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Prophetic dream: Spell removed, the great healing has begun, freedom is coming, sovereignty is winning

Prophetic dream: Spell removed, the great healing has begun, freedom is coming, sovereignty is winning, by SunBôw

Quote: ”We don’t hate nobody. Tell the truth: that’s the way we fight.”

-William Commanda, Eldest Elder and Prophecy Keeper of the Anishnabe

This may sound incredible for many, but here it is, in a few words. This last week has been somewhat a culmination of the whole spiritual journey I have been called to do in Australia. While driving out from Uluru/Kata Tjuta in late January, after completing our ceremony there to bring back life giving rains, put out the fires and reawaken the Rainbow Serpent spirit, I saw in a clear vision the pyramid in Gympie and soon found out that the three largest megaliths at the heart of Oz, with Uluru being the central one, are aligned on a major ley line pointing to Gympie. This soon had me realize that Gympie would be my next major mission to reconnect the three major ley lines that meet there, as I noticed from localizing and aligning other major sacred sites on the map.

Little did I know then about the details of that mission, or that I would be taken to the Gympie pyramid by one of the top twelve ranking Kadaichi (or Kadaicha) lore keeper in Australia who has been involved with the Kabi Kabi in protecting and cleansing that very site of the Gympie pyramid. The Kadaichi, also called feather-foot, are the law men who apply the law of the land. On the journey towards Gympie and since then, I have been to or close to several of the countless massacre sites that are found throughout Australia, as well as to several ancient sacred sites that have been partly or completely destroyed, to be only preserved as mere memories, most often partial and altered. The Gympie pyramid itself has been dismantled, partly bulldozed and is still threatened from having a major highway built over it. Its stones were used to build walls around masonic buildings (church, school and city hall), in order to block the natural energy flow of the (ley) song lines they were originally meant to enhance and channel. This desecration was not accidental, but intentional, being part of the establishment of a global control grid.

When on Gympie pyramid, I felt a sting or bite on my knee, as mentioned before, without really knowing what caused it, just after I did a brief reactivation over the well that had been cursed on the summit. While doing this simple activation, my intention was to remove the spells and blockages on the (energy/ley) song lines and allow the Rainbow Serpent Spirit to re-empower the Indigenous lore and law keepers and legitimate custodians, for them to be able to repel the colonialist invasion and continuous encroachments that have caused so much sufferings, injustice and destruction for too long. My prayers were mostly directed at the land defenders in Canada and Australia, as I have been closer to their causes recently, just like our prayers near the heart at Uluru were meant to bring healing rains and put out the devastating fires in this country in dire need. Clear intentions and directed prayers act on a quantum level with the help of higher spiritual powers, as our consciousness creates the outside world much more than the other way around, although it’s a two way exchange. So no one can take credit for answered prayers, other than for tuning into the Oneness Spirit to take care of specific needs being addressed, in a greater sacrednicity and convergence with the cosmic play.

Since Gympie, I realized that the sting I felt was psychic in nature and in the last week I have been subject to all kinds of ailments and pains, internal and external, physical and psychic, including what seemed like a coronavirus attack. Thanks to the good medicine, all those inconvenient problems have only affected me partially and shortly and did not prevent me from continuing on my medicine journey and connecting with sacred spirits.

It would be too long  to describe in details in a post all the last experiences and the understandings they have brought, so let’s stick to the main ones. After doing the reactivation on the pyramid, the forces that had cast the spells and caused the blockages reacted by counterattacking me and the Indigenous caretakers and land protectors here in Oz and in Canada. But the tide has turned and the sovereign legitimate custodians and keepers of the Original law and lore have been standing out stronger and have gained some ground. In Australia the Original custodians have been coming out publicly about protecting sacred sites like Deebing Creek, Gympie or Adani and other ongoing stand offs, succeeding in having some huge mining projects abandoned, while in Canada, in spite of the renewed attempts of aggression on the land protectors opposing the pipelines and colonialist policies in general, with the Wetsuweten on the front line, they are receiving a fast growing support from the general public and some institutions like the UN. The last days have seen a resurgence of actions, protests and blockades in solidarity with the land defenders and as a reaction to the arrest of hereditary chiefs and their supporters on their unceded lands, for standing up to protect water and life. The battle is not over, but the tide is turning once again and for good towards the great healing.

Early this morning, I had a powerful shamanic dream of prophetic significance. It started in a gathering where most people seemed to want Peace, justice and a better world, but in the center of the circle, there was some dark wizards keeping the healing from happening. After spotting the main culprits, I was guided to intervene and stand up to face them. They had hung some kind of a huge mobile made of many pieces of flesh or bones from the victims of their sacrifices tied to a weaving, to keep their souls entrapped and manipulate them. As I knew from experience, the massacres and genocides that have made the history of masonic colonialism worldwide were not only simple acts of violence, but also and mainly acts of evil witchcraft meant to capture souls and keep them enslaved for generations to come, preventing the healing from happening.

In my dream, I knew I had to destroy this wicked object, source of their powers, to remove the spells and evict the entities maintaining the curse. I took it off its hook to throw it into the central fire, which then turned into a big cauldron, making me hesitate a moment as if putting it in the greyish goo in the cauldron would reinforce their powers. While holding that large weaving of strings and body parts, I felt the load of centuries of pains and sufferings, and also how some evil entities gain their powers from feeding on it. The whole surrounding world was replaced by a dark veil of evil in which the evil lower lords where ruling, while all the souls they control appeared as a huge flock of ravens. As I felt the pressure of the weight from their evil deeds, and a black haze surrounded me, they shouted: ”You cannot stop us from ruling the world!!”.

I then called on all my relations and higher powers, and the Raven spirit, my first spirit guide, came into me and allowed me to fly above the darkness straight into the flock of ravens towards the presiding dark lord and I threw at him the weaving of sufferings I was holding, with the intention of destroying it. Every threatening  energy was then funneled into a dark wormhole and disappeared into a vacuum, while Light and Peace returned to remain. I woke up crowing like a raven and heard a voice saying that the spell has been removed, the great healing has begun, freedom is coming, sovereignty is winning. Partly surprised and amused by my crowing in bed, I thanked the Raven spirit for his help and heard one crowing outside the window right away. We will soon see a major shift and the Original custodians and Indigenous protectors will rise stronger and stronger in their sovereignty to bring the long awaited renewal and liberation of Earth.

Instead of focusing on casting hatred and anger at the ones who destroy the Earth, or expressing frustrations at the powers bringing sufferings to all life and injustice against our fellow Humans, we should rather focus our energies in joining with and supporting the medicine keepers and life protectors, with the Indigenous healers on the front line, to bring a better world. Just like our combined prayers and ceremonies focused in Uluru last month have brought back the healing rains, putting out all the devastating fires, and reawakened the Rainbow Serpent spirit to flow naturally strong and free, I’m now asked to pass on this message for all who read to join our prayers and efforts into supporting the Indigenous land protectors and law keepers who are on the front line, and to stand with them as caretakers to defend justice and bring back harmony for the great healing.

This is what our Elders of the Hairy Humanoids (Sasquatch / Yowie / Dooligah / Bongalong / Junjeri) are hoping for and wishing us to do, as the best way we can help our collective consciousness to rise and bring solutions and healing to our world in peril.

So here I feel my mission around Gympie has been completed. I will now have to keep moving on towards new missions and horizons. Blessings to all…




8 thoughts on “Prophetic dream: Spell removed, the great healing has begun, freedom is coming, sovereignty is winning”

  1. Ty for the work you are doing with the The Indigenous on our land…. healing is happening and here in the West we are experiencing heavy steady cleansing rains…
    The sharp stings definately are psychic attacks… its like a snake coming up from underground and sinking its fang into you….. i pull them straight out and i do put eucalyptus oil on them as a spiritual and physical antiseptic… ask the Law Man about it as thats my take on it and it does happens..
    much blessings and huge respect for you brother😊💜🙏

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  2. Update: Today I found myself at the Gympie train station, just one mile from the pyramid, with a five hours wait. So I went back to the pyramid to leave a harmonizer. When I put the harmonizer down the thunder started and it’s been talking since. Nature knows what to do…


  3. It dawned on me soon after writing this article that the mobile with weavings described in this text, as seen in my dream, was in fact the exact shape of a coronavirus, a round ball with spikes, which I had never seen yet when I wrote this account, so I could only identify it after seeing images on the medias. This realization only made the message of the dream more significant…


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