Some Ancestral Nature wisdom (for a change)… By SunBôw

Some Ancestral Nature wisdom (for a change)… By SunBôw:

Stop and pause, feel the ground beneath… for real…

The Earth is our Mother, She is made of star dust. We owe our lives to Her, we are made of Her dust. And to dust we return when our Spirit flies free. This very ground we walk upon has been home of many. From dinosaurs, mega-fauna, many extinct species left their footprints into the sand, the soil, the mud and dirt. The ancestors all felt this ground with the soles of their feet, they left traces, wisdom, knowledge, and they passed down their seeds, for them to grow and thrive from the very lands their dust had returned to.

Everywhere we go, someone has been there too. The land we depend on for our very survival was inherited from the ancestors and is borrowed from our descendants. We must remember and honor the ones who have walked here and who honored the land before we walked upon it, as all its beauty we benefit from are what they left for us to enjoy. What will we be leaving for our descendants? Will it be truth and beauty, justice and Peace?

If we honor our Mother and all of Her children, as the ancestors did, we can offer this sane future to our grandchildren, but there is no other way. But if we don’t, we and the world will suffer more and more until collapse, chaos and disintegration get rid of the human society as we know it, as an invasive and unnatural way of life our ecosystems will not sustain.

Remember the ancestors, many of whom shed their blood for our protection, freedom and rights to the land of their ancestors. Their bones still lay under our feet and their souls watch us to see how well their descendants are faring.

The long history of genocide is not over yet, but now we are all included and involved in the outcomes of our collective destiny. The long ongoing history of our evolution is what we make of it, starting now. Let’s always remember to honor the wise ancestors by being good relatives and our descendants by being good ancestors ourselves, as our dust will soon enough mingle with theirs and return to our Mother, and all we will leave behind is a few dimming traces and brief fainting memories.

Let’s make our ancestors and descendants be proud and happy of what we do and did for them during our brief Earth walk…

First published in 2020

Photo: Julie Ryder, Montana Megaliths

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