Oklahoma to issue licenses for Bigfoot hunters

Oklahoma to issue licenses for Bigfoot hunters. There has been much talk recently about the bill newly introduced in Oklahoma intending to issue licenses for Bigfoot hunting. After writing the the State Capitol, a friend received the following reply: “I completely agree with you! As do the majority of Legislators. We’ll try to make sure we don’t waste time on this joke of a Bill.”

On the other hand, many friends of Sasquatch are concerned that this bill could launch open hunts to track and attempt to kill the forest people. It is quite a contrast with the 1969 Skamania County Ordinance in Oregon, which prohibits to shoot any Sasquatch. Even the infamous 1959 Yeti Memo of the American Embassy in Nepal forbid the killing of Yeti unless in a situation of self-defense where it cannot be avoided. Note that Oklahoma hosts the annual Bigfoot festival in Honobia, focused mainly on horror stories and the monster hunt, as well as a Monster restaurant chain exhibiting statues of gigantic ferocious Bigfoot.

There were several hunts for Sasquatch over the years, since colonial days into modern times, some well documented, others covert, sometimes involving powerful state governments and secret agencies. From the Yeti expeditions in Tibet during the 1950’s to the North American expeditions in the 1960’s, from Bluff Creek, CA, to Sasquatch Lake, BC. One of the most famous Sasquatch hunt took place at Harrison Hot Springs in 1957, consecrating it as the famed ”Sasquatch Capital of the World”. Of course, no hunters returned successful and none exhibited any Sasquatch trophy, or at least that’s what we are suggested to believe.

Below is one article covering the recent Oklahoma Bigfoot hunting bill.

– State Rep. Justin Humphrey (R-Lane) this week filed legislation that would establish a Bigfoot hunting season. House Bill 1648 would direct the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Division to establish the annual dates of the season and creating any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees.

“Tourism is one of the biggest attractions we have in my House district,” Humphrey said. “Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses for people who want to hunt Bigfoot will just draw more people to our already beautiful part of the state. It will be a great way for people to enjoy our area and to have some fun.”

Humphrey said he doesn’t want people to actually kill Bigfoot, so he will be working with the state wildlife and tourism departments to craft final language for his bill that specifies only the trapping of Bigfoot. He also hopes to secure at least a $25,000 bounty for the first person to trap the creature.

“A lot of people don’t believe in Bigfoot, but a lot of people do,” Humphrey said. “Just like some people like to go deer hunting, while some don’t.”

Humphrey said the town of Honobia already has an annual Bigfoot festival each October, so the hunting season ideally would coincide with that.

“Having a license and a tag would give people a way to prove they participated in the hunt,” Humphrey said. “Again, the overall goal is to get people to our area to enjoy the natural beauty and to have a great time, and if they find Bigfoot while they’re at it, well hey, that’s just an even bigger prize.”

Humphrey said he’s filed numerous pieces of legislation this year on more serious matters, but to him, tourism is just as important to his House district for the amount of dollars it draws.

Source: Oklahoma News

As an answer to Oklahoma Bill 1648 allowing the hunting and trapping of Bigfoot, some friends of Sasquatch started a petition campaign, which you can join by calling or writing to the State representative Justin Humphrey who introduced the bill at this link to express your disagreement regarding the Bigfoot hunting licenses.

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  1. Re: Oklahoma bill to hunt Sasquatch. The dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Obviously this moron doesn’t know anything about Sasquatch. Reclusive and want to be left alone. If anyone kills one , they will find themselves the hunted and killed. What stupidity!

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