We communicated with a Yowie, video by Craig Zammit

We communicated with a Yowie, || EXCLUSIVE INFO || Way down the rabbit hole with Australian BIGFOOT, video by Craig Zammit

Good morning mate.

This may seem a little out if the blue but I’ve been seeing your posts (all over) the place and always find them interesting. You seem to know things others don’t. The reason I write is to get your opinion… I have 2 youtube channels and cover the topic of Yowies.
I recently posted a video where an energy frequency healer friends of mine made contact with a Yowie. It’s very hard to know how accurate information is when it’s received in such unusual circumstances, but you seem like someone that may actually be able to help me out. I will post the link below, when you get some time up your sleeve let me know what you think. I want you to watch the video, you might start to understand why I’ve asked you to take a look if you could. Once again I know it’s a little weird but I hope you can help me let me know if the information I got is accurate, on the right path etc etc in your experience and opinion. Thanks mate. Have a great day.

SunBôw’s reply: Hi Craig. Very interesting video. As a Yowie/Sasquatch and animal communicator myself, among others, this info surely resonates with all I know and sounds really authentic. Thanks for sharing it and for your open mindedness, you are on the right path…

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