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Experiencer account, by Steven

Experiencer account, by Steven

My first encounter happened June 24th, 2006. I saw a mother, the one I call Sarah, holding her daughter, who I call Jojo. She just appeared from across the creek. Then from directly across the creek, I saw Jojo’s father, Srone. Srone used to have a coat so black that I didn’t know that shade of black existed. His eyes pierced right through me. They were gorilla like but had a human element to them. The irises were copperish red with hints of orange.

I’ve watched Jojo grow from a baby to a lanky teenager to an adult. There were at least 2 different times I saw her as a “lanky teenager.” She even followed me a couple times as I hiked. She has an average brown coat, but her eyes stand out like her father’s. Her eyes are a different color than Srone’s. Her eyes have little brown or copper color to them, but the vibrancy of her eyes burn like the sun. Her mate, I call Midori, is different than the others. I call him Midori because his eyes are green. Midori is Japanese for green. He has a dirty blond coat. What I assume is their child. I haven’t seen, but I have a picture of him/her.

This young one is only a few years old, but has a coat color a lot like his/her grandfather Srone. Black as black can be. Sarah somehow remains an enigma. This whole time, I’ve had few encounters with her. She has the same color coat as her daughter, Jojo. I’ve heard samurai chatter 3 different times. I’ve heard whooping on one occasion. The last few occasions have been right outside the cabin walls. The closest I’ve been to seeing one was no more than 30 feet. I was able to tell their eye colors because of how vibrant their eye color is. The closest I’ve actually been to one was no more than 5 feet.

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  1. Thank you, Steven, for telling us about your beautiful experiences with your Sasquatch family.

    Often, I see outlines of leafy Sasquatch faces in the trees around the little canal behind my apartment, and sometimes I see faces on rocks, and on mountainsides, in clouds, and on the tops of trees – I even see them in friend’s photographs from when they were young.

    I guess I see them in just about everything…especially at night, and there’s some really lovely photos I’ve taken of “felt” presences, which have turned out nicely, but I haven’t met an individual up close, like you have. So I feel honored to read of your good words and gentle spirit.

    That people like our furry family of Watchers could really exist used to seem beyond my wildest dreams. Now, when I “feel” Sasquatch love around me, my eyes swell with tears, and I experience a feeling of loving joy in the body, and this heart willingly goes out to meet them, however close or far they may be.

    Sometimes I feel like they’re REALLY close, but I’ve never seen more than the usual leafy faces and dark outlines in branches.

    Once I ran into a carving of a fanged face in the side of a tree, looking back at me, eye-level. It was in a small circle of about six, tall, slim trees right next to a stream, and there was a little, stunted white dwarf tree with a deep-emerald colored crystalline rock sitting on top of its knurled branches (maybe serpentinite?). That was up in the John Muir Wilderness area of The Sierras, up near The Minarets, at about 10,000′. (Very close to Mt. Whitney)

    Later I was introduced to my shadow, across a still pool of water, but I didn’t see anyone else there who might’ve been a guide.

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