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Experiencer’s account and message, by Deb Mathews

Experiencer’s account and message, by Deb Mathews

“OUR Reasons You Will Never Know Us” (**** needs clarification!! )***

This list was written by someone else; unknown who. I thought it was cool that they put this all together and with great artwork, but it’s not completely accurate… let me explain.

Someone brought to my attention the overall meaning of all this. So I need to explain from my personal experience with the Forest People what it is like to connect. This was probably written by someone who Does Not have a true connection with the Forest People. I will give you an example. My 1971 sighting with three others when I was 17 years old; frightened me out of my wits!! I had no knowledge of a Big Foot, Sasquatch anywhere in my life. From what I can remember; it was fall and we were driving through a canyon just past twilight.

When out of nowhere (side of a canyon hill) this thing came barreling onto the road. “He” jumped over that 6-foot barbed-wire fence, took one step in the middle of the road; turned his head, and looked at us. I could feel his angry and shocked eyes piercing. I do not remember step two; then over a 5-foot fence and he disappeared into the dark. Never experiencing this being before this night; left me with a feeling of horror. That’s all I knew because I’d never heard of them. I could not talk to anyone about this and even my best friend in the car shut me out when I asked to talk about it.

It was my nightmare for about 40 years. Completely put it out of my mind. Until a friend asked me to share my experience on an internet radio show years ago. Then I started opening up slowly and then within the past five years or so; I’ve completely opened up.

When I found out there were people just like me who had seen one; I started to do some research. All I saw online was the evilness of those who painted or drew them and wrote about their encounters; like mine of horror. So I decided to enter my “sighting” on a website. And I was bashed by those who thought they knew the Forest People. I can guarantee they did not know them on a “personal” level. If they did have a personal experience; it was probably out of the Forest People defending themselves because this person had a gun. They have a survival need just like us.

The reason why he bashed me on that site was that he asked me if I “smelled” anything when we saw him. I said “NO, I don’t remember anything” So he assumed I did not know what I was talking about and I never went back to that site. Another time I placed my sighting on a famous site that has many who have shared their experience. I’ve been back to that site, and I think they took my experience down; couldn’t find it. I even saw another post by a woman in the ’90s who saw one just a few miles from where we saw ours. I was glad to hear that. She was elderly then so I’m sure she has passed away.

Then in 2018, I found a group of people up in Washington state who had a yearly gathering to talk about the Sasquatch connections they have personally had. I had to go, this was my chance to know the Forest People better and get that Fear out of my past experience. It was a great trip. Loved hearing everyone’s experience. Having that opportunity to know and share with like-minded really helped me.

I even had more interactions with them prior to the event in Washington. In dreams and visions and physical. I didn’t see them in the flesh, just in my lucid dream state. And once a huge shadow outside my kitchen window and heavy knocks on the doors inside the house (kids). I’ve even had a young one’s single footprint in my driveway as a gift. That was special, and the young one and his mother visited me that night in a dream.

Just my opinion; but there are Forest People who are in the flesh and live in caves and mountain areas. More in the N/W than in California here. But there are definitely some who choose to live in warmer areas. They migrate (I’ve seen them doing this in a dream).

Where I live I know of two people who are have seen them in the flesh. With me, they connect mostly in dreams. I’ve even held hands with one young one. That was my first dream experience before my 2018 event in Washington. I had a friend draw the image in the dream of us holding hands. It’s strange that in that dream I was in the house I grew up in and the same house when I was 17 years old seeing my first Big Foot on the road. I live miles away from there now. So I wonder if that Sasquatch in my dream is connected to the one we saw in ’71. Others in dreams were the Clan that lives near me in the mountains.

The young one placed his foot in my driveway when I was walking out to paint a Sasquatch and pine trees on my mailbox. I asked to see him that night and he came with his mother and he waved at me in the dream. The Dad showed up by himself in a later dream and again saw mom and young one and mom in a dream close to me and the dad standing back but waving. I have even had a male Sasquatch come in a dream with a coffee cup in hand (I am an avid coffee drinker) I had another dream of 15 Sasquatch in a circle with one with white hair in the middle, then she zoomed up to the fence and I saw just her head above the nose.

I had those images painted for me also. One time I was getting ready for bed, just sat down and 3 hard knocks on my bedroom door and a 10lb box hit the ground. That startled me, walked around the house, and got a grip, and sent to sleep. They did that twice, but the second time eight HARD knocks were enough to wake the dead. I had to tell them to knock it off. I was told these mischievous ones were the young ones.

Even at work, I have had a couple interactions with them. Once in front of a manager and it was deliberate so that he was “know” they are real, not just what he sees on T.V. I have personally never been injured by one. I don’t believe that is their intent. Just the young ones are mischievous. But it is Universal Law, we have free will and can tell them to stop and they must do so. They haven’t done it since. I do get the feeling they are around once in a while.

As for the “SMELL”, Males have a musky smell to them as a wet canine would smell like. This is their defense system and they will let you experience it if they want you to know they are around or you are in their territory, and I have smelled this, first time was in Washington while with friends. However, the female Forest People have a fragrance of flowers; they smell really nice. I’ve smelled this in my house many times. That’s my story in brief.

I am planning to write a book and this whole personal experience with the Forest People will be in it. My friends who have had personal experiences with the Forest People have had more communication than I have. They actually communicate Telepathically with them.

I would LOVE to that someday soon. **And for those who do not believe in Telepathy…trust me…it’s REAL my dead son spoke to me minutes after he died two blocks away. “DON’T HURRY MOM, I WAS GONE BY 3:35” It’s real. ONE HAS TO EXPERIENCE IT THEMSELVES TO KNOW. (I’m proof)AND YOUR FEAR WILL KEEP YOU FROM EXPERIENCING. (I’m proof)


Our Amazing Eyes See SecretsOur Sensitive Ears Hear All

Our Keen Nose Smells You

Our Huge Mouth Feeds Us

Our Local Secrets Stops You

Our Big Strength Is Amazing

Our Athletic Abilities Fool You

Our Mimicry Tricks You Often

Our Deep Forests Comfort Us

Our Steep Mountains Stop You

Our Deep Valleys Hide Us

Our Many Animals, Partners Are Unseen

Our Bird Friends Warn Us About You

Our Wolves, Coyotes, and Our Birds Help Us Hunt

Our Unpredictable Loudness Scares You

Our Sticks and Rocks Are Cherished

Our Edible Plants are Everywhere

Our Wandering Waterways Provide All

Our Unmatched Patience Wears on You

Our Frustrating Silence Offends You

Our Wisdom and Humble Ways is Not Like You

Our Consistent Restraint Seems Impossible

Our Unpredictable Temper

Our Extreme Shyness Is a Strength

Our Complex Language is Above You

Our Unbelievability Keeps You Away

Our Independence is Strange to You

Our Lack of Greed Surprises You

Our Massive Muscles Intimidate You

Our Close Families

Our Clever Tricks

Our Confidence

Our strategies

Our Gentleness

Our Fear Protects Us

Our Fast Speed is Unlikely

Our Culture is Like a Rock

Our Simple Life Scares You

Our Patient Stillness is Like a Tree

Our Harmony with Nature is Loved by Earth

Our Power of Observation is Unmatched by You

Our Unexpected Kindness

Our Long Travels Help Us Vanish

Our Climbing Speed is a Skill You Do Not Have

Our Swimming Skill is Sneaky

Our Disappearing Tracks are Easy to Figure Out

Our Contentment with Ourselves Gives Us Power

Our Powers You Have Lost Are Sad

Our High Intelligence is Unexpected

Our Instincts Are Trusted by Us

Our Humble Modesty You Do Not Know

Our Ancient Ways Are Sacred

Our Vast Knowledge of The Land is Endless

Our Keen Vigilance Never Stops

Our Photographic Memory is Perfect

Our Perceived Viciousness Is Funny

Our Purity of Thought Haunts You

Our Camouflage Hides Us in Plain Sight

Our Survivor Skills Are Unknown

Our Self Discipline Is Strong

Our Secretive Ways Are Many

Our Longevity Is Longer Than You Think

Our Walking and Movements Can Be Silent

Our Walking and Traveling is Efficient

Our Human-Like DNA is Confusing

Our Special Hair Serves Many Purposes

Our Massive Size Keeps Us Warm

Our Repellents Are Numerous

Our Secret Abilities Have Yet to be Revealed

Our Forests Understand Us as We Understand Them

Our rearing and Teaching is Long

Our Many Food Sources Keep Us Vibrant and Hidden

Our Repulsions to Change Guides Us

Our Nomadic Life Mystifies You

Our Independence from Everything Makes You Envious

Our Low Population Helps Us Hide

Our Adaptability to Weather is Easy for Us

Our Scary Reputation Amuses Us

Our Natural Weapons Are Always Available

Our Ways Protect the Forests, You Destroy Them

Our Command of Total Darkness is Powerful

Our Hidden Dead Fool You …

And Also…


3 thoughts on “Experiencer’s account and message, by Deb Mathews”

  1. Hi Deb, thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. There will always be many questions why, how, who, where…whatever. One of the important lessons we share is our openness to interdimensional connections, our listening to each other rather than answering the opposed one, sharing our stories with healing from the heart. I am grateful for discovering this website. Its content keeps me Sane, reflective and dedicated to trust my experiences in an super normal environment. The Human Being is a wonderful experience…Being a Human is a wonderful experience. Should we say the Hominid Being is a wonderful experience?
    Blessings on your journey Pat

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am glad that you believe in these grand creatures. I have been a believer, since; 1976 after my siting. I have talked about this subject for years and have been taunted and name called for many years. Have had some interesting happening after gifting to these grand beings. Like you I own what I say and I believe them to be very intelligent. They are telepathic so one has to be cool of mind to communicate with them and carry apples or organic food, I think they like chocolate bars too. Peace of heart is your blessing, love ya. Dave

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    1. Thanks for sharing your insights Dave. It is good to know that there are many of us who communicate with the forest Elders. Over 100 experiencers have shared their stories on this SCENIC website so far. You are welcome to send us your account. Best blessings…


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