New Australian Yowie coin 2020

New Australian Yowie coin 2020, by SunBôw

The subject of Yowie must be in the air, as Australia minted a new 2020 dollar coin depicting the Yowie. Although it’s a caricature and it looks a little mean (resembling more like the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny), it’s still cool.

yowie dollar big


This is not the first coin representing our hairy humanoids relatives. Canada minted a Sasquatch quarter (25 cents) in 2011. Out of all places, the Cook Islands minted a Sasquatch dollar in 2009 and Burkina Faso minted a 1000 francs in 2016.

coins canadacoins canadian1-Dollar-Bigfoot cook islandscoin burkina faso

There are also several collector coins, tokens or medals depicting Sasquatch/Bigfoot, that are not legal currency. You can find many by doing a simple search online.

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