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Experiencer account, by Michael Moore from South Dakota

Experiencer account, by Michael Moore from South Dakota

You asked about conversations with Bigfoot. I first saw him on June 10, 1980. I was still working on my cabin and had not found a window in the sleeping loft by my head. It was just an open space floor to ceiling. The moon was almost full and there was plenty of light. He came out of the bushes to the right and walked across an open aria 50 feet away. He was huge maybe 8′ tall. His head sat into his shoulders, big chest but narrow waist. Arms longer than a mans arms. I watched him as he crossed the creak and went over to Glen Hills house. He looked in windows and then he felt me watching.

He looked right at me and the next second he was at my front door. He reached out to the handle and I said, in my head not out loud, “Don’t come in, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Telepathically he said, “We are not hear to harm you, we are dealing with things the powers that be are messing with that are a danger to the planet. Earth is important to the cosmos and we can’t let be destroyed.” He went away for awhile and came back to tell me he was in the military and thesis his first time on this planet.

He asked if I would be a guide for him. I am sure I never left my cabin but we head down canyon and I told him what he was seeing. He liked the Percheron horses and lifted one over his head and turned in around. The tour went on as I explained the veggie fields, cheese kitchen, horse barn, cow barn etc. the property at Tajiguas ranch that we lived on then went from the mountains down to PCH 101 and included a beach.

Insert by Miranda Leng who submitted the story:

In 1980 Pres Ronald Reagan and John Travolta lived on separate parts of the ranch. I was visited by a ship from Venus during that time. I lived in the fields area with many dogs I was finding homes for. The man who started the community had lived with George Van Tassel at Giant Rock when he owned a landing strip he acquired from the government. He was visited by Venusians There is too much to tell in one message.

It all started around April 1980 at about 11:00 pm. I was still working on my cabin and was sleeping down stairs in front of a bay window. I bolted upright and said, “What’s going on?” A bright light exploded in front of the window about 20 feet away. And then for some reason I just played back down and went to sleep. Quite a few people saw the ship come down and told me about it the next day. Three cars came onto the ranch wanting the see the UFO they saw from highway 101.

For the next 6 months many odd things happened to me. Animals were not afraid of me. Five birds landed on my finger, a whale swam under my surfboard and breached on the other side, I surfed a wave with a seal, walked within 2 feet of deer that showed no sign of fear, A bird perched on a shelf in my sleeping loft and we would wake at the same time each morning. If I over slept he would land on my head and peck me. It goes on and on with those type of things. Bigfoot stayed around for 6 months and then he was gone and I knew he was gone. I have never had another experience like that.

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