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REMEMBERING: REINCARNATION AND RE-ENTRY, by Julie Ryder (Montana Megaliths):

Time to reveal how I have discovered, photographed and began documenting over 100 megalithic and pre-megalithic sites ranging over 1,000 square miles— the vast majority of which I have found in the last five years.

I have communicated for years with an Inter-Dimensional Council. During my first conscious interview I was asked to justify why the Council may intervene in assisting the Earth Population in the current Temporal War between good and evil. I sent flashes called “rotes” of every experience of pure unconditional love that I remembered from all previous earth incarnations. This Timeline War has reached the tipping point. In the next few weeks there will be massive revelations that I have looked forward to since childhood.

I also have memory of past, future and concurrent lives in multiple star systems and dimensional realities, as well as in multiple frequency patterns. On occasion the details of these lifetimes are collaborated by others inhabiting body suits in this current reality. Some of the collaborators are members of the same Inter-Dimensional Council and/or are living in the same concurrent off- planet realities that I experience.

Therefore when I seek information regarding a specific megalithic site or feature I can sometimes “visit” the lifetime when I was incarnated here, there, now and then. My son taught me how to do this when he was four years old. He taught me about soul contracts. My son often asked why I was “pretending that I did not remember our many lives together”.

Teachers have been sent to remind me and to support this mission. People with very specific gifts just pop up when they are needed. Light Workers are drawn here to the Montana Megaliths to perform ceremonies and open the vortexes or shift the timelines. There is a very specific timeline of when and how these ancient sites are to be revealed to the current earth population. This is the reason that I only take certain people to certain sites.

This is the reason that I have refused offers and demands from media, ignored threats by those who wish to control the narrative and insist on the retraction of false narratives. The Roll-Out is speeding up exponentially. I have been led to discover and documented more ancient features in this last year than in all the previous years put together.


Crystal Skulls

Star Nations

Saving Giants Playground

Montana Megaliths


Note from the editor: Julie Ryder has conducted for years an amazing and unique pioneering work in the research, discovery, naming and documenting of multiple megalithic and pre-megalithic sites in Montana, including dolmens, standing stones, arrangements and complexes, geosculptures and stone faces or beings, also called mud fossils.

Her way is to approach those ancient places as sacred sites. Many of her photos of the megaliths show orbs or specters of light. Her work is highly interesting and recommended.

Here are some of her photos showing only a few among the many astonishing sites she has discovered and documented over the years.

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  1. Julie, I was on one of your tours before COVID. I want to go again, but cannot access your megaliths, tour. Please contact me about your upcoming meetings!

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