Recognition, by Sentient Sasquatch

Recognition, by Sentient Sasquatch

Recognition can happen when a human encounters a Sasquatch. It is somewhat like a Chihuahua encountering a wolf or a domesticated parrot encountering an albatross or a miniature pony encountering a wild stallion. The differences are significant and yet the form and energy fields are so similar that they can resonate. Not always though.

In an encounter, something has to bridge the differences in order for deeper lessons to be accessed. First, there is an ancient knowing. That can result in mutual respect for the spirit and for the efforts of long survival. For some, overwhelming fear has managed to transform into astounding overwhelming love. It’s an evolved form of love that is humbling and wipes away ego and pride. That is when the floodgate opens.

Why so many hunters feel that if some larger stronger creature exists out there, they should be eliminated, is painfully narrow-minded. Human entitlement has no end or boundaries and the disastrous results of it abound everywhere on the planet.

Sasquatch leaves the planet as they found it. Sasquatch do not fool around with their lessons to the humans they encounter. Most of the time they find you. Not the other way around. It’s a reach to comprehend them but so worth trying.

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