The Bigfoot Discovery Museum might close

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum might close.

The Making of—and Effort to Save—the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Excerpts:


Pulling up to the Felton establishment in fall 2019, the rustic redwood cabin that houses the museum seemed the perfect exterior for an homage to the Pacific Coast Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. Several large wood carvings of the creature greet you as you walk in, making for the perfect selfie opportunity. Once inside, it becomes clear that the museum is a Valentine to the unknown. A pastiche of Bigfoot-themed toys, lunch boxes and other related ephemera line the walls and fill the cabinets, mixed in with casts of very large feet, skulls and pictures. Cover stories from various grocery store tabloids are framed throughout, featuring screaming headlines of Bigfoot love triangles. A huge map of Santa Cruz County occupies one wall. Different coloured pins are stuck around it, indicating various ’Squatch sightings and events in the identified zones. On constant repeat from a blue, bubble iMac Apple monitor is the famous 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film. Shot alongside Bluff Creek in Northern California, the 60-second clip shows a mysterious hairy being walking through the forest at a fast pace. A bookcase crammed far beyond capacity fills up the back of the building… However… Covid-19 had hit, and, like every other museum, it was closed down…

The museum’s future is still as unknown as Bigfoot’s exact whereabouts…

“Bigfoot is a big part of the world of mysteries and wonders. I think that if we open the door and prove that Bigfoot is real, it will be like opening Pandora’s box because then people start considering if lots of other things that we’ve been told do not exist that maybe do,” he says. “We hope that the museum can continue and that the people will bring their stories in. We hope that eventually we can figure out what’s going on with Bigfoot and maybe be friends with some in the local area.”

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is a physical manifestation of the exploration and pursuit of the unchartered, making it—even for Sasquatch non-believers—an important and vital part of the community…

Read the entire text at Good Times.

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