Is Bigfoot an Alien? Video by Preston Dennett

Is Bigfoot an Alien? Video by Preston Dennett

Most UFO encounters don’t involve Bigfoot. And most Bigfoot encounters don’t involve UFOs. But in a growing number of cases, these two seemingly separate phenomena perfectly intersect. There are now dozens of cases on record in which people have seen Bigfoot and UFOs at the same time, in the same place. In some instances, people report seeing Bigfoot entering or exiting extraterrestrial craft. And in a few, people say they have seen Bigfoot onboard a UFO. As strange as this sounds, this weird confluence is well-known among UFO researchers, many who have cases to contribute. But wait, there’s more! Some of the cases involve other strange events, such as poltergeist activity or telepathic contact with Bigfoot. What is going on here? Is Bigfoot an alien? What exactly is the connection between Bigfoot and UFOs? This video presents a wide variety of firsthand cases which illustrate the many strange connections between Bigfoot, UFOs and other paranormal phenomenon.

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