SCENIC is celebrating our 3rd anniversary, starting on a 4th year

SCENIC is celebrating our 3rd anniversary, starting on a 4th year, by SunBôw

Greetings to our readers, friends, contributors, collaborators and all our relations.

It was 3 years ago on March 1st that I launched the website for SCENIC (Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication), which has kept growing since. We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to all of you who have consulted our posts, followed our work and contributed in many ways to the success of our network.

SCENIC has been facilitating communications between experiencers and interested researchers, disclosing the truth about the paranormal, psychic and spiritual aspects of our closest relatives the Hairy Humanoids, and other information about inter-species communications, including publishing well over 100 accounts of first hand experiencers. We also answer to a considerable amount of messages, most of which remain private and confidential, helping experiencers in processing their encounters and reach a greater understanding in consultations with advice.

We keep covering a wide range of related topics, from ancestral traditions, to modern reports and from a more conventional approach, to the spiritual consciousness and knowledge our non-human humanoid relatives have shared with us through channels.

A quick look at statistics shows we have had less activity, posts and views in the last six months, with just under 30,000 views, so about 5,000 views a month, for a grand total of nearly 230,000 views since our beginning. There are many circumstances to explain this decrease in activities and visits, including the global situation and lockdown crisis since a year, which makes people’s concerns switch to other pressing issues, while on the personal level I returned from Australia to Canada in November and since then finished and published a book, working now on another one in the same series, apart from ongoing active networking on various social medias, taking much time.

We wish and pledge to continue informing the public and disclosing the truth about our Sasquatch relatives and our greater Cosmic Family, and we count on your interest, collaboration and support to carry on with this work. We would like to remind our readers that you are always welcome to submit your experiencer accounts or other related content by clicking on the ”SUBMIT STORIES” link in the menu and help in our disclosure efforts. Please submit related content only. As you might have noticed, on SCENIC we avoid political topics or mundane news to focus on our main vision, being to promote peaceful inter-species communications and disclosure.

Other ways you can help SCENIC: If you like our posts, please click Like below the posts, and rate with stars on top left of the titles (5 stars = best). Lately there has been half a dozen of detractors who dislike our work on SCENIC, whether for seeing us as rivals and competitors or for personal self-interest, who have been rating at the lowest all our posts they come upon. These unfair poor reviews brings us down in the algorithms and the best way to counter these attacks is for our followers to like our posts and rate them with better scores. We appreciate all of you who support us this way.

Another way to help SCENIC grow is to reblog or share our posts on your social medias with the sharing buttons below each posts, or by copying the URL in the address bar. Also, we invite you to browse through our 700+ interesting articles, which increases our views.

We would like to remind our readers that purchasing our books (5 titles, links are on our HOME page) also helps us to continuing this work as independent authors.

Finally, we also remind our audience that donations are always welcome at this LINK and thank those who can contribute in these times of economic uncertainty for many.

We wish to all for the year 2021 the best blessings in all aspects of your lives, physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, magically and spiritually, may all your needs be met with health, prosperity, abundance, serenity, inner peace, awareness, realization, enlightenment, achievements and success for you and your beloved ones. May Humanity evolve to higher levels of consciousness and planetary harmony…

10 thoughts on “SCENIC is celebrating our 3rd anniversary, starting on a 4th year”

  1. Happy third anniversary all long my it continue. Thankyou Sunbow and everyone who have contributed to the awakening of the truth. The sasquatch people and the ancient ones have been a monumental part of my life and I love them more than words can say.
    Long my you continue with love and strength ❤️
    Love from England
    Rachel Hubbard

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  2. Thank you Sunbôw, sharing greatness expanding awareness for infinite possibilities ✋️👣🤚
    May you journey again too Australia, where l would be honoured to greet for an occasion…. Take on with the adventure out ward bound into Ku-ring-gai NP ✋️☮️🤚

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