Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story by Pat Franck, in the Pyrenees

Experiencer story by Pat Franck, in the Pyrenees

Dear Bô and readers, Mid September 2020.

As one matures in life, becoming one’s own person, different from those around us in a process which is called ‘individuation’. A mysterious Other interfering with Horse.

A brief story about interspecies connection in the mountains. Just got back from an amazing short trip into the South French Pyrenees where we (Tché & myself) connected with the forest and their allies. The first 3 days we had beautiful weather when exploring this Valley of Biros. The amount of wildlife shown to us at day and midnight was staggering (at least to me), from fox, birds of pray, deer, wild boar with piglets.

Paying our gratitude with prayers and communication for Mother Earth each morning we continued our exploration into the mountains. Second day I decided to hike along a trail that is leading through the mountains, over secluded valleys. Those places serve as grazing spots for cows, horses and sheep beginning in springtime till early fall depending on weather conditions. After a 2 hours walk I came across some cows, bull and 2 horses. The amazing feeling of relaxation while touching the animals is a meditation on itself, especially when observing their behavior towards ‘fellow travelers’.

With Forest people close to my knowledge I became the experiencer of a phenomenon that changed my mood into awe, excitement and wonder. I gently moved over both of the horses, black beauty at first. She was very at ease, decided to have a selfie with me. The way she behaved felt like coming home, being accepted in her kingdom. Checking upon the manes she had nothing but long hairlocks without braids. Fine to me, I had a grateful connection with her anyway, feeling her trust and unconditional friendship. I wondered if the other little horse would reveal something which I had at heart from the moment I reached these horse animals in this valley. Black and white horse presented herself, being curious (supposition of course) what I was doing with her companion.

Saying ‘hello’ at first I went over to examining the manes and tail. Astonished and very pleased noticing plaited hairs of the manes. Looking in detail I saw the mane (several bundles of hairs) plaited in a conventional manner at approximately 10cm of the root into a plait. Carefully observing the twisting of several small bundles of mane hairs into a weaving pattern (same as compared with a human braid of a child done by the parent). Being skeptic, ruling out other human interactions with these horses in this secluded area, without no form of daily human activity except for the occasional hiker I decide to accept this gift, message from a Loving Being very close to the Nature of Beings. Accepting this as a continuation of Interspecies Loving Spiritual Communication i continue my journey in between the Wonderful world of Earth, Life as Mystery itself.

Gratitude and Love, Pat Franck

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