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Second encounter, by Annette Smith

By Annette Smith:

I had my second encounter with (Sasquatch) on November 8th at 8:15pm 2019. A friend of mine had seen a roadside Sasquatch and I felt envious of him. I had spent a couple days thinking about what kind of encounter I would want and after considering all my options I I’d really like to see a female up close.

The very next night I was in my living room and my living room has a sliding glass door with a curtain over it. My dogs were around me and were sleeping and this female walks through my curtains as though she had walked out of a portal. She stood 6’7”. I measured later. She had shoulders the width of mine. She was very shiny black hair and her head was conical at the top but softly so. She had bangs that hung over her forehead. You could tell that the hair grows and then stops growing like an animal’s fur, but it was hair. Her shape was like panthers eye shape but much larger. Her skin was very dark black and much thicker than ours. She had round pupils and her eye were glowing medium blue. Like you see on a microwave or DVR. It wasn’t eye reflection. Her nose didn’t come out as far as ours, but it was slightly wider. Her mouth was closed, but her lips were thin and the mouth took up most of the width of her face. On her cheeks the hair was thin coming thicker at the jaw.

Then there was no hair on her torso clear down to below the belly button. Her breast were smaller but didn’t rest against her skin they were suspended. She looked so in shape. Zero fat. After her belly button the hair got thick and I couldn’t see even her knees. She was standing straight up. Her arms looked longer and her fingers were long compared to her palm. The tips of her fingers tapered and her fingernails were black. Her feet looked to be 15 inches and her toenails were black also. The whole body had longer and thicker hair on the back. I looked back up at her eyes and she mind spoke with me in her voice which was very fierce and deep and hissy. She said YOU SEE US NOW. I glanced down and said thank you you’re beautiful and when I looked up she was gone. The next day I wanted to know her name and I kept seeing in my head: Satocia. I was so honored to have meet her.

3 thoughts on “Second encounter, by Annette Smith”

  1. It was awesome that she decided to give you your wish. She sounds beautiful in both body and spirit. Now that she chose to visit you, perhaps you can connect with her so the two of you can talk and she can teach you things.

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