SCENIC reaches 200,000 views! Updates and 2 1/2 year Report…

SCENIC reaches 200,000 views! Updates and 2 1/2 year Report…

SCENIC is glad to announce that we have passed the mark of 200,000 views, from nearly 80,000 visitors, after two and a half years since launching the website. We gratefully thank all our readers, our 3220 followers, our contributors and supporters for making the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication a still growing and expanding community. Our readers come from over 160 countries, with the United States remaining in the first place for the number of readers. The second and third places are shared alternatively from month to month between Australia and Canada. The UK keeps steadily the fourth place. The fifth place for the number of our readers by country this year has been alternatively shared between the Netherlands, Ireland, India, Italy and Sweden.

The website has been less active in the last six months due to several factors like travel restrictions, two months off the grid and work on other writing projects and social medias. Yet we still have received so far this year more views and more visitors than in our first year for the same amount of time, with considerably less posts. Thanks for your interest.

Meanwhile, I have kept gathering information and images and will post shortly an update about my last month in the Blue Mountains. We wish to continue documenting and sharing the knowledge gathered collectively about the Hairy Humanoids worldwide and inter-species communications mainly through first hand experiencers stories.

We would like to remind our readers that they are encouraged and welcome to send us their accounts and share their experiences to submit for publication on our website at this link: SUBMIT STORIES.

We are thankful to our visitors and readers who show their appreciation by clicking like, rating, commenting, reblogging and sharing our posts and links in their networks to help us rise in the algorithms and with visibility, and help us grow our outreach.

With gratitude to the higher spiritual powers that have guided in doing this work and to all of you who have helped us by manifesting your interest, cooperation, help, support and prayers. Your donations are always greatly welcome and appreciated at this LINK.

With all our Love to all our relations. Best blessings to all of you on this Earth walk…

Photo from the Slocan Valley, on Sinixt homeland who call the Wild People Stenwyken.

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