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The Ongoing Cosmic War and the Great Healing

The Ongoing Cosmic War and the Great Healing, by SunBôw

Greetings friends of Sasquatch, lately I have kept receiving experiencers accounts and done consultations, often about healing matters meant to remain private. There is a common trend emerging recently about an increasing confrontation of forces of the cosmic consciousness spectrum. It is the time of the Great Healing, when we are facing the fears, blockages, karmas, dark influences and oppressive powers we have to heal from. Current events of the control agenda force us to urgently deal with pending karmic matters, as the prophesied deadline has been reached. We cannot postpone anymore the healing work if we are to avoid being overtaken by the dark side to survive the great cleansing and purification that are to regenerate the Earth into a new world.

Reports from allies informed me that some attacks on our Cosmic Family have recently occurred in certain locations like Vancouver Island and they are welcoming our energetic assistance in those battles on various planes. Portals and gates are being opened worldwide and entities travel between dimensions, some freed from bondage through shamanic healing work, while others are unleashed to wreck havoc and chaos.

Interdimensional inter-species communicators are emerging globally, acting as spiritual ambassadors bridging segments of humanity’s light emissaries with the greater council of our cosmic relatives offering support and guidance in the healing and rebirthing process our species is going through, as a collective dark night of the soul, to repel the spell and reverse the curse, and reemerge stronger and cleansed from ages-old karmic bonds that have kept our species entrapped and suffocating under evil alien tyranny.

The Sasquatch keep reaching out to a larger number of sincere souls wanting to take part in our collective cosmic healing, which includes repairing the consequences of our errors and creating inverse healing vortices to counteract the negative effects of harmful forces and quantumly co-create healing frequencies sending harmonious ripples through the universe, defining the timeline of the reality we want to manifest.

Forgiveness and compassion are major keys in the great healing process and Sasquatch are inspiring examples of this by offering their assistance to humanity which has most often feared and hurt them in recent generations. An example was outlined by a recent communication I had with a reader whose name I will keep private. Below is a summary of our correspondence.

G. wrote: ”Sun Bow, greetings and a grand day to you. I’ve seen a Sasquatch in MN in like 1977. I came back from a late dinner after cultivating in a field. It was like 1 a.m. and I drove up to a camping small trailer in the woods, This huge orange-eyed creature looked at me from what I could see in the Van lights from 15″ and it got up and I yelled ”say something”. Nothing, so I blasted it 5 shells 12 gauge, did not drop it. Anyway, I’m searching for a shaman to extract a spirit from my soul body from 7 lifetimes ago. It was a dark sorceress and says revenge for me as a soldier from ordered to kill it from the king. 5 attempts already and even Holy Fire Reiki did not do it. Can you help me please? Be Well”

My first reply: ”Greetings G., Thanks for your message. Shooting a Sasquatch can bring heavy karma and bad luck, it is said it can make someone lose their mind. You might need to do some kind of ceremony to apologize to them and ask for forgiveness. If you can reconcile with them, they should be able to help you deal with deeper issues such as long term karmas or curses from the past. I would suggest you start with this with a sincere heart and continue paying your respect to them until you have an answer. This would make it easier to engage in deeper karmic healing. Best blessings on your journeys…”

Since then, G. asked me for more advice to connect with them and things have been getting better for him. This is some kind of healing work happening behind the scene.

Keep doing your prayers, sacred chants, ceremonies and healing work. They are more needed than ever on our Mother Earth and home-planet.

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Best blessings to all our relations…

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