The downgrading of information, by SunBôw

The downgrading of info as a general trend (3D, 4D, 5D), by SunBôw:

Knowledge brings understanding and when used properly in the best interest of all, it begets wisdom, raising our consciousness. Truth sets us free. While ignorance and lies are the tools of the self-appointed rulers, the so-called ‘authorities’ of the pyramidal scale and hierarchy, to keep the masses subdued and docile. It has been commonly observed through history that disinfo is often practiced to control the minds, but increasingly recently.

We are taught to believe that we have reached higher levels of evolution and intelligence than any previous generation, civilization or species. But evidences often show otherwise. It takes time for a generally admitted knowledge to become part of the collective consciousness. For example, in 1522 we are told that Magellan circumnavigated the globe, although he died in the Philippines and the journey was completed under De Aguilar. Yet, he was not the first one to navigate around the globe. Still, 140 years later, Galileo was almost burnt for heresy for saying the Earth was round. In this age of space travel, with images from distant planets, as incredible as it seems, the flat Earthers are back. It is no coincidence that the Illuminati card deck has an arcana for them. It’s a debate about downgrading our knowledge.

Other examples: 1)Cro-Magnon had a larger brain cortex than us. What happened? Are we really smarter, using 10% of ours?…2)DNA shows different hominids interbred + we have alien genes.3) What means an archaeological discovery pushing back the official timeline by a few years, knowing civilization has been here for millions of years, with thousands of evidences ignored, denied.4) What is finding water on Mars, compared to pyramids, cities?5) Science admits life may exist on other planets, while proofs of interaction have been documented from antiquity to modern days.6) Why ask for disclosure from unreliable sources while it’s always been happening, the knowledge spreads and flows freely.7) Relativity defines Space as 3D and Time as the 4th Dimension, yet most people still see us as existing in 3D instead of in 4D.

Lastly, a few words about 3D, 4D and 5D. In our linear 4D continuum and evolutionary plane or space-time-consciousness, where all timelines exist in different spaces, we easily forget the dimensions next to ours, the 3D Hyperspace with all spaces in One Time, and the 5D Hypertime with all timelines in One Space. The way the Elders explain it to me, it corrects a generally accepted misinterpretation that 3D is our physical dimension, while in fact it is Hyperspace, or astral space beyond linear time.

Einstein’s E=mc2 is incomplete and only applies to 4D linear time, because it requires mass and the speed of light, beyond which time connects in a unified field. That equation is only true for any given moment frozen in time, as all given energy or quantum changes from a moment to the next in its entropy due to constant quantum leaks. Tesla corrected it by adding Time in the equation: E=mc2+T. Because beyond the speed of light at some point there is no mass and no gravity. No given energy can be calculated other than in any given time, while it is different the next moment.

So 3D is a spherical hyperspace where all spaces are connected beyond time, and where objects exist in different places at once. The fact that most people have forgotten that 3D is as it is explains the common mistake of mixing it with the physical plane that exist only in 4D linear, below the speed of light.

4D is the evolutionary plane or dimension of intertwined timelines influencing each others. It’s a tubular spiral wormhole represented by each of the multiple timelines. It’s the time-consciousness we are stuck in. The collective shift is now taking us into 5D circular time consciousness, a torus dimension where all timelines are connected through time and space.

To rise to this level of understanding, we need to realize that 4D linear time is an illusion, it’s only a spectrum of frequencies that we can easily perceive. In 5D all timelines tubular spirals are intertwined and connected in one toroidal space and circular time-consciousness. In physical 4D, our body is the vehicle of our consciousness. In quantum 5D, our consciousness carries our body. What goes around, comes around, it’s all One and connected…

First published in 2016

It is time for disclosure. The truth shall set us free…

A little poetic reflection in bonus

Intertwined spiraling timelines within circular time…

Timelines paradox. It’s another movie with a different script.

It’s an old movie, but it doesn’t sound as you remember it.

Is it: ”Luke, I am your father”, or ”No, I am your father”?…

The original archives are being modified, but more recent ones still bear witness that it’s not about collective mismemories.

There are in fact multiple timelines being observed at this time.

The timeline memories and akashic records are being altered.

We hear of parallel dimensions, but they are rather interfering.

Some call it the Mandela effect, for now, until it’s changed.

The same story has many possible scenarios, we play in it.

What happens next depends partly on our present choices.

But maybe the future has already happened for some others.

Maybe the past is being reshaped with slight details and codes.

The present is all that we are left with, and it might be an illusion.

Reality as we know it has made room for realities we don’t know…

2 thoughts on “The downgrading of information, by SunBôw”

  1. Lately I have been having conversations with old friends about stories we have shared in years gone by. To my surprise they have no memory of what were, familiar stories. This can be explained in many ways, however it has been happening more frequently with different people.
    I am also familiar with objects being removed and restored sometime later. Once again this can be explained in many ways. Recently I witnessed one of these objects manifest in waking conscious in front of me. I attributed to this to the increase in vibration due to the shifting of consciousness that is happening now. Sunbow posses another explanation for this that I’m’ going to consider.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Don. I think I remember the story you mention when your tool appeared at your feet. There are cases when an interdimensional intervention from spiritual guides such as Sasquatch, who can make things appear or disappear, or move them, as signs and teachings for us. As for the timeline glitches, like you mention, there is more and more evidence that an artificial matrix is being superimposed over natural reality and an growing number of people report similar effects or phenomena. Just today on FB many friends shared their experiences with this kind of timeline glitches and from what I observe, it’s a new paradigm that is affecting increasingly our daily reality. The main teaching I receive from it is that we co-create reality with our thoughts on the quantum level and with practice, we have the power to change history. Blessings on your path…

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