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By SunBôw

HOPI KNOWLEDGE. Note: I wrote this series of articles in 2010 and since they were re-shared recently, I’m publishing here a revised, corrected and updated version. I learned more about the relation the Hopi have with Sasquatch during my last three-month stay there two years ago, when I was invited to talk about Sasquatch in a couple of Hopi groups, as described in a previous POST. They associate Sasquatch with Maassaw the Earth Keeper, a giant whom they first called Woqokuktaka: ”The Man Who Leaves Big Footprints”. These articles address several topics from what I learned with the Hopi.

Have you heard of ancient gigantic ruins all over the Pacific, even in some uninhabited islands, some being partly or completely submerged? Have you heard of unknown pyramids, lost cities of giants, or remains of vanished civilizations from the previous worlds in the Southwest desert or elsewhere? Did you know that in some remote ruins can be found radioactivity, as well as layers of petrified human flesh and scattered pieces of space ships? Did you know that some sophisticated artifacts have been found deep underground in mines and in very old geological deposits? Civilizations have appeared and disappeared since millions of years on our planet, and their histories have been carefully recorded. This is not mere mythology nor fairy tale: it is Hopi knowledge, backed by plenty of material evidences.
The role of the Hopi kwanitaka or priest of the One Horn Society, is to preserve the sacred knowledge about the previous three worlds that have vanished, but have left traces behind as a testimony of their existence, such as sacred sites and objects that are kept and cared for by the kwanitaka, along with the stories that have been passed on with them for ages. Note that, according to Lakota tradition, the chief who received the sacred pipe from White Buffalo Calf Woman was named Standing Hollow Horn.
The One Horn priests know about lost continents, such as I’atik and Naotsiti, the two Mother lands that sunk in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. They describe civilizations and nations that have disappeared over the course of ages, the rise and downfall of highly developed cities and societies all over the Americas, or the vanishing of some races, like the red headed and bearded giants who had roamed the continent since ages, personified as Palatangwak katchina for the future memory. Countless uncovered burials in North America and elsewhere have revealed abnormally tall skeletons or mummies, some of which had six fingers and toes, many of which had red hair. Like most giant remains found around the globe, they have been systematically eradicated by institutions such as the Smithsonian and turned into derision as being hoaxes. But there is still enough documentation and proofs left to verify these facts. Even into historical times, explorers and early colonists reported many cases of tribes of giants.
Did you know that the Earth was once part of a Confederacy of twelve sister planets? Ancient Hopi knowledge teaches that Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, known by many as the most ancient ruin on Earth, was first destroyed eighty thousand years ago for launching a technological space conquest. This is not New Age lore: this is Hopi knowledge. The role of the priests of the Two Horn Society or alosaka is to establish contact with star people and to maintain this Confederacy alive. Of the two hundred and eighty or so different kachinam (plural of kachina) that the Hopi honor in their ceremonies, several were star people who came from different star systems to teach them their sacred ways. Their chiefs, Eototo and Aholi, came from the Pleiades.
So when we consider science and civilization as an ongoing process happening throughout the universe since aeons of ages, what is the importance of our own human life, so short and so small on this scale? This knowledge teaches us to remain humble, that we are only but a tiny little part of this whole reality and that there is a larger Plan, a direction, an evolution, a purpose to all of it, as it is Creator’s will. But we were gifted with free will and many times already over the course of history, human societies have brought destruction upon themselves and their environment, for not living in accordance with the Plan of Creation, which is to simply live and Peace and in a sacred way. The whole world was previously destroyed three times for this reason, and those purifications were to give us another chance for a new start. The Hopi have kept in memory their evolution over these three previous worlds, to remember the lessons learnt.
Oswald White Bear Fredericks, the main source for the now famous Book of the Hopi, was a great world wide known spiritual master. He had in his front yard a collection of ancient pieces of space crafts and advised me to watch for some as I would go through certain places. He told me he was the last one representing the Hopi in the Confederacy of planets and still willingly going to fly with the space brothers in their vessels, when they landed on top of Prophecy Rock behind his isolated house. His work was to gather and copy all petroglyphs and pictographs of the America, to explain them with Hopi knowledge. He showed me one drawing on which we could see a human being with the four superior chakras shown and asked me what was the part of ourselves that connects us with the Creator. To the best of my knowledge, I answered: ”The crown chakra, the kopavi (Hopi word for: ”the door at the top of the head”).” He replied: ”When the Dalai Lama was sitting in that same chair, he replied exactly the same thing. You are true people from the origin.” White Bear always greeted me with the nakwatch, the Hopi hand shake, as a sign of true brotherhood. Such a teacher can never be replaced. Lolamai…
Hopi knowledge has emerged from three previous worlds or ages, that have vanished with their civilizations, for having gone astray from the Plan of Creation. The First World, Tokpa or ”endless space”, was ruled by the mineral kingdom and was purified by the fire of volcanoes and meteorites. The Second World, Tokpela or ”light before dawn”, was ruled by the vegetable kingdom and purified by the ice ages. The Third World, Kuzkurza, was ruled by the animal kingdom and was cleansed by the water of floods and tsunamis. During that last period, giants roamed the planet, and great civilizations developed; using crystal technology, they could fly on paatuwvota or ”flying shields”. The wrong use of their technology caused the Earth to tilt on its axis and a pole shift that brought an end to the Third World. Each time Taioowa, the Creator, brought a great purification to this Earth, He also guided and protected the ones who had kept His Original Instructions and lived a Hopi way of life, according to His Plan of Creation.
The Original Instructions are very simple and universal: stay in One Heart, chant every day the song of Creation like every creature does, remember these Original Instructions, keep your kopavi open: the door at the top of your head. These are the ways to live a Hopi way of life, meaning simple, humble, spiritual and according to the Plan of Creation. Many other ancient cultures around the world have retained in memory these previous three worlds, such as Australian Aboriginals, the Dogon of Mali or the Mayan. They were the golden age and the ages of silver, bronze and iron in the Antique Mediterranean civilizations, and the four yugas of the Vedic writings.
When the Hopi emerged into this present fourth world, they first met with Great Spirit Maassawa (various spellings), the Keeper of the Earth, at the foot of Prophecy Rock near Oraibi. He reminded them the Original Instructions and the Hopi way. He gave them four sacred stone tablets with writings holding their prophecies. He said: ”All I have is my planting stick and my corn. If you are willing to live like me in this simple way, you are welcome to live on this land with me.”
He told them that this Fourth World was to be ruled by the human kingdom. Contrarily to the previous worlds, this one was a world of extremes, from ice cold to baking heat, high snow peaks to sun parched valleys, swamps to deserts. This actual Fourth World is called Tuwanasavi, the ”world in balance”, because in this time, Humankind will have to find balance with the world. Massawa then sent them into long migrations to the four directions until they would reach the four ”paso” or edges of the continent. They would then come back together in this place they call Tuwanasavi, which we now know as the Four Corners Area, to remember together what they each have kept from the Original Instructions.
After each clan or group of clans had completed their migrations to the four paso, they came back to Oraibi to be accepted as Hopi. Oraibi, the Hopi capital, has been constantly inhabited since at least six thousand years, making it the oldest permanent settlement in the Americas. Today, Hopi villages lie at the center of the largest aboriginal territory on Earth. It is a scientific fact that the Painted Desert on the Colorado Plateau, where are the three Hopi mesas, has the largest electromagnetic activity on Earth and receives the largest amount of meteorites and lightning strikes. It also holds the largest deposits of uranium and coal on our planet, which brought the construction of the largest and most polluting industrial complex in the world, with over twenty mines and fifteen refineries.
With forty seven distinct clans, the Hopi have the most complex clan system on the continent, if not in the world. Each clan has their own ceremonial practices, stories, deities and organization. Hopi ritualism is a complex set of combinations of teachings and ceremonies brought by each clan. A forty eighth clan is awaited at the end of this fourth world, which will be a new people with a new way that will come to unite all the clans into the Hopi way. The Hopi will have to accept this way or either disappear.
But before that happens, another new people would have come from the East, with hair on their face and glistening bodies in the sun, mounted on strange animals and carrying unknown weapons. They would carry the cross, but would break the sacred circle of balance. They would impose by force an unbalanced way of life called koyaanisqatsi, which would bring great destruction and sorrow. Attracted by the new technologies those strangers would bring with them, many of the Hopi would abandon their way of life to follow that path leading towards destruction. Of course we understand easily that this prophecy has already fulfilled by the colonial invasion of America, which is still an ongoing process.
This way of life out of balance would be recognized by many signs: the coming of new horned animals that would replace the buffalo (cattle), the coming of houses on wheels (chariots), serpents crossing the land (roads), strange bugs running with a buzz on those serpents (cars)… There would be a first world shaking event when all nations would be sent to war (first world war), started by a power having as its emblem the Maltese cross (Germany); the bugs would take off the ground to fly (planes). Cobwebs would soon be seen in the sky, crisscrossing over the land (power lines, chemtrails).
Since koyaanisqatsi is not a sustainable way of life, it would come to an end and many signs would announce it. There would be a second event to shake the world, bringing blood and fire (second world war), started by a power carrying the swastika (Nazi Germany) helped by another one represented by the sun (Japan). Then a gourd of ashes would fall from the sky, burning the land and boiling the sea (nuclear bomb). The Hopi would then know that the end of koyaanisqatsi is nearing and that they would have to bring their message of Peace to the world. They would have to go to the East, to meet all the chiefs of the world in the Big House of Mica (United Nations), to teach them the way of Peace.
More signs would foretell the coming end of the fourth world: the Eagle would walk on the moon (”The Eagle has landed” = Apollo 11, July 1969); the sea would turn black and many creatures would perish from it (oil spills); people would be able to change their appearance and even their sex (plastic surgery); the blueprint of life contained in every cell would be decoded, giving birth to new types of animals and plants (genetic modifications). The new generations of White people, unsatisfied with their own cultures, would turn towards the Native teachings and ways; as the ancient ones, they would grow their hair long, wear beads, gather in tribes, live in Peace, seek to live in balance with the Earth and they would be given a name similar to the Hopi (hippies). Koyaanisqatsi, the life out of balance, would lead to Powaqatsi, a way of life draining all life forces (capitalist imperialism), which would lead to Naqoyqatsi, a way of life based on war and violence (militarist totalitarianism). Today’s modern world is based on a culture and an economy of war, with weaponry and oil as its backbone and largest expenses.
There are still a few more signs of the prophecy to be fulfilled. During this time we are still allowed to change from a way of life to another one. But as shown on the inscription of Prophecy Rock, there is a clear deadline drawn on the rock which marks the end of this choice. Then the Great Purification of this fourth world will come. It will come through fire but this time, we won’t be able to blame Creator for it, because it will be a fire that we will bring upon ourselves. This world will soon be purified by two fires: the fire of unconsciousness and destruction on one hand, and the fire of consciousness and transformation on the other side. We have to choose which one we will feed and we will see the results accordingly. The large majority that will follow koyaanisqatsi will vanish with their way of life. Those few who will remain faithful to the Plan of Creation and live the Hopi way of the planting stick will be spared. They will keep living into the next Fifth World to carry on the Plan of Creation.
We are now coming very close to this vertical deadline, marking the final warning of the prophecy. Just a few more signs are still awaited before the Great Purification of this world happens. Saquasohu the ”Blue Star” katchina will appear (it could be interpreted as the creation of the State of Israel, or NATO, only two flags with a blue star); a blue Nangasohu or ”running star’, will appear in the sky, watching us as a big eye; a dwelling place in the sky shall fall to the Earth with great noise (International Space Station?); a katchina dancer will remove his mask in front of uninitiated children and this will mark the end of Hopi ritualism. During the Great Purification, white men will make war in far away lands to the first people who saw the light. There will be many columns of smoke and fire. An army of red ants will come from the West, they will rain from the sky and cover the whole land in one day. Turtle Island may turn on itself three times. The oceans may meet and kiss in the sky. Islands and mountains will be moved. The Earth as we know it will be replaced by a new Fifth World, ruled by the angelic kingdom, or heavenly beings like the katchinas.
The beginning of the Great Purification will happen when Pahana returns to the Hopi from the East, with two powerful allies or groups of people, to present a new way of life to unite all the clans into the Hopi way. There might be only two or three, maybe four true Hopis left by that time. The keepers of the spiritual roots of the four sacred colors of Humanity will come together to remember the Original Instructions and to reestablish Hopikatsi, the way of Peace, on Mother Earth.
Lolamai… Hopi Katsi Et Tuwa Eyesni… May the Way of Peace Prevail on Earth…
In the beginning there was only Tokpa, dark endless space. Creator Taioowa decided to populate the universe with many life forms. He conceived every being with his mind. Kokyang Wuhti, Grandmother Spider, wove the web of the universe and gave it its substance. Then Sotuknang, Taioowa’s nephew, organized the worlds and incarnated to inhabit within them and watch over them. After the worlds were made, Taioowa decided to create a being with a free will, so they would be able to choose between learning about His Love and Plan of Creation, or to follow their own will and plan. Kokyang Wuhti gathered some earth of the four sacred colors: black, red, yellow and white. She made a pile with each color and modeled each one into a woman and a man. Taioowa then blew the breath of life in their nostrils and they came to life. Sotuknang stood there to instruct them about their purpose and destiny.
They first received the Original Instructions: stay in One Heart, chant the song of Creation every day, remember these instructions, keep open your kopavi: the door at the top of your head. Then Sotuknang brought each couple forward to choose their ear of corn. The White brother came first and took the biggest ear. Then, came the Yellow brother and then came the Black brother, who each took an ear. The Hopi came last and took the smallest ear of corn, the last one that was left. This was to determine what proportion of the world each brother would later take. Then Sotuknang sent the four couples to the four directions to replenish the Earth. The White brother went East, promising to come back one day.
This happened at the beginning of the First World and the same scenario repeated at the beginning of this Fourth World, when Great Spirit Massawa met the Hopi at Prophecy Rock, to remind them these instructions, send them to migrate to the four directions and give them their four stone tablets they still carry to this day. Throughout the ages of their history, the Hopi have been guided by celestial beings and supernatural deities they call the Kachinam (plural of Kachina). Although this is the most widespread spelling, the real pronounciation is closer from the spelling Katsina or Kats’hina. The word can be translated by ”Life Giver” or ”Mighty Spirit”. Some of the Kachinam are animal spirits or historical heroes, while the majority and the oldest ones represent different star people.
There are countless of legends in Hopi or other Native American lore about star people coming from the sky, who have often interbred with humans. Similar tales about the Nephilim are found in the Bible and in the book of Enoch, in the Veda, and in written and oral traditions around the world. Numerous rock writings and cave paintings of the prehistoric times, as well as artistic representations throughout history, illustrate what is interpreted as space crafts and star people, even by ancient traditions. Space ships were called by many names in the ancient cultures. On Turtle Island they were called flying turtles, flying canoes, flying baskets, giant birds or strange bright clouds. Some legends tell about a thunderbird crashing and survivors coming out of it. Polynesians called them flying islands. The Celts talked about flying emeralds and flying shields. The vedic libraries mention the Vimana or celestial chariots on which the gods and demons were going at war. There are the chariots of fire and the wheel chariot of Ezechiel in the Bible. The Dogon of Mali say their teachers came from Sirius on flying baskets of which they have kept replicas. The Greek gods were travelling on solar chariots. Even Herodotus, the father of History, reports the crash of a golden vessel in Russia which burnt for three days. The Roswell story is far from being a first or unique case. In many cases, the flying ships reported were carrying gods, or powerful magnificent beings, who often came to teach and civilize the humans.
For the Hopi, the Kachinam taught them back in the Third World the use of paatuwvota or flying shields, which appear in countless stories all along their history. The Katchinam also gave the corn to the Hopi, a plant which can’t be found in the wild, but only survives with human care and of which the Hopi have developed several hybrids of all the colors of the rainbow. It is said that the original corn came from the Pleiades and that, like the original people in the First World, it was blue. Today, the famous Hopi blue corn is priced and renowned for holding four times more nutritional value than regular yellow corn. The Kachinam taught the Hopi all their sacred ways, songs and ceremonies, and their knowledge about the world’s destiny, the star systems and the Plan of Creation. They are the source of Hopi knowledge, according to the ones who have carried it for millennia up to this day.
The Kachinam taught the Hopi about the Road of Life. Like the days and nights, summers and winters, life follows continuous cycles in its evolution. In the same way, the human soul has to incarnate, live and die, to be reborn again in a new body to continue its evolution. The understanding of this cyclic evolution through ages of time takes us beyond the futility and superficiality of short term personal interests and reminds us of the long term purpose of our existence. The Kachinam told the Hopi to stay on the Road of Life until the end of this world, when they would come back to see what we have remembered from their Original Instructions.
Throughout the migrations and history of the Hopi, the Kachinam have played an important role as guardians, teachers and guides. The now famous Hopi cultural hero known as Kokopilaw or Kokopeli, was leading the migrations with his flute creating heat, while carrying on his back the seeds to cultivate. Each group of clan was lead by a specific moving star showing them the way. In Palatkwapi, the Red City of the South, which White Bear identified as Palenque, the chiefs of all Kachinam presiding the Confederation of Twelve Planets, Eototo and his lieutenant Aholi, stayed behind and gave their lives to protect the retreat of the fleeing clans from an invading attack. After that war, the Kachinam left from being permanently with the Hopi and the Earth came out of the Confederation.
One story told by many accounts is the destruction of Pivanhonkyapi around nine hundred years ago, which is somewhat similar to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was the biggest Hopi village but its people became Powaqa or double hearted, a word referring to wickedness and witchcraft. The Kachinam came and danced on the public place and they warned the people to change their ways or they would be destroyed. The people refused to change and scorned at the Kachinam, who left. For the three following days, they saw a flying light approaching until it was over them. Then fire came down from heaven and the town was destroyed. The ruins and scars of this event can still be seen. All Hopi villages were temporarily abandoned and people fled North, fearing that their villages would also be destroyed. Then a Kachina appeared to a boy and a girl and told them that their people could go back. In some versions, it is Maasaw himself who took the children on a flight aboard his flying shield.
A similar fate might happen to any wicked and corrupted society, as this modern global empire has proven to be. But this time, we might not need the Kachinam to bring destruction upon ourselves, since we now have our own flying ships and weapons of mass destruction. Prophecy says it will happen this way and the nearing Great Purification of this Fourth World will be brought by human activities. Only after the world has been purified one more time will the Kachinam come back to live with us and give another chance to Humanity to join the Confederation of sister planets. Is Antzai Katsinam…
Hopi sacred knowledge (Weme) comes from these four sources: 1- Dudavo: the Original Instructions received from Great Spirit and the Kachinam; 2- Navode: the wisdom and knowledge passed on by the ancient ones since the previous worlds; 3- Duptseunee: the beliefs, traditions and sacred ceremonies carried on through generations; 4- Makus Dadavo: prophecies and warnings from visions and dreams.
Since the Hopi clans migrated to the four directions to reach the four paso or edges of the continent before coming back together in Tuwanasavi to be accepted as Hopi, they have kept in memory detailed accounts of the lands they traveled through, as well as of the many civilizations their ancestors helped building. They recall many stories of ancient cities and nations that have appeared and vanished during this Fourth World throughout the Americas, from over three thousand and five hundred mound sites left out of two hundred thousands North of the Rio Grande, to the many thousands of prehistoric Puebloan and cliff dwellers sites, to the four thousand plus precolombian cities of Mexico, some still being discovered, all the way down to the large stones cities and empires of South America. The Hopi have some detailed accounts of what happened in some very ancient far away places such as Tiahuanaco Bolivia, Palenque Mexico, or Serpent Mound Ohio. They still can read their clan signatures and find the traces of their history in many ancient sites of the Americas. Some Hopi elders have described with great precision and accuracy some far away cities they had never seen. The famous Hopi cultural hero Kokopeli, can be found on rock writings from Alaska to Labrador and to the southern tip of south America, as one more proof that the Hopi migrated throughout the whole continent, before settling down in Tuwanasavi.
Today, in the light of Hopi knowledge and other Native oral traditions, backed with the recent archaeological discoveries and linguistic studies of modern days, it now becomes possible to know many details and a bigger picture of history in precolombian America. Since clans and nations traveled, met, traded, intermarried and exchange knowledge, many similar stories can be found across the continent.
This is why the forty-seven Hopi clans have held together the whole history of ancient America, as they represent the oldest gathering of cultures and nations into One United Nation based on Peace. To be accepted as Hopi, each clan needed to have completed their migration to the four paso and to bring some ceremonies that the Hopi needed. Each clan had to adopt Hopikatsi, the Hopi way of Peace, to become Hopi.
The first clan to complete its four migrations to arrive and settle in Tuwanasavi, around six thousand years ago, was Honyaw, the Bear clan. Since its beginning, they were given by Massawa the responsibility of taking care of this Fourth World and the care of three of the four sacred stone tablets, they have carried to this day. They first settled in Shungopavi and then in Oraibi, which has remained the Hopi capital until now. This is why they are called the father clan of the Hopi and they were to ones who would give all the other clans the permission to stay there in Tuwanasavi and become Hopi.
The first clan to join the Bear clan was the Parrot clan from the jungles of the South. It became the mother clan. For this reason, the Hopi still use parrot feathers from the South in their ceremonies. The clans then arrived from their migrations group after group, to become Hopi, bringing their history and ceremonies into Hopi knowledge. Some clans were refused for not having completed their four migrations, for not bringing any ceremony the Hopi needed or for not accepting the Hopi way of Peace.
Some Hopi clans like the Spider, the Sun, the Eagle and the Fire clans, started their migrations on the Pacific shore of South America, at the foot of the Andes, where they landed at the beginning of the Fourth World. For instance, the Mochica civilization flourished in Peru around three thousand years ago and then vanished. Two thousand years later, the famed Mexica or Aztec, ruled over Mexico. There are many similarities in the Mochica and Mexica architectures, such as the use of skull patterns and crosses in squares. Similar patterns can also be found in some ruins of the South West, like Aztec Ruins in New Mexico. The Hopi are part of the Uto-Aztec linguistic family. According to the known Aztec history, they came from the North before settling in Central Mexico, but according to Hopi history, they first came from South America before going back towards Mexico. Their last group to arrive was called the Aasa clan by the Hopi and they were refused access to Oraibi for not having completed their migrations. This is why they never became Hopi. They went back to Mexico to become founders of the famed Aztec warring empire, the mightiest one on the continent. For the Hopi, the skull is representing Massawa, the deity of the Fire or Ghost clan, which was the keeper of the First World.
The Sun clan of South America was first refused in Tuwanasavi for having practiced human sacrifice, but it finally adopted the Hopi way of Peace and joined with the Hopi. Some Hopi clans arrived from the South, others arrived from the sunken continent in the Eastern sea, while others arrived from the one in the Western sea. The last clan to arrive on Turtle Island was the Bow clan, who came from the Back Door as the Hopi call the Bering Strait. They were the ancestors of the Dene of Nunavut, who moved to the South West around one thousand years ago to become the Dineh Navajo and the N’Dneh Apaches, of the Athapascan linguistic family. According to Hopi history, when these tribes arrived, they were starving wanderers and they stole the corn in Hopi fields. The Hopi decided to teach them their way of Peace. They gave them the corn and taught them how to grow it. They also taught them the sacred ceremonies and prayers, so they became their allies. The proud Navajo warriors have settled around the peaceful humble Hopi since a millennium, they have inter-married and traded goods and practices, and today they still hold together the largest Native territory on Earth, larger than Belgium.
The last clans to be accepted in Tuwanasavi was the Coyote clan, my own clan. They are the gate keepers. When they arrive, it is a sign that it is the end of a cycle. They came out last from the underworld at the beginning of this Fourth World and they sealed the door of the Sipapu, the place of emergence at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, near the Little Colorado. The Sipapu is a mound of yellow clay looking like the roof of a kiva, with a spiraling path descending to its entrance. Accounts from early explorers of the nineteenth century in the area described the discovery of a sophisticated civilization with underground and cave dwellings. The whole area was soon forbidden to the visitors and turned into a military controlled zone with prohibited access, later annexed to the Navajo reservation. The prophecy says that at the end of this Fourth World, the Coyote clan will open the door to the Fifth World and unseal the Sipapu. (I visited the Sipapu in 2017 and found the entrance to the underworld on the cliff side, but it had been sealed and the cave plundered by black unmarked helicopters and vehicles filmed in 2012).
Prophecy says that at the end of this Fourth World, when Hopi ceremonies will end, a last clan will come to the Hopi, They will propose a new way to unite all the clans in Peace, as part of the Hopi way. The Hopi will have to accept this new way of Peace into the Hopi way, or otherwise they will disappear. To this day, the Hopi have kept most of their ceremonies, although some have been altered and a few disappeared. (The total population of the Hopi nation of Arizona has decreased by over one thousand souls in the last twenty years, amounting today to less then seven thousand people. This from data found around 2010. Latest data found numbers the Hopi around fifteen thousands).
May the way of Peace prevail on Earth… Hopi Katsi Et Tuwa Eyesni…
Winter solstice marks the beginning of the solar year. For the Hopi, it is marked by the longest and most sacred ceremony of the year, the Soyal, which takes place during the two weeks before solstice. Around that time of year, the Hopi expect to see in the sky a sunbow, or rainbow around the sun, as a sign from Creator that they have well fulfilled their sacred duty and ceremonies during the ending year.
One of the strangest ceremony of the Hopi happens at Soyal. It is the symbolic sacrifice of a young maid. This rite was introduced by the Sun clan, which was allowed to join the Hopi only under the condition that this sacrifice would not be performed for real, but instead changed into a symbolic ceremonial play. This symbolic sacrifice represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, the maid serving as a bridge between the earthly and the spiritual worlds.
The Soyal marks the time when the kachinam come out from the underworld to live among the Hopi for six months, before going back to their dwellings on San Francisco Peaks around summer solstice. These are the six months during which the kachina dances take place, to be replaced by other types of ceremonies in the remaining six months, such as the basket dance or the snake dance. For the Hopi, the first half of the year during which the sun rises North of the celestial equator is called the summer (although ending with our summer solstice), it represents day time and life on this physical plane; while the second half of the year is called winter (but ending with our winter solstice), and it represents night time and life in the spirit realm. Thus, the endless cycle of days and nights, summers and winters, is to remind us of the cycle of births, deaths and rebirths that our soul follows along the Road of Life.
With this long term cyclic vision of the Universe and the understanding of the purpose and direction of the Plan of Creation that they have received from the star kachinam, the Hopi have not only kept the memories of nations and civilizations that disappeared long ago during previous worlds, but they have also foretold in many precise details and with great accuracy many major historical world events and the most probable outcome of this modern global civilization. Prophecy says that this unbalanced way of life will self destroy through the wrong use of technology and will bring a destroying fire upon itself.
Many signs and catastrophes will be observed as warnings prior to the final clash, which will bring the Great Purification and the end of this fourth world. In previous texts we have mentioned some of the signs from the Hopi prophecy and we will elaborate more in future articles. For now we will examine Hopi knowledge about the dynamics of the Universe. Most kachina dancers carry a gourd rattle on which a sacred symbol is painted, a swastika with its four branches curving counter clockwise inside a Hopi sun with rays curving clockwise. This symbol represents the movement of the Universe and can be observed in every part of the Universe, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. The understanding of the necessity for this polarity to exist in order to manifest any energy is a fundamental key to understand the Universe, whether from an astrophysical or from a metaphysical perspective.
Basic physics and kinetics can demonstrate easily the law of cause and effect: every action causes a reaction. The reaction to the action is often predictable, but not always as expected. This is true in the physical plane as well as in the spiritual realm, since quantum mechanics have shown that our thoughts influence the world’s components around us and they react to our mental activity. Thus, the ancient oriental principle of karma is being scientifically proved, if not in its details, at least in its essence.
When an action like a clockwise rotation is applied to a mass, the resistance of the mass will create an opposite reaction. To visualize this principle, put four finger tips in a square shape into some sand or clay, and turn your hand clockwise; you will draw in the soil the shape of a swastika curving counter clockwise. This counter movement or opposite reaction to the positive action, is caused by the resistance of the passive or negative mass. These two forces, positive and negative, hold together the world in balance. Positive and negative are just relative names to distinguish the two forces without discriminating one nor the other. As they mirror each other, they can exchange their roles, depending on the perspective of the observer. For instance, in the northern hemisphere, the Earth turns counter clockwise, making the sky above, the drain water and all major sea and wind currents turn clockwise, while in the southern hemisphere, everything turns exactly the other way around.
The Hopi say that the two poles were each assigned a guardian. Poqanghoya has been keeping the North pole and holding the world’s mass together, while Palongawoya is keeping the South pole and maintaining the world’s vibration by beating his drum. Here again the two forces work together to keep the world in balance, like electrons and protons do on the subatomic scale, heat and cold on the chemical level, male and female on the biological level, or light and darkness on a cosmic level.
The spiritual duty of the Hopi is to maintain the world in balance with their ceremonies and life style, through days and nights, summers and winters, life and death. When an energy unbalance is caused, what the Hopi call Akina, whether in the environment or in the society, repercussions will be felt more severely as time passes if the balance is not reestablished. Unbalance is caused by an excess of one type of action without the balancing reaction to compensate; for instance, taking without giving back, or thrashing out without cleaning up. In order to reestablish balance, the appropriate reaction to such unbalanced actions is the only way to succeed. Since Koyaanisqatsi, the way out of balance, and Naqoyqatsi, the way of war, have taken over our world, to adopt Hopikatsi, the way of Peace and balance, is the spiritual responsibility of all those who care for this Earth and the future generations.
Only by cultivating Peace and balance in our life style, through days and nights, summers and winters, life and death, can we hope to take part in reestablishing them into the coming fifth world, which might be coming sooner than we think. Only just a few signs of the prophecy are still left to be fulfilled.
The Hopi are mostly known for their vast and complex set of ancient prophecies. Hopi prophecies are so numerous and elaborate, that they have never been completely compiled or written down. They can be found from various sources in parts and pieces, in many different versions. The apparent differences between the versions testify of a vast array of complementary details concerning various aspects of the prophecy. To have a better understanding of the whole prophecy, it is better to examine the different versions which together form its complementary elements.
Since those prophecies are formulated in a symbolic language, using images and parables, they can be interpreted in many different ways, although some of them have been clearly identified with the related events by the Hopi elders, who remain the best authority in explaining their own prophecies. Also, since the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm, a same prophecy can manifest on different levels or aspects, and have several meanings relating to a series of events and situations. To learn the whole meaning of the Hopi prophecy would take at least a life time with the appropriate teachers. The best we can do here is to have a brief overview of its content, while concentrating our attention towards the last signs to come…
Most of the Hopi prophecies have already fulfilled. It started when they saw a pale skinned race with hair on their face, glistening bodies in the sun and mounted on strange animals, arriving from the East, with Coronado and his Conquistadores in 1540. As prophecised, they were carrying the cross and they broke the sacred circle of balance. The Hopi listened to the priest telling the story of Genesis, but when the Kikmongwi (spiritual chief) started to tell the Hopi story of Creation, the priest hit him in the face. Right away the sacred altars and sanctuaries were destroyed and the Hopi were forced into slavery to build a stone church. After years of droughts under the Spaniards’ rule, the Hopi gathered secretly to perform their kachina dances. The rain came back and the church was struck three times by lightnings. The Hopi then knew they had to maintain Hopikatsi, their ancestral sacred way of life, and that they should not accept Koyaanisqatsi, the new way out of balance brought to them but the newcomers. The ruins of what the Hopi call the ”slave church” still stand today in Oraibi, as a reminder of this lesson.
Signs then kept manifesting as the prophecy kept unfolding. Some can easily be identified, such as the eight first signs of the famous prophecy delivered by White Feather in 1958, which came in the following chronological order: the buffaloes vanished and were replaced by new horned beasts (cattle); many people arrived in house on wheels (carts); black ribbons like snakes cross the land, making images in the sun (paved roads); strange bugs run on them with a buzzing sound (cars); the bugs soon took off the ground (planes); they crisscross the sky leaving trails of dirt like a cob web (chemtrails); the sea turns black and many creatures die (oil spills); some of the young generation of the white race turn to the Native for guidance, grow their hair long, wear beads and feathers, live in tribes on the land and are called by a name similar to Hopi (hippies). The ninth and final sign of this prophecy concerning the Blue Star will be discussed further below, as we might have already witnessed its fulfillment.
Since some versions talk about the cobwebs crisscrossing the sky but don’t mention the bugs, they were first interpreted by the Hopi as the telephone lines which reached Hopi land with the first driving road in the late forties. Since other versions mention giants holding the cobwebs, they were then interpreted as the many power lines that were installed across Hopi land with a vast mining and industrial complex during the seventies, when the paved road arrived. In the version of White Feather described above, it is clear that the cobwebs are trails of dirt coming off from the flying bugs, thus referring to chemtrails. In fact, this is an example of how the prophecy can apply to several events or manifestations which are part of a same development process, with slight differences in their details.
Other prophecies gave other signs. Ancient rock writings depict clearly the big houses on wheel that were to come and steal the children away (school buses to boarding schools), while other show power lines or modern jet planes. Two of the three predicted world shaking events (world wars) have already occurred, started by the powers under flags wearing the foretold emblems of the Maltese cross and the swastika (Germany), helped by the sun (Japan). The gourd of ashes burning the land and boiling the sea fell from the sky (atomic bomb). Then in 1948, the Hopi elders held a historic council, knowing that their knowledge, which had been kept secret until then, now needed to be shared with the world. They tried to meet with all the leaders of the world gathered in the East in the great house of mica (UN). The last survivor of that council, Thomas Banyacya, finally succeeded in fulfilling this prophecy by helping to open the doors of the UN to Native spokespersons in the early nineties (1992), for an ongoing process of better relations, which brought as one result the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Other signs of the prophecy that have already fulfilled include the Eagle on the moon (Apollo), the blue print of life contained in every cell being decoded (genetics), giving birth to plants and animals never seen before (GMO), etc… We could go on with more details but these are the mostly known and quoted signs that have been clearly interpreted as having fulfilled. This brings us to now, with a very few prophecies left to manifest, maybe three or four major ones, depending on how we look at it.
The third predicted world war for instance, could be interpreted as being already started, considering the ongoing and spreading war on ”terrorism”, which seems to become the backbone of the global politics since almost a decade (written in 2010). But although the stage is already set, many details of how it will happen and events to occur have not yet manifested. Twins would appear to the northwest (the Koreas in relaion to Hopi land), with one being a small red star (North Korea’s flag), foretelling the coming of the purification by fire from the Red Symbol behind it. The Red symbol that will bring the Great Purification by fire and the end of this fourth world is often associated with the red flag of China. Many columns of smoke and fire will be seen. Catastrophes worst than ever seen will multiply, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes. An army of red ants will come from the West, rain from the sky and cover North America in one day. It will be martial law everywhere. People will run to the Natives in the mountains for refuge and guidance.
But before the Great Purification comes, the ninth sign of the Blue Star Kachina is to be seen in the sky. Saqwa Sohu or Blue Star, is a name that the Hopi give to Sirius, but the prophecy of the Blue Star coming back, also called Nanga Sohu or Chasing Star, is about a moving celestial body yet to appear.
Many have watched the sky in search of the Blue Star appearance. In fact, several exceptional celestial bodies of a blue color have appeared in our sky in a recent past and were associated with it. The first one was Supernova 1987A, which was the first star ever observed on its birth and became the brightest one in the sky within days. There was then the Comet Hyakutake in 1996, which had the longest tail ever observed, and in 1997 the Comet Hale-Bopp, which crossed its path exactly one year later. Then in 2007, Comet Holmes exploded in our solar system to become larger than the sun. All these very unusual and never seen celestial apparitions, which occurred within two decades, were blue in color.
It may be that the coming back of the Blue Star Kachina refers to a series of phenomenons. It may be interpreted also as the birth of the State of Israel, whose flag is the only one bearing a single blue star with that of NATO. But in these two decades during which this series of exceptional astronomical phenomena occurred, which could all be compared to a chasing blue star, another major historical event was also happening: the beginning of the continuous occupation of space by men, as the geopolitical map was being redrawn.
There is another blue chasing star that has appeared in our sky ten years ago (2000) and it should be seriously considered: the International Space Station. On last October 23rd 2010 it broke the record for holding the longest continuous presence in space, previously held by the Mir station. This last November 11th, the ISS just reached ten years of human occupation in space. The completion of its construction is planned for December 2011, with mission 33 (extended since). The ISS appears in our sky as an odd bright blue star, visible to the naked eye. The prophecy says that the Blue Star Kachina would appear in the sky and watch us as a big eye (satellite imagery). We would hear of a dwelling place in the sky that would fall down to Earth with a great crash. This was the fate of the Mir station ten years ago and will most likely be that of the ISS since it is planned to be functional for only another five years at the most. We already saw Challenger and Columbia space shuttles crash to the ground with international crews. We are most certainly to see the end of the ISS and its crash to the Earth within the next few years.
It is said that Saqwa Sohu Kachina will remove his mask on the public place during a dance, and this will mark the end of Hopi ceremonies. Saqwa Sohu Kachina appears very rarely in the Hopi ceremonies. It is said that he appeared just before world war one and again before world war two; he was last seen during the sixties. His next appearance will most probably be his last one, when he will remove his mask to mark the end of Hopi ceremonies; it should be staged when the Hopi see the right signs. On a figurative sense, when the blue chasing star in the sky will show its true face to the public, it could mark the end of a peaceful life on Earth. This event also marks the beginning of the Great Purification by the fire of the Red Purifier, as the final stage of completion of the Hopi prophetic cycle.
Without projecting any scenario, it would not be too hard to envision that, considering the escalating pressure the US have been exercising about nuclear issues on Iran and North Korea which are backed by China, including ”preventive retaliation” and the possible use of nuclear device, as the newly adopted politics of the Pentagon, considering that the West plans to keep sending troops to the Middle East for years to come and that most of their nuclear warheads have already been moved there, and considering that a series of diplomatic incidents have deteriorated the relations between the US and China since the Beijing games, it would not be unlikely to see a clash happen between the two superpowers ruling the Eastern and the Western parts of the world, which would involve nuclear weapons. If, as the Hopi prophecy foretells, the US is subdued, the most probable geopolitical scenario would be a world government fashioned on the model of the Chinese dictatorship, with martial law, concentration camps and modern slavery rows. Without entering into details, such an agenda has already been engineered.
The last and final part of the prophecy concerns the return of the long awaited Pahana, to lead the way into the fifth world. This complex prophecy containing many details will be examined in later chapters.
May the way of Peace prevail on Earth… Hopi Katsi Et Tuwa Eyesni…
Many ancient traditions mention some supernatural beings, spirit guides, mythological heroes or star people, often incarnated in ceremonies through masked dancers. The Apache talk about the Gahan, the Navajo have the Yeibichai, the Yaqui mention the Nagual. The Pueblos and Hopi have the Kachinam, which name can be translated by ”mighty spirit” or ”giver of life”, the word ”katsi” meaning ”spirit” as well as ”way of life”. The Hopi have around 280 different Kachinam who appear throughout the ceremonial cycle at different rhythm, each one having its own story and role. The Koyemsim or Mud Heads, are said to be the most ancient kachina. Their mask is made of leather instead of wood. They are usually the ones who play the drums so they appear in almost every Kachina dance. On the other hand, Saqwasohu, the Blue Star Kachina, appeared only three times during the last century.
Every kachina plays a unique part in the ceremonies. Each clan has their own guardian deities, with specific teachings and ritual practices, according to their past history; those characters are often being portrayed as having played in important part in the history of the clan. Kokopeli lead the largest group of clans during the migrations with his heat making flute and carrying the seeds to cultivate, while following a star in the sky. Eototo and Aholi, the chiefs of the Kachinam who came from the Pleiades, protected with their lives the clans escaping from an attack on Palatkwapi, the Red City of the South….
There is a kachina playing a special role, as the initiator of all Hopi children. Between the age of six and eight, every Hopi children will be allowed for the first time in the underground kiva, the home of the kachinam, to meet face to face with Angwusnasomtaka, the Mother Crow, also called the Whipper. She comes followed on each side by two Hu Kachinam, which is translated as ”ogres”.
The Hu is a frightening being with horns, big teeth and a black beard intended to personify fear for the children, kind of like the sand man of the legend. The other time the children see the Hu is at Wuwutsim, around our Halloween, when they go around the houses in the villages to capture unattended children. Offerings of food are left on the doorsteps to appease them and make them continue on their way. The Hu is the only kachina that can be seen outside of the Hopi summer, lasting from our winter solstice to summer solstice and marking the annual cycle of kachina dances.
But when children meet the Hu Kachinam as helpers of Angwusnasomtaka, it is for their initiation into the secrets of Hopi ceremonies, which makes them only then fully Hopi. The Hu carry some sharp and hard yucca leaves that the Whipper will use to whip the children. One by one the children are brought to Angwusnasomtaka by their spiritual uncle and the Crow Mother whips them four times, once on each arm and leg. The children are then taught about the real existence of the kachinam and how the Hopi initiates incarnate them during the masked dances. From that time on, the initiated children are allowed to take part in the kachina dances if they wish to and they know about the spirit world.
You may wonder why the whipping of children in a people called Hopi, which means people of Peace. First understand that the whipping is not meant to hurt or leave any marks, but to strike the child’s memory. It is a rite of passage to help them understand about the limits of the physical body and the limitless spirit world beyond and its power. This understanding is conditional and necessary to be able to take part in the ceremonies and serve as a channel for the kachinam to incarnate during the dances.
The Mother Crow is thus the one who initiates and opens the doors into the spirit world and the ceremonies. To be considered fully a Hopi, every child has to taste the medicine of Mother Crow and understand that this physical body is but a receptacle of the spirit and life force or ”katsi”. Only from that point can the initiate take part in Hopikatsi, the way of life maintaining Peace and balance, through prayers, ceremonies and teachings. Thus we can see some kachina dancers aged only six or seven.
Before their initiation, children are thought to believe that the kachinam come to visit the villages during the ceremonies, without being explained that they dance through their masked relatives. It can be somewhat compared to the story of Santa Claus in our modern society, with the difference that when the secret will be broken and the truth revealed, it will be to gain an access to sacred knowledge. Until then, the children are taught about the different kachina with carved representations or dolls. Although they are called kachina dolls and reproduce with great craftsmanship the costumes and accessories of the kachinam, these figurines are not considered as ritual object since the spirit don’t incarnate in them.
According to each individual gifts and talents, spiritual uncles and aunts help their nephews and nieces to find their place and roles in the ceremonial organization of the clans. Different persons will be chosen to incarnate different kachinam, or to play drums, rattles or any other role in the ceremonies. Not all Hopis dance with the kachinam, most just come to see them perform. Some ceremonies ask for much preparation, including abstention from certain foods and sexual relations for a certain time prior to doing them. In the case of the snake dance, which is performed once every two years in one or two last villages still practicing it, the candidates must first catch snakes and spend two weeks with them in the kiva to get familiar with the reptiles. If they get stressed or bit, they can’t take part as snake dancers but can play another part.
When a man breaks one of the vows he had to take to participate in a ceremony, he can be allowed to act as a sacred clown. The sacred clowns play an important role, incarnating all odd and funny behaviors human beings can have. Their shows alternate with that of the kachina dancers, changing turn about every half hour, from sunrise to sunset, giving an impression of a cycle of chaos and order alternating with each other. The clowns also accompany the kachina dancers when they arrive to the katsonvi, the public ceremonial place, carrying all kinds of gifts for the audience. They repeat this generous distribution of gifts each time they enter in scene about every hour.
When I took my first vision quest as a young lad thirty years ago (1981), I met Raven spirit who became my first spirit guide and ally. A few months later, I visited the Hopi for the first time and was received with a warm welcome and great honors, being offered many teachings, an eagle feather from a ceremonial costume with other medicines and an invitation to the first kachina dance I saw. Over the years, Raven spirit visited me several times, eventually to introduce me to other spirit allies. After a while he started to take the appearance of Angwusnasomtaka, with raven wings and mask, and a human body but twice as tall as us. On a special vision quest in the spring of 1987, Angwusnasomtaka appeared clearly to me and made me taste the medicine of her whip, teaching me that physical matter is but pure energy organized by spirit and can be reorganized to transmute at the spirit’s will.
The following month I was adopted by the Hopi Coyote clan of Hotevilla. We shared many medicines and teachings among clan brothers during ceremonies and pilgrimages to sacred sites. There are rock paintings in the desert that are seen dancing at times. For having observed miles of petroglyphs on Hopi land over periods of times, I can also assert that some of them appear or disappear, some others shift shapes and show different writings from time to time. These are messages for spirits of old, the kachinam, that are being continuously updated for the rare ones who still take the time to read them. They have shown me the best proofs of spirits acting upon matter and transmuting it. There are many ancient stories of some medicine people who can shape shift and theses stories are still going around in the Hopi and Dineh regions. While material evidences of the past cover the area, like dinosaur tracks or ancient ruins, other signs and messages of a more subtle nature can be observed with an attentive eye.
Incidentally, Angwusnasomtaka is the guardian deity of my Coyote clan, holding a special place on the altar in every of its ceremonies. It was the second kachina figure I carved after Mosairu, the White Buffalo. When I was adopted in the kiva, we sealed a box of sacred objects I was given to carry along with the teachings I had received, and I was I was given my Hopi name. Then, I was filled with an unexplainable energy, stood up and joined with the kachina dancers, performing in synchronicity with them an ancient song and the steps of a dance I had never learnt. The kachinam had come to dance in me.
The Coyote clan was the one that sealed the door of the underworld at the end of the last third world. Prophecy says that at the end of this fourth world, the Coyote clan will open the door to the next fifth world. Thomas Banyacya, the late spokesman for the Hopi traditional elders of Oraibi whom I visited in his house six years before he opened the doors of the UN to Native representatives with the International Year for Indigenous Peoples in 1992, was of the Coyote clan. We are coming close to the end of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth.
May Peace prevail on Earth… Hopi Katsi Et Tuwa Eyesni…
One of the most famous, as well as most complex, part of the Hopi prophecy, is the cycle concerning the Pahana, also spelled Bahana. The word “Pahu” means “great water”, with the concept of a vast space between worlds. In the same idea, “Paho” is the name of the prayers feathers used by the Hopis in ceremonies, that can also be found by the hundreds on Hopi land, tied to the bush and floating in the wind, to carry prayers beyond space to the Otherworld, the world of Taioowa the Creator. The semantic root “Na”, also found in Kachina, carries the meaning of “coming from” or “bringer”.
Thus, the name Pahana could be translated by “bringer coming from beyond the great water”. Throughout Hopi legends and prophecies, Pahana appears countless times. The name Pahana can be associated at times with all White people or non Natives, while in other instances it refers to the star people. Yet in some other legends, Pahana was a Hopi, often the elder son of the Fir clan’s chief, who left the ancient town of Salavi towards the rising sun, promising to come back. Thus, the name Pahana refers more to the concept of the stranger or alien coming back from afar in Peace, rather than to a single character, as it is more often believed.
Although there are no representation nor any clear description of his physical appearance, apart from a beard mentioned in some versions, Pahana is often described as the awaited True White Brother. The Hopis are not the only tribe in the Americas having a white bearded character playing an important spiritual role in their destiny. The Toltecs had Quetzalcoatl, the Mayas know him by the name Kukulcan and the Incas honor Viracocha. Each one of these is a kind of messianic figure, a spiritual messenger sent by Creator, sometimes known has an historical king priest who was eventually deified. Many scholars and anthropologists have proposed several explanations for this white bearded prophet known throughout the precolombian Americas….
One of the most popular explanation suggests that the source of this legend came from contacts with foreigners long before Columbus. In fact, there are hundreds of archaeological artifacts and inscriptions proving without a doubt that contacts between the continents have been happening since millennia. From Quebec to Brazil, from Mexico to New England, from British Colombia to Oklahoma, dozens of inscriptions and artifacts prove that this continent had been visited thousands of years ago by the Phoenicians, the Aramaic, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Celts, the Chinese and the Vikings, just to name a few. It would be an exhaustive task just to list the extension of such archaeological findings. Phoenician inscriptions dating back three thousand years to the time of king Hiram were found in Quebec and Brazil, some two thousand year old Chinese iron found its way into the heart of the Canadian arctic, many statues in Mexico show African, Asian or European features, Viking settlements, drakkars and coins were found in different locations from Newfoundland to the Mississippi, and the list goes on.
Proofs of these intercontinental contacts can also be found overseas, in historical accounts as well as in artifacts. In a four thousand year old Egyptian mummy traces of nicotine and cocaine were detected, coming from plants that could only be found in South America at that time. Twenty two centuries ago, after discovering a land in the West, admiral Hu left China with two thousand settlers to inhabit the new found world. The Celtic epics of St Brendan and St Colomban, as well as the Viking sagas describe journeys to a land which can only be associated with America. In the light of this knowledge, Columbus becomes even a bigger fraud, the symbol of the beginning of invasion and colonialism. So the White Brother or stranger coming back could very well be related to previous contacts.
The Aztec emperor Monctezuma thought Cortez was Quetzalcoatl coming back, since his arrival coincided with Quetzalcoatl’s date in the Mesoamerican calendar. But similar stories can be found elsewhere. Atahualpa, the Inca, greeted Pizarro outside Cuzco with precious offerings, as the returning Viracocha. In the same way, the Hopis came down from their mesa below Oraibi to meet Coronado in 1540, hoping he was the awaited Pahana coming back. But they soon found out he was not, when the Spaniards took the Hopis in slavery and destroyed their sacred altars, forbidding them to practice their ways.
A century later, the Pueblo revolt freed the South West from the Conquistadores’ harsh rule. The Hopis knew that the newcomers were the ones to bring imbalance, destruction and sufferings, as foretold in their prophecy, and that they would have to wait longer for the return of the True Brother Pahana. The Bear clan’s chief carries a staff which is marked with a notch every year, going upwards. When it is full, it is supposed to be the time of the return of Pahana. When Coronado arrived, the staff had just been filled, so the Hopis expected him to be Pahana. But since they found out he was not, they started marking a new staff to be kept until the time the True Pahana would return to help the Hopi to free themselves and teach them a new way to live in Peace.
Many signs and details were given to help recognize the awaited Pahana when he would come, and there are different variations from a version to another. The main traits are that he will return from the East after touching the rising sun with his forehead, he will do the nakwatch (the Hopi handshake) with the Bear clan’s chief at the foot of Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, but three other locations are mentioned for the meeting place if he comes five, ten or fifteen years late. Pahana will dance with the kachina and teach to the Hopi a new way to unite all clans into the Hopi way. He shall cut off the heads of the Powaqa (double hearted or evil ones), bringing back justice and freedom to the Hopi. He will come with a new clan and two powerful allies or groups of people, represented by the sun and the swastika, dressed in a red cloak with a red hat shaped like the mark on the the back of the horned toad. He will return after the appearance of the Blue Star Katchina, and after Hopi ceremonies will cease when a dancer will remove his mask on the public place in front of non initiated children. Pahana’s return will mark the beginning of the Great Purification that will bring the end of this Fourth world and the beginning of the next Fifth world. For this reason, he is often associated with the Purifier, who will reward the true Hopis and punish the Powaqa and Kahopi (false Hopi). The prophecy says that when Pahana will arrive, there will be only two or three, maybe four true Hopis left. The keepers of the spiritual roots of humanity will gather themselves together to bring back the way of Peace and balance, the Hopi way, as it is the Plan of the Creation.
But the most obvious sign to recognize Pahana will be the missing corner of the Fire clan stone tablet that he will be carrying. Throughout the years, many persons have been associated with Pahana. One of the first white man to live among the Hopi was Robert Boissière, a French anthropologist who left us with precious writings on the Hopi ways. Although he was never adopted as a Hopi, he was given a clan of his own: the Banana clan, a play on words with Bahana. Several spiritual masters were associated with Pahana, such as Baha’ullah, Omraam Mikael Aivanov, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or Sant Thakar Singh.
The one that came the closest from fulfilling the prophecy was the Dalai Lama. Since the late seventies, he has visited the Hopi with a group dressed in red cloak and wearing the hats described in the prophecy. They also carry on their drums the same sun and swastika that the Hopis paint on their rattles. In Hopi language, the sun is said “Tawa” and the moon “Nyema”, while in Tibetan “Nyema” means sun and “Dawa” means moon. This prophecy coming from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism also called the Second Buddha, says, “When the iron bird flies (airplanes) and the horse runs on wheels (cars), the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the Red men.”
But in spite of all these corresponding points with the prophecy, the missing corner of the Fire clan tablet is still missing and the Hopi ceremonies are still happening. No one yet has produced the said missing piece and proved to be the awaited Pahana, but many signs announcing his return have already manifested. Time will tell when the Pahana awaited by the Hopi will bring the missing piece of the tablet to mark the start the Purification of the Earth.
Hopi Katsi Et Tuwa Eyesni… May the way of Peace prevail on Earth…
Originally published in 2010 by SunBôw TrueBrother in
Revised and updated October 2019

I had the honor to meet in his home Elder Thomas Banyacya (photo above at the UN and first photo with the Dalai Lama), as well as Grandfather David Monongye when he was aged 117 (who is shaking the hand of the Dalai Lama on the photo). I also visited Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma in his home, seen in the center on the second photo with the Dalai Lama. I didn’t find a photo of White Bear or other Hopi Elders I met.


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