Lyrebird Song and Dingo-Man Magic

Lyrebird Song and Dingo-Man Magic, by SunBôw

Greetings to all our readers and followers,

It’s been a while since our last posts, due to the current circumstances making traveling more difficult than usual with less stories to share, while I was kept busy on other research projects, but finally here is an occasion to catch up with a few updates. As many of you know, the stay-at-home orders had me among many shelter in place for the last three months of the entire fall season, during which I dove intensively into an immersed research on the history of Australia and especially of its Original Peoples or Indigenous, most of whom do not favor the term ”Australian Aboriginal” to describe themselves. That work led to the creation of a website, a report and a petition to save ancestral sacred grounds.

After over seven months in this continent, one thing I learned from my conversations with the Originals I met whether in Victoria, at the Canberra Tent Embassy, in different parts of Queensland or the ones I lived with around Deebing Creek, is that most if not all, are well aware of the Hairy Humanoids of different types, whether they call them Yowie, Dooligah, Junjeri, Nit-Nit or by various other names, and many of them, especially Elders, have had first hand encounters and at times communications. Out of all the discoveries made in this continent, this is certainly one of the most significant for my quest.

Soon after solstice, as restrictions loosened, with help from friends I could find my way back into New South Wales, to meet my first frost in this land. With transportation services working at their minimum now, with one or two buses a day on many lines that can only take twelve passengers, seats must be booked online, at times days ahead, which had me wait around for days in a couple towns on the way.

While visiting Lismore, a nice friendly little town with many huge trees, I didn’t expect to find myself talking at a Black Lives Matter rally, where I was invited to share publicly the story of Deebing Creek. In this country, the movement is led by Indigenous Elders doing ceremonies, and it addresses the historical truth of genocide and oppression, demanding justice for the Original Peoples, who still have a hugely disproportionate rate of poverty, children removals, incarcerations and death into custody.


It took a week to get half way across New South Wales to the central coast, meeting nice people along the way and plenty of lovely birds, including colonies of water fowls, ibises, spoonbills, egrets, swamp hens, darter or snake-bird and various others, while a bright double rainbow shone above for an hour. Finally I arrived at Scott’s place for a friendly reunion with our brother Raven and his son from Victoria with whom I traveled into the outback and back out last summer. Since my first night in this remote valley and every night for the whole first week, the Junjeri and Yowie made themselves seen and heard to all of us. More experiences were awaiting me in this magical and hidden food forest valley whose name I’m asked not to disclose, so I will use instead the name of a nearby place called Shaman’s Creek.

This is the most southern region where properly called rainforests are found according to flora maps; the biodiversity here is remarkable. Adding to it, this valley has been cultivated in ancient natural ways with the introduction of adaptable fruit trees, vegetables, food plants and medicinal herbs in gardens. Since here, I’ve been diving into deep studies of the wildlife, birds, plants and trees of the ecosystems.

There are more forms of life in this continent alone than anyone could ever learn about in one lifetime. Everyone has heard of kangaroos and wallabies, but few outsiders know there are five species of the first and fifteen of the latter, and 23 species of possums, over 30 species of parrots and 14 of cockatoos. Australia has nearly 900 species of birds (as compared to 750 for North America), with 2/3 of them being endemic (not found anywhere else). This land hosts over 750 species of reptiles, including the world’s largest, the estuarine crocodile, and the second largest lizard, the Lace monitor; as well as 380 species of mammals (less than 100 for Canada), with over 3/4 of them endemic. Apart from two dozens of imported mammal species that went feral, the great majority of native mammals are marsupials except mainly for bats and marine mammals, and the dingo thought to have been introduced long ago. This fact, with the presence of the world’s only egg laying mammal, the platypus, indicates that Australia’s fauna was the earliest to develop and evolved independently from life on other continents.

It is also known that the mega-fauna here lasted until relatively later, as some giant species still existed a few millennia or even centuries ago and were recorded in ancient cultures, stories, rock paintings and petroglyphs. Likewise, archaeology and genetics have shown that the Original Peoples of this continent are the descendants of the oldest continuous cultures on Earth, with the oldest dated sites and artifacts known, although they were the last ones to enter written history and modern era in the most tragic way.

Since traces of Homo sapiens in Australia are older than the official dates in the theory of their departure from Africa, and that the genetics of the Original Australians does not match that of Africans, the Out-of-Australia theory (or of Lemuria?) has been gaining ground in margin of the mainstream academics over the conventional Out-of-Africa theory. Known facts from this land make the most honest researchers and even academics believe that there are still likely many unrecorded species to be discovered in Australia, as well as countless of unlisted archaeological or cultural sites unaccounted for.

Apart from its most ancient fauna and human cultures, Australia also has an impressively diversified flora, with one quarter of a million species of fungi, and 35,000 listed plants that include 24,000 species of vascular plants, with 14,000 species of trees (as compared to 15,000 for the Amazon), counting around 1,000 species of acacias, nearly 900 of gum trees (eucalyptus), as well as 1,900 imported trees. The fourth dominating genus, Melaleuca or Tea tree, counts almost 200 species. Of course, these figure are all approximate estimates, with what has been recorded so far, as new species are still being found.

Australia’s flora range between the driest and the wettest environments, from tropical heat to temperate climates, from coastal mangroves and grassy lowlands, to densely forested mountain ranges, some with snow in winter, rainforests, dry woodlands, heaths, savannas, shrub steppes, rock or sand deserts and salt lakes. Its vast diversity and the proportion of endemic species also indicate very ancient origins and an early development. The Daintree Rainforest in northern Queensland, considered as the oldest one on Earth, or the Gondwana World Heritage Rainforest near here, where species thought long extinct were found living, form ecosystems said to have remained in the same state since over 200 million years.

These few facts about this amazing land I have been visiting since over seven months give a glimpse of its wonders. I was booked to return to America two months ago for my son’s birthday, but due to the actual situation the world is in now, with all flights canceled without refund and no international flights to be expected possibly until another year from now according to all medias, traveling plans have necessarily changed. For this exceptional situation, the Australian government has issued bridge visas lasting for an indefinite period until we get back to some kind of normal and flights become available.

This unexpected and involuntary extended stay in this country is a surprise and somewhat of a blessing in disguise, having much more to learn and document in this land, but it raises concerns about budget. Having traveled on savings in the last eight months, with close to no income from book sales, as the Sasquatch Message to Humanity series was removed for a while and business has gone down for all, the prospect of spending another year in Australia without a work permit before I can hopefully buy another plane ticket poses a serious challenge. I’m thankful to the donors who have helped with my journeys and remind the readers that donations are always welcome and appreciated when traveling overseas, especially when plans are hijacked into a forced stay by an emergency crisis of a global scale.

If you can and would like to help support my unexpected forced stay overseas in Australia and the ongoing literary projects I’m working on, please click on this link to DONATE. Thank you very much!

While working in the yard days ago, I pulled out a disk, twisting my sciatic, forcing me to sit down for a while, but allowing me to write this account. I just spent my 56th birthday in this forest, but for the first time of my life it was during winter and one day earlier. In the next weeks, I’ll be renting a trailer in this remote Shaman’s Creek valley, where I have started working on a next book, translating in English the first 60 chapters of ”Contemporary Shamanic Journeys” telling the stories of my spiritual pilgrimages and learning experiences of the last four decades, hopefully to publish it later this year. There is no internet access here and it is quite a windy ride to town, so I will not be very much active online apart from an occasional check when time allows, but will work steadily on the next book series.

There are no roos in the immediate surroundings, but possums, wallabies and koalas roam around the yard at night, and they seem to like to hang around the medicine wheel. I’ve seen a few wallabies and surprised one next to my trailer one night, and a rarely seen quoll came on the roof. There are plenty of bird species to add to my check list, including the majestic Lyrebird, singing around daily its incredible imitations mimicking every other bird species and even sounds like a chainsaw or a radio. I got to see yesterday this unique and majestic Lyrebird living only on the eastern coastal regions of Australia. Today, just as I was telling this, he started signing nearby to greet us, as if he knew we spoke of him. The Lyrebird song is certainly one of the nicest sound on the planet to wake up to. I’m in the process of recording some excerpts, but if you have a few minutes, it’s worth doing a search to hear some samples. Since I just got back my tripod and bird book I had left in Victoria, I intend to take some quality photos and footage of wildlife, and already had great sessions here with the kukaburras and black cockatoos.

So now, while the computer battery is still running, since time on devices is limited when living off the grid and solar power works only a short while in cloudy winter days in this valley, I will share briefly about a few more teachings I have learned recently. In this forest, as in many others in Australia, strange flying lights are observed, that could either be star ships or other manifestations of smaller size. I saw one last night that was bright and hovering above the creek, it became brighter when I put my attention towards it and then started cruising slowly across the sky. It did not seems very large or very high, so I’m unsure whether it was a star ship or one of the so-called Min-Min lights, but it definitely communicated and seemed aware of my presence. Later at night we heard heavy footsteps, likely Yowies, then branches cracking around camp, and a long large tree laying at the fire pit went missing.

To open the window of the trailer near my bed, the window pane must be lifted from the outside and a stick put under to hold it up. I had kept the window closed as nights get cold and we had frosts around full moon. That last night we had visitors, the upper window was opened with a stick holding it up. If it was opened by someone who wanted to watch me while I was sleeping, it must have been someone tall as from the outside, the window sits over my head. These are common incidents occurring in this place.

Another phenomenon I have learned much about recently, to gain a better understanding, is the topic of so-called dog-men. There are many possible explanations to this phenomenon, some addressed in my books, including extraterrestrial visitors, spirit beings, or shape-shifting people. In cases of werewolves or of what the Navajos call skinwalkers, for having been near such phenomenon while visiting their reservation, I can conclude that in some cases, the dog-men are shamans using certain practices and powers to shape-shift into half-man, half-animal beings, most often with a man body and a canine head. This very ancient and quite widespread art of shape-shifting among shamanic societies might have at times fallen into dark ways and made use of reprehensible practices like human sacrifice and cannibalism, which has caused its abandon and banishment from most tribes or fear where it still exists.

The terms dog-men or werewolves are surrounded with myths and can lead to confusion about them. They can be powerful shamanic teachers, but usually carry a curse they often seek to be healed from. Part of this curse could include involuntary shape-shifting episodes, often at full moon, while in their physical incarnation, or uncontrolled returns into the physical plane while in the spirit world, with an irresistible urge to eat meat, which can be carried by the soul in the astral world beyond physical death. So-called dog-men can thus be risky to engage with and advanced shamanic experience is required.

But there was also circumstances when they can become helpers in accomplishing tasks that help in the healing of their own soul and of the collective interest. Hence the so-called dog-men or werewolves are not in essence evil, they are rather returning from a journey on the darker side, often healing from it. The way for them to be freed from their curse is to help the collective healing and the greater interest. There have been cases when shape-shifting was acquired through natural practices and wisdom, as an interdimensional skill but this was attained by only a small number of shamans that dropped over time. The practice of shape-shifting has existed since as long as shamanism has and like it, it was described on every continents by most ancient cultures. Like many ancient practices, it has practically vanished.

So far in Australia, I got to meet two characters or entities whom I will call Dingo-Men. The first one came to me when doing research around Deebing Creek. As I was with my friend Yowie Sovereign Original, documenting the massacre sites, surveying piles of exposed bones in quicklime, the souls of those whose memory we were honoring and praying for started to manifest regularly, expressing gratitude and relief. Among them, the Danger Gully Dog manifested regularly, as he is known by the local legend and by the Originals community who still hears or sees him, assisting us with our research.

He was a local shape-shifting kadaichee (or kurdaitcha), also called clever-man, Law man or feather-foot shaman, who escaped from a massacre, but returned to apply the law and justice for his tribe and killed several troopers before he was killed. He showed me in vision the nulla nulla or staff he carried, representing the Law of the land, with which his killers finished him, as the Law was being hijacked. Out of all odds, after describing the nulla as I had seen it to another friend who was in Uluru at the same time I was there, she showed me the ancestral nulla nulla she has been carrying and that just recently was taken by a kadaichee, which corresponds in every details to the one I had just described.

The Danger Gully Dog taught me that while shape-shifting, shamans like him use interdimensional knowledge to blend with the essence of another species, creating a vehicle or avatar independent from their own body, a parallel entity that has a life of its own. When their human body physically dies, the interdimensional avatar they created survives and can still manifest in the physical world, often cyclically and at times unwillingly. Their consciousness can travel through their avatar and still interact with the physical plane, much like they could interact with other dimensions when in the physical. They manifest in very similar ways as the Hairy Humanoids like Sasquatch or Yowie, Star Elders and other interdimensional beings, appearing for brief moments, with eyes shining in the dark, making themselves heard nearby with sounds, footsteps or voices, and communicating through telepathy.

One morning, while the Danger Gully Dog made his presence felt, he left gifts for me and my friend Yowie Bunda, a small sharpened spear at her door and a white emu feather at mine, which I gave to her as she is emu clan. In a dream he told me to go meet him at the Danger Gully he got his name from and which got its name from his story. At the entrance of the gully some koala entrails were neatly piled with dingo footprints next to them. Further up in the gully, he appeared briefly to me with a dingo head on a man body at a place where we found a burial mound with fragments of bones exposed by erosion. There would be more to tell, too much for a post, while some stories cannot be shared publicly, if at all.

Finally, a few words about the other Dingo-man I met, here in Shaman’s Creek, on the last full moon. The night before, after about a week here, I met the Junjeri behind the camp, one walked close to me and three of them showed up about five meters away, standing under one meter tall. They told me to go meet them on the mountain and do a ceremony to greet the spirits of the land and pay respect to them. The next day, I went up on the mountain to do a ceremony and to honor all the spirits and living beings of this land, leaving a little medicine wheel with ochre paintings, prayer feathers and echos from songs.

At night, the bright full moon kept me up late and while I was outside, loud noises and heavy footfalls were heard close to me while a pungent stench and eerie feeling filled the air. It did not feel at all like a Yowie and I felt intensely watched. Feeling unease, I turned around to walk into the trailer and my foot went right through the board of the deck. I started hearing someone running and heavy breathing around the trailer and for a while I did not feel overly brave, unsure of what was out there stalking me.

I started talking to the visitor in telepathy, asking him who he was and what was the reason of his visit. Right away he showed me the image of a Dingo-man, with a dark black skin and black dingo head. Few people know that there are a few types of dingoes apart from the best known ginger type; in the forested mountains of New South Wales, the dingoes are smaller and mostly black, often with a pale throat or belly. They are more rare, better hidden and more seldom seen, but there are photos of them. My host had warned me about a dog-man coming around at times without any details about how it was.

I told the Black Dingo-man that I had done a ceremony that day to honor all the spirits of this land, including him. I apologized if I had broken any protocol unknowingly and asked for his explanations. He became suddenly very peaceful and friendly; he told me I had forgotten to acknowledge the name of the Original Owners and gave me the name Gumbainggir, which I could confirm the next day sounds very close to the name of the local tribe. He told me he was part of this tribe as a Law and Lore keeper.

I thanked him for his teachings and he came inside the trailer in an invisible form, making himself heard with gentle knocks and slow footsteps as he walked up to my bed. He told me he could teach me and help me if I help him to heal unsolved past history of his people in a place called Mistake Forest. That was the epicenter of the first fires that devastated the country in unprecedented ways last summer. Without giving details, I understood he was killed there with his tribe and something was left undone. He has returned into a new human body, but his avatar created in a previous lifetime is visiting at times. I was guided to meet both his reincarnated soul and past life avatar still manifesting in these mountains. Their reunion in this life could mean the end of a karmic cycle, by solving issues carried from the past. To avoid confusion, it is not question of me, but the Dingo-Man let me know I could bring some help.

Right away I saw another long assiduous mission being offered that I can accept or not, but that would require considerable efforts for mostly unseen benefits, so he understood I felt a little overwhelmed. Then he left, saying I would have enough time to think about it, as it seems I’m not going anywhere soon, and he is the keeper of these forests, sharing them with the Junjeri, Yowie and Min-Min lights. The Black Mountain Dingo-Man could certainly become a good friend, ally and teacher for a while.

– – – – – – –

It’s been a few days since I wrote the above account, and it might be a few more before I can post it online. More things happened. A couple nights ago, strong spirits came and shook the trailer for quite a long time, things were moving inside, different sounds heard, lights appeared in the windows and one even appeared inside the trailer, a Min-Min like bright white orb. They want my attention to converse. There is surely much to learn and much work for me to do here for a while. I will follow the guidance. Meanwhile I’ve earned a few more feathers on my headdress and might start having enough to fly soon. But if nothing else, I might end up looking like a wild bird, with feathers of around 50 different species.


This is about as much as I can share in a post at the moment, hoping these few stories may inspire and the information they transmit can be beneficial and useful. While the human world might seem in chaos and turmoil, I will stay away, off the grid in Nature, with the wildlife and forest beings, where life carries on its course peacefully, untouched by the dramas and crisis of the human world, in the most sustainable way. I will document what I can and share when possible, through posts, books and images. And believe me, it is certainly not boring, with more beauties, wonders and magic than I can describe.

Thanks for reading. Best blessings to all of you on your respective spiritual journeys…

9 thoughts on “Lyrebird Song and Dingo-Man Magic”

  1. This is so wonderful sunbow, how very amazing the amount of wildlife and beautiful trees and to be in nature is so healing. I to know the dogmen and have had dreamtime with them, the lastest one being last week where a young man called Raul came and helped me in a certain way. I also see’ them too. I feel this is so very important to help them heal, you or they may call upon my soul for assistance in this , i am very happy to help . I love your hat with all the feathers its beautiful. I hope you receive all that you need .
    Please donate all .
    There is only Love .

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  2. Hi Sunbow brother, i did leave a comment here yesterday but i can’t seem to see it now ?
    Yesterday my son , daughter and i did a small meditation and connected to the dogmen collective, i being a keeper of the stones gave this dogman a ruby red crystal energetically, this i saw he then sent a healing to the other dogmen collective around the planet . He then thanked me and gave me a flower .
    I hope this helps and you see the heartfelt healing.

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    1. Thanks Rachel. The comments have to be approved and I have no access to internet now except when going to town about once a week, so there might be a delay. I just approved your comments. Thanks for your feedback. Blessings…


  3. Thanks to all who help with donations, including those I can’t reach. I applied for the government emergency fund but won’t get it, so to forcibly spend another year in Australia is a serious challenge. Thanks to donors like you who support my work and journeys, I’m not in the ditch yet. Best blessings on your path…


  4. Thank you, Brother SunBôw.

    This consciousness sends love and right-minded living; action and respect to you and to our gentle, hairy brothers and sisters. I would like to post a few of your colorful word-images from “Message to Humanity” on Twitter, if that’s ok.

    I think it is time for me to to do this, to begin helping more and more.

    Brian Hillyer

    Twitter: bp clueless @BertsBp

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