared about the Hairy Humanoids was met with great interest and an understanding of the interdimensional Yowie, but I didn’t sell any book. Later, I was taken to see an ancient site with sacred stones on a hill above Coolum Beach, which like most ancient sacred sites in Australia was unfortunately destroyed and replaced by a commemorative sign. Then I went to hike sacred Mount Coolum to the summit, passing through the ancient ochre quarry, and found refuge under the rock shelter in time to see the waterfalls forming on the cliff when it rains. There were a few ancient rock paintings and many modern graffitis covering the rock faces. The energy was mystical and strong and as I felt the Yowie presence, I found some footprints, one of which was clear enough to photograph. I climbed up to the summit to admire the view and ran back down as the night fell, before walking back to my host’s place. Posting here a few photos taken this weekend on the Sunshine Coast.

Eumundi world famous market

Noosa National Park

View from Belly Stone on Toboggan Hill (first two photos) and Mount Coolum National Park (photos that seem upside down were taken from under the rock shelter)

Mount Coolum is made mostly of basalt columns. It hosts over 700 species of plants, including two types of trees found nowhere else in the world. Yowie footprint (1st photo).

As a bonus, I saw my first possum tonight, raccoon size. Since they are nocturnal and live high in trees, they are hard to see, although we hear them squeak, but this one was walking on an electric line under the street lights (no photo). The bush turkeys are very friendly and walk right across downtown, sometimes crossing at pedestrian crossings or sometimes jaywalking, stopping the traffic. Smaller than the American wild turkey, but much less shy. This one walked right by me, within a couple meters.


Time is short when life is intense and does not allow me to detail further more, as I had loads of messages to catch up with, answering questions and offering advice to an increasing flow of mail. So this will be my report for today, without mentioning the trip to Eumundi and Noosa National Park yesterday, as I was getting over a bad virus (which could have been the coronavirus), with bear root, echinacea, astragalus and oregano oil.

All of this leaves little time to write long descriptions or upload photos, but here’s a taste. More to come shortly. Best blessings to all our readers, supporters and donors…


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