Re-sharing these articles on Hopi Knowledge…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

HOPI KNOWLEDGE. Note: I wrote this series of articles in 2010 and since they were re-shared recently, I’m publishing here a revised, corrected and updated version. I learned more about the relation the Hopi have with Sasquatch during my last three-month stay there two years ago, when I was invited to talk about Sasquatch in a couple of Hopi groups, as described in a previous POST. They associate Sasquatch with Maassaw the Earth Keeper, a giant whom they first called Woqokuktaka: ”The Man Who Leaves Big Footprints”. These articles address several topics from what I learned with the Hopi.

Have you heard of ancient gigantic ruins all over the Pacific, even in some uninhabited islands, some being partly or completely submerged? Have you heard of unknown pyramids, lost cities of giants, or remains of vanished civilizations from the previous worlds in the Southwest…

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  1. rk for free open collective disclosure of information about Sasquatch and Star Elders, from the first hand accounts of contactees. Beyond informing the public, we create connections between experiencers and interested seekers, as strength is in number. We aim at multiplying events and circles to develop interspecies communication. The website is only one gathering point among many circles of a larger global network on the grounds.

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