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Where are we today with the Yowie, by Jeremy Buddle, from NSW


Up until mid 2015 my take on the Yowie phenomenon was based on what others saw like a mystical creature in a fleeting moment rushing across a road only to disappear. The media always described them in a fearful moment generally perceived as a threat to humans. In recent years increased reports of sightings and videos online purporting to have an actual recording has only played into the uncertainty of them.

However, in a remote place of Megalong Valley, NSW, Australia I stood on a track not wanting to return to the cabin. It was dusk and I feared the track through a swampy forest. Suddenly I felt a person behind me. I had not expected anyone. I had been alone on this property for ten days.
‘You can look back or you can keep walking,’ I heard.
I looked back.
And standing twenty feet from me was a seven foot tall ape-like being covered by ginger brown hair and only interrupted by a distinct heavy dark brown face, dark eyes, a thick mouth and a wide nose.

In a childlike fear I was about to run back to the cabin but I felt a light energy around my feet that rose through me. The fear left me and I was captivated by the face that smiled. But I did not see the mouth move. And it had such an alluring energy there was a communication from its face to mine which I did not understand. It was too mature, too wise, too human-like to be an ape-like being. I did not want to associate it as a Yowie, it did not seem fitting but I did acknowledge others would see it as a Yowie. I did not feel threatened by this being. It turned around, moved along the track and disappeared.

The Aboriginal people would say if one saw a big hairy fella it would herald big change for that person. The following year I was hospitalized for a serious infection and an accident involving my right hand where I needed two surgeries and was off work for six months. And in 2017 I was hospitalized for a rare blood disorder, my platelets had disappeared after an influenza vaccine. It took months to regain strength and a year for my immune system to recover.

To lose the use of my right hand as a right-handed person meant I had to redesign myself. My left hand had only been a supporter to my right hand now it had to lead. It shook my thinking up completely by rewriting a belief system of who I had become.

A healthy immune system is about self-protection and my decision to have an influenza vaccine came about on how to protect me in an epidemic but had, in fact, done the opposite. The vaccine had turned my immune system against my platelets. I had allowed a foreign substance to enter my body out of fear rather than trust my feeling I did not need it and I was not going to get influenza.

These traumatic events I saw as change and had happened to prepare me, strengthen me physically and mentally as an adjustment to a higher consciousness, the 5th Dimension. In March, 2016 Earth entered the 5th Dimension. A momentous moment considering Earth had been in the 3rd Dimension approximately 4.3 million days since the Fall of Atlantis and on leaving the 3rd Dimension in December, 2012 Earth rushed through the 4th Dimension in just 1,184 days. One significant and most discerning symptom was the perception of time speeding up. Most of us felt it, to keep us on course and make us think about change. The changes affected all of us regardless if we were conscious of it.

This arrival has enabled a differential relationship for humans to another race of people on Earth. The Animal People. In some countries humans lay claim to a race of the Animal People and some of the least known are, Am Fear Liath Mor in Scotland, Almasty in Russia, Maeroero in New Zealand and Hibagon in Japan.

In Australia the collective view of humans has changed toward believing in the Yowies but not knowing much about them. Humans are more open minded now and many want to know more. And the Yowies know this. They are deliberately increasing a visible presence to awaken humans. No longer can we be the center of our own attention as the only people and treat the mystical being as an appendage to that existence.

A national park north of Sydney was once the land of dense bush land, rock platforms, tall cliffs and creeks through deep valleys. However, things began to change in late 2018. Regularly walking a particular bush track I noticed things being made out of wood and rocks placed at the edge of the track: a tee-pee, a large standing cross, small rock cairns. After online research comparing these unnatural items I saw comparisons to what others had found in other bush land settings in Australia related to the Yowies. Once I accepted that these unnatural items I found were of Yowie origin my awakening to them began. I had connected to them.

As an intuitive person I connected to the energy of wood and rock markers as guidance to learn about them, a five level rock cairn represented the 5th Dimension. These markers were made by hand and the energy attached told me it was in fact by a Yowie. As more markers were placed I accepted they were made by other Yowies. At this time I became aware of a transparent black figure engaging me in a social way allowing me to learn through listening to this being’s energy, a male Yowie about fifteen years old and his name. In a vision he showed me the spelling of his name. (Out of respect to this person I have not provided his name and the reason why.)

This person walked short distances with me allowing me to see him walk on all fours then walk like me. He wanted me to play with him, I could hear his voice speak in English. Their energy translates their own spoken language into English. Eventually we co-created a large tee-pee, a symbol of a pyramid that represented energy and a symbol of them that announced their presence on this land. Their technology is energy

Actually, what we did was to announce our presence and by learning from them, respecting them they chose to include me into their life. It was at this time that I received an intuitive verbal message, ‘The Yowie will look after you.’
Days later on the last bend in the track before reaching my vehicle stood this young Yowie and his family, his mother, father and younger brother. They were transparent but clearly defined making me understand the true nature of them, all of us, we are beings of energy and light.

Through intuition and observing of the clan, and this had been increased to members of other clans, I have learnt how they live in the forests maintaining and adjusting to the balanced energy of Earth. It is a needful approach to the land of abundance, without hurting it. The Animal People are the protectors of Earth, the planet we share.

This national park I walk through regularly is not a national park to them. It is there land. Humans lock up large tracts of land to protect it against the possibility of harmful use by other humans but we exclude something about the land through an unconscious mind.

During the early days of the 90 day lock-down in NSW with the planet in a viral pandemic I used my right of essential exercise to leave the property and walk my regular track. I was stressed by the unfathomable event. At a place I called Balance Site, a vortex of Earth’s spiraling, healing energy, I focused on a transparent ginger colored Yowie standing off track. I recognized his energy as familiar, the younger brother of the father of the clan. Around him was the collective energy of many Yowies, in varying levels of transparency. I could make out their distinct shapes. There was another whom I saw almost as clearly. His hair colour was a sandy brown, he was shorter and stockier.
‘Hello,’ I said.

And what also became clearer the distinct awareness of many clans gathered at least 10 wide and 4 deep. I heard from the sandy brown Yowie, ‘If you die, we die.’
I was slightly hurt by this. I was the symbol of the human race. Then the sandy brown Yowie said, ‘We didn’t create this pandemic but we do support it. It is about helping you (humans) to learn. Do you understand?’
‘Yes,’ I said.
I thought about the harm humans were doing on earth, polluting the atmosphere, the oceans, mining and deforestation. Gradually the Yowie gathering disappeared from the rear first.

I held a intuitive feeling Covid-19 would stay infecting humans until we got this message. I am not sure if it was given to me by the young Yowie but it has stayed with me. A year after this I asked the father of the clan in a sit down meeting: ‘For the virus to spread does this mean we are not getting it about humans needing help putting this planet in harmony?’
He answered, ‘Yes.’

And what we experienced during 2020, seemingly as a gift from the pandemic, was how Earth could recover quickly from the actions of a collective unconscious mind. The polluted atmosphere and water ways cleared. And I saw frogs and the funnel web spider return after missing for decades to the suburb I lived in.

This pandemic also harmonized the last shift into the final frequency setting of the 5th Dimension, a higher level of truth. And to be in this consciousness we must be truthful to ourselves. This is what the Yowies are showing me and all of us.

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