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”This is the last opportunity your people can grasp to end the slavery and reestablish the Cosmic Order, before the lower lords apply the next phase of their control agenda, which they are already mirroring to you, and modify once more your genetics by turning your species into biosynthetic cyborgs and artificial entities controlled by their technology.”

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, Chapter 4, written in 2015

So far on SCENIC, we have avoided addressing topics not directly related to Sasquatch, such as politics and actualities. But in these dire times of global emergency, guidance inspires me to use this platform as well to express our deepest concerns regarding the current world events and human evolution, while it is still possible. Nothing should be taken for granted, even less so in uncertain times.

This could be our last word to the silent majority regarding the current and ongoing global emergency crisis. To those who don’t want to hear anyone questioning the mainstream narrative about the real data and facts at the light of alternative and often censored information, to those who refuse to see the bigger picture of a well planned agenda for global takeover with Agenda 2030 and the Global Reset, and to those who prefer to keep their mouth shut about what is going wrong to avoid being confronted, ridiculed, ostracized, or for fear of losing ”friends”, PLEASE, do not become complicit with global tyranny and part of the problem we are all facing. Do not stand on the wrong side of history surrendering your rights and freedom, that of your children and of the future generations of humanity.

We have been warning you that the mainstream medias and governments, owned and controlled by the same 1% elite interests, were complicit in lying (We have seen no one drop dead in the streets since the first videos out of Wuhan nor any more mass graves in NY. Many images and footage in the news were proven staged or misleading. Many hospitals were quiet, almost empty. The global mortality rate in 2020 was a normal average. We were told there is no cure, while conventional medicines like Hydroxychloroquin, Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, and other remedies including herbals, have proven efficient in treating Covid-19.)…

We warned you that the data and casualties had been falsified, as Covid-19 has a 99% recovery rate. (Of the deaths WITH Covid, only 6% died FROM Covid, per CDC and WHO official data. The vast majority of deceased had comorbidities and were over age 80. The PCR tests are inaccurate, unreliable, not conceived to detect viruses, and produce mostly false positives. There were no more deaths worldwide in 2020 compared to average, while hardly any were reported from diseases like flu normally causing hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly. There is no evidence of a pandemic to justify measures such as masks or lockdowns, that are ineffective and rather counter-indicated to build natural herd immunity)…

We warned you that the masks, lockdowns and quarantines were not just for a few weeks, to ”curb the curve”, but they were meant to last and increase the control over the world’s populations, added constantly with harsher measures and restrictions, including borders closures, businesses closures, curfews, interdiction to circulate, tracking apps, mandatory vaxx, QR pass, censorship and repression.

The globalist controllers have kept imposing more restrictions, each time promising their ”new norm” was temporary and necessary to get our freedom back, each time lying and imposing more restrictions, tightening their grip over our lives, saying there is no going back to normal, but rather ”building back better”, parroting the slogan of the Great Reset promoted by the WEF in Davos and other NWO elite. (COVID stands for Certificate Of Vaccination ID. This plan-demic was fabricated to roll out the vaxx and to implement a mandatory global digital ID and currency, with a system of social credit.)…

We warned you that this global scam-demic had all been planned years ahead, as part of a global control agenda with Covid-19 as bioweapon, trigger and pretext to totalitarianism (Research on corona-V mutations started in 1995 by Pfizer. The first epidemicsof SARS-Cov corona-V happened between 2003-2004. A SARS_Cov corona-V vaccine patent was issued in 2005. The procedures to synthetize SARS-Cov were published in 2008. Research on the weaponization of corona-V was moved by Fauci with public funding from the US to Wuhan in 2014, where corona-V from bats were mutated on human tissues and synthetic SARS-Cov-2 spike proteins were produced, as admitted by NIAID.

To this day, neither the WHO nor any health authority has been able to provide proof other than computer models that SARS-Cov-2 AKA Covid-19 has ever been isolated. Eminent virologists identified its structure as a smoking gun proving it was artificially engineered in lab, explaining why paradoxically the ”health authorities” will not provide its sequence, while producing it synthetically for mass vaxx)…

We warned you that censorship on mainstream platforms as on social medias had become the norm for anyone or any information questioning the official narrative or presenting different evidences and alternative views, whether they were Nobel prizes, eminent virologists or epidemiologists, hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, lawyers, or independent researchers and journalists, while we are drilled to ”follow the science”, which means only the one-sided biased pseudo-science funded through conflicts of interest by the same corporate monopolies behind the plandemic and media propaganda campaigns (Gates Foundation is funding the WHO, GAVI and CDC, for which the NIS responsible for approving vaxx is headed by Fauci‘s wife, and big pharma vaxx producers like Pfizer that paid the highest criminal fine in US history at 2.3 billion, ModeRNA created for the rollout of newly introduced mRNA vaxx, Astra Zaneca and Johnson & Johnson, as well as the Wuhan lab, Monsanto and the digital RFID chip implant patent WO2020060606. Too many ”coincidences” concentrating all powers in a few hands).

You might not have noticed the censorship, if you are part of the silent majority, but you should be aware that the systematic censorship is applied against all those who try to blow the whistle and share information that disproves the whole made up scenario constantly repeated by the propaganda. These put their career, reputation and safety on the front line trying to warn and protect you from the agenda. They have no interest in inventing ”conspiracy theories” or put their heads on the stake. They are just caring for the sake of humanity, trying to inform and warn you about what corporate medias censor. Groups for human rights and freedom of speech reaching tens of thousands of members within days are systematically deleted; from the most objective perspective, it raises serious questions on the situation.

We warned you that this new vaxx being hastily rolled out and coerced under pressure is nothing like any other previous vaccine. It is rather an experimental technology, authorized only under emergency measures, but not approved, that was never properly tested until being tested at large and on a global scale on humans, as it is now. Among newly introduced toxic ingredients like graphene nanoparticles used for their high conductivity and for creating an electric charge by their movement, (blood samples from people who had the C-19 shots show red cells coagulating in clots, an effect observed with EMF), or the Luciferase enzyme-like liquid nanoparticles hydrogel patented by DARPA to deliver the artificial mRNA nanobots, the synthetic mRNA of SARS-Cov-2 travels in the body and inserts itself into the DNA code of the cells inciting the body to produce the spike proteins of the pseudo-virus on a permanent basis.

The long term effects are unpredictable, yet the short term effects show already that this shot is more deadly than all the previous vaccines combined, with millions of adverse reactions reported worldwide in spite of censorship, including blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, encephalitis, migraines, spasms, paralysis, Bell’s palsy, menstrual problems, miscarriages, sterility and a list of other adverse reactions, while deaths are amounting to catastrophic numbers (12,000+ deaths from this vaxx in the US per VAERS, 17,000+ in Europe per EUC, 32,000+ in Brazil per official sources, and these figures are weeks old and partial, as the real numbers are much higher because doctors are coerced not to report deaths or adverse reactions due to the shots or their reports are dismissed, while they are bribed to report Covid deaths. Moreover, the majority of people hospitalized for the ”delta” variant, are double vaxxed. It amounts to no less than medical genocide)…

We warned you with plenty of documented evidence backed with data, often from the same official sources that have been dictating their agenda on all of us, which many of you likely trust yet even then, often turned down and refused to consider, that the whole made up scenario of the plandemic has been made of contradicting lies, incoherence and unscientific absurdities only meant to bring a totalitarian control over the populations, suppress our rights and implement a global police State with constant omnipresent surveillance, as part of a larger economic Great Reset AKA a New World Order with a global system of digital ID and social credit, and with an increasingly obvious depopulation agenda

The Fourth Reich

We warned you, in spite of the doubts, denial, ridicule and insults we were met with, that the end game of this plandemic was to bring mandatory vaxx and a global digital ID, as we are witnessing now. Although most didn’t believe it would be made mandatory, as governments have been promising a ”return to normal” with every additional restriction imposed on our freedoms and infringing on our rights, including the 3rd booster shot already distributed, now the vaxx and the QR pass are being mandated and coerced in a fast growing number of countries around the world, with Europe, Israel, North America and Australia being used as testing grounds. The ”No jab, no jobpolicy is applied worldwide, no access to hospitals, schools, transports, shops, restaurants, theaters, events, etc, without the V-pass

The UN and the WHO just announced the launch of a global digital ID with QR code, fitting the Davos WEF Great Reset agenda, with a global switch to digital cryptocurrency and a system of social credit. The federal government of Canada announces on its website a system of ”Chinese social credit” for employers to monitor their staff, and a cashless society for 2025 with a global digital ID. Australia is now ”almost” under martial law, people are prohibited to go more than 5 km from home one hour a day, being tracked by GPS apps and drones, with police and army roadblocks and controls everywhere…

Millions globally have lost loved ones, their businesses, their livelihoods, their careers, the contacts with their beloveds, their social life, and so much more, not due to any virus, but to a control agenda. Yet, as we speak, millions of people around the world are now coming out of the shadow and ending the silence, taking the streets in hundreds of cities and dozens of countries to stand for our human rights and freedom, denouncing and opposing those draconian totalitarian measures imposed on humanity worldwide by the centralized power of a selected elite wanting to control and monitor our every move. Crowds are rallying, marching, doctors, healthcare workers, firemen and teachers go on general strikes in places, truckers blockade main roads, all of this that the mainstream medias don’t want you to know, but the news and images are leaked on rare platforms where freedom of press and of expression and free circulation of information still exist…

Now, whether you heard, heeded or ignored our warnings, are you starting to see the bigger picture? Can you still believe that this is only a health issue, that the medias tell the truth, that the governments are protecting you, and that no darker scheme for global takeover is being played in the shadows? Those who answer yes to this question, stubbornly following the indoctrination of the mind controllers and limiting their intellect to repeating what they were programmed to believe in the ignorance of their blind denial, the silent majority preferring to wear pink glasses or bury their head in the sand to avoid facing the harsh reality, probably see us as lunatics and conspiracy ”theorists”, for warning the world about the dangers of the depopulation agenda and exposing the crimes committed not so much in the shadows anymore, but in broad daylight on the public place, right before our eyes and on a global scale, so that only the blind can’t see and the brainwashed can’t realize what is really taking place…

To those, we wish you well, but we must respect a certain social distance between us, as in the given circumstances in this global emergency situation, we will not be able to agree on fundamental values and basic principles, nor will we ever be able to work together as allies, since you support the global tyranny we are resisting. We wish you peace on your journey, asking you not to interfere on ours…

For those who still deny all of this information or ask for more proofs and links, vast numbers of freedom loving souls and defenders of human rights and free speech have been involved on the front line providing all the links, documented information and factual evidence through various channels and platforms, everything here is documented and can be verified, if you know where to look and how to research. We have already been providing exhaustive lists of references and factual evidences from documented research that will never be enough for those who obstinately submit to the indoctrination of the official narrative and refuse to think outside of that limited mind control box, meant to manipulate the masses and to fabricate consent with repeated propaganda lies and disinformation…

Now, if all this is not enough, do your own research, double-check your sources. Are they government or corporate funded, or rather independent and uncensored, which makes the difference between biased corporate funded pseudo-science and fake news, as opposed to independent science and research. Consider the facts and sources heavily and illegally censored par mass media empires, use your free thinking and discernment to sort out the fake from the facts.

Stop counting on those who have done their homework and are getting exhausted at trying to share the censored information about the bigger picture that the silent majority denies or ignores, which makes the whole difference in the equation. For those who are annoyed by the content of our message, discontent or disturbed in the comfort of their numbness, be reassured that with the increasing censorship, soon these views and information contrary to the dominant narrative will not be allowed to be published on any public platform in the Big Brother surveillance society with its thought police.

Many whistle blowers have already been deplatformed or face dire consequences from their online activities including dismissals, threats, fines and arrests, simply for trying to share factual information or alternative informed opinion. Soon you won’t hear any independent opinion or have access to alternative information outside of the official version. So while you can still hear our plea, if you care at all for humanity, PLEASE make wise informed choices now regarding the legacy you will leave for your children and the future generations. Ask yourself why this censorship happens and if it’s right…

So this could be our last word to the silent majority. It would be needless to provide additional warnings of what’s coming in the next phases of the depopulation agenda, including food shortages, power outages, restricted movements, increasing man made disasters (DEW fires, geoengineered storms, droughts, floods, etc), emptying regions to herd populations into internment camps, detention/reeducation facilities or SMART cities, global digital ID implant with global digital currency, an Orwellian dystopia with non-stop A-i surveillance and the IoT, all of which are part of Agenda 2030 promoted by globalist institutions taking part in it and announced years ahead through official documents of various globalist organizations, as through predictive programming in medias. Their ultimate goal is a transhumanist agenda to replace humanity with technology in a global technocracy…

So if you sit idle, with the silent majority, PLEASE, don’t become complicit with the crimes against humanity being committed globally by staying silent, when you still can make your voice heard. If you were vaxxed, we wish you well, but PLEASE respect the free choice of those who won’t take the shot. We are still all part of the same human Family, with the same basic humans rights without discrimination. We are not putting anyone at risk by being the test group keeping human DNA intact. If you believe in the vaxx, then you should be protected, although evidence shows you can still catch and transmit Covid. Statistics show that in fact, the majority affected by the ”delta” variant are double dosed vaxxed. So how can you blame anyone for not wanting to be part of the pharmaceutical experiment?…

If you regret taking the vaxx, if you have adverse reactions or know people who do, it is your duty to speak up for the sake of humanity and report to the world the risks associated with this first ever mandatory experimental gene technology imposed globally. Keeping silent is being complicit with the global conspiracy by covering up the crimes against humanity and condoning the totalitarian takeover.

If you took the V-pass hoping to make your life easier, PLEASE do not take part in the segregationist system being implemented between first and second class citizens. Freedom and basic human rights are natural and innate, not granted by governments, which usually rather infringe on them and limit them. Remember we are all essential humans, no one can decide who is unworthy to live. Don’t stand on the wrong side of history. PLEASE stop complying and condoning the emerging system of totalitarian control and global tyranny, infringing on our rights, invading our privacy, censoring freedom of press and of expression, based on discrimination against ”non essential” humans, segregation against the unmarked or unvaxxed who stand for everyone’s fundamental human rights and basic freedom of choice over our bodies, including yours, that of your children and of all humanity’s future generations. We are not your enemies. We care for you, your children and for humanity and ask you to care as well.

And to those who have already been aware of the bigger picture and of the control agenda unfolding, speaking up and informing is your duty, as well as joining and supporting those who disclose the truth. Although keeping low profile can be a valid option in circumstances, we must stand now for what we defend, our rights and freedom. Hiding out can avoid some troubles for a while, but it will not bring any lasting solution in a global technocracy with an all-seeing A-i surveillance, drones and satellites. Unless we accept to surrender our free will and live as cyborg slaves, sooner or later we have to choose what cause we defend, and if we stand for our rights and freedom with the resistance against tyranny.

As for those of us who are already involved in disclosing the truth and defending our rights, against the winds and tides, thanks and kudos for caring and for your dedicated efforts to awaken the collective consciousness to what is really at play and at stake, so a greater number can make informed decisions, resist the infringements on our rights and reverse the totalitarian takeover agenda of the globalist cabal. Congrats for your integrity and courage in standing up for your values and essential freedom, facing the oppression against the current, carrying the torch for others to see, whether in your social networks, in the streets, with rallies, protests, petitions or lawsuits, or with various other actions on different levels. You are the last best hope of humanity for a saner, safer free world for all, for the future generations.

Don’t be despaired, don’t give up, as it will be a long haul on a rough bumpy road. As prophecies have warned us, this is the time to return to Nature and her laws, learn her medicines and food sources, build our communities, consolidate our networks and develop a new resource-based alternative economy on the principle of fair share of the abundance, to replace the debt-based economy made of scarcity as in the actual system using fiat currencies from private central banks or the emerging cryptocurrencies that hold a completely virtual value arbitrarily controlled from a central A-i without any resource backing it. Anytime, their virtual value can be raised, lowered, completely erased, or require conditions to be used.

Learning how to grow gardens, wildcraft, harvest and preserve foods, fish, hunt, sow, fabricate and repair tools and implements, trade goods and services, will be more useful for survival then fighting. The resistance takes many forms, but it should be united in solidarity, as we are all facing the same problem. Power is in number and in unity. Knowing our trusted allies is a precious asset, just like tight communities will help us make it through. Stay vigilant. Be patient. Keep the faith. Stay at Peace. Learning to fast and steadfast will be useful. Whatever the situation, remain non-violent, except strictly for self-defense or to protect the vulnerable.

This could be our last warning, at least through this limited channel, yet truth shall prevail and set us free. We have not evolved all these millions of years and developed thousands of years of cultures and civilizations to end up as the perpetual remote controlled cyborg-slaves of tyrannical overlords writing the doomsday scenario of our forced depopulation in the not-so-secret transhumanist agenda of the dark cabal run by their psychopathic ruling elite. This is the last great battle announced by many prophecies and its outcome will determine the destiny of humankind, whether we submit to the lower lords and surrender our innate sovereignty, or we expose the conspiracy and resist its totalitarian insanity to free ourselves from the grip of the control grid that is being set as a trap by the powers and entities seeking total global control, domination and possession of our world with all its resources and inhabitants.

Time for speaking might be over soon. What will count will only be the results of our decisions and actions and the long term consequences of our choices that will determine the outcome of this cosmic war. This great transition and cleansing has been prophesied by many sources ancient and new, and it is not to be feared, but to be aware and prepared and there will be much suffering and destruction still for some time, years, maybe decades, but this unsustainable lifestyle is doomed to collapse and vanish. Only Nature’s laws prevail on the long run, so we must adapt accordingly to Her lasting universal truth.

On this side, since traveling and having a decent social and economic life and have become increasingly challenging in the enforced ”new norm”, and since the added years of journeying are not allowing me to run on the front line anymore, but have left me with a wealth of memories and stories, I will continue the writing of the new book series relating my memoirs, with a third volume to follow. Meanwhile, for the time being, I will continue to contribute my share in networking with SCENIC and on the platforms that will remain available and still allow free speech and freedom of information.

I am grateful to all who have contributed in any way in my life journey, and to those who stay in touch with communication and continue to collaborate on various aspects of the consciousness awakening.

Please feel free to write to SCENIC and submit Sasquatch related content through the ”contact” or ”submit story” buttons. We usually reply to all our messages, even if at times with a delay, and answer many questions asked. Browse our archives to find interesting content among our 700+ posts published in the last 3 ½ years. Like, rate and share our posts. Subscribe and join with our over 3500 followers. Our site has received over a quarter of a million views to this date. Thank you for your patronage and support by purchasing my books or with donations. All links are in the blue menu under the header and on the homepage.

Best blessings of Peace, Love, courage, strength, wisdom, health and prosperity to all our relations…

-SunBôw TrueBrother


  1. Good to see posts like this, a sad reminder of the Twighlight zone reality we find ourselves in. My solace and refuge are in Mother Nature, TV, Internet Radio News and movie free since 2018, as an original social distancer I’ve cut off mainstream anything absolute and complete. I feel sorry for sleeples yet from my vantage point nestled in my Mothers bosom as often pondering how and what to do, a post like this one comes to mind as the best course of action to take as an offering to my fellow brothers and sisters. Like Bards from time past sometimes they proved the pen mightier than the sword. In a world quickly rolling over into global tyranny, we’re in the last hour till midnight. I think okay but thought I’d ask is it alright to reblog, repost this article?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Adawehi’Tzak for your interesting comment. Please, feel free to share this and any post here. Indeed, Mother Nature is our best refuge and Her universal laws prevail. Good idea to social distance from mainstream society at this time when it is taking a dangerous totalitarian tendency.

      As you say, I was inspired to write this one overall report on the global situation, as an offering to my human Family. Not all reactions and comments are receptive or positive, just like my books are still scorned by some, although widely acclaimed worldwide. But it is my own unique heart song to share, without censorship, inspired by my Sasquatch guides. Writing is the tool I’ve been asked to use to reach out and leave a legacy and so far the results have been well worth the efforts, at least on a spiritual level. Best blessings…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Reblogged and shared on FB. Appreciate the permission, greenlight! Will start sharing and reblogging more of your site’s writings posts.

        I feel your writings have helped many people wrap their heads around who these Sasquatch Beings truly are and the reasons for their recent emergence on the scene in the public eye.

        Appreciate you, your staff, and your followers for doing this Great Work on behalf of others, those of the forests, waters, and airs who have no voice. Your writings and Interviews were an inspiration to me early on answering questions I’d had when similar encounters, experiences of the interdimensional type began happening to me on weekly basis, that forever left no doubt the immense loving power and almost preterhuman intelligence these benevolent giants possess.

        I’m 101% on board with assisting anyone who has awareness that our Earth is our mother, and everything is alive and connected as brothers, sisters, and are Kin who equally share this symbiotic relationship…To come to know this through the Heart’s connection to all other Beings, Seen and Unseen, The four-legged, two-legged, Air and Water beings, 6+ leggeds, legless ones, brothers, sisters, siblings, the remembering that we’re all in this together as we are Earthlings.

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      2. Thank you Rainbow Warrior Shaman for your encouraging feedback and collaboration. We’re all on this Mother Earth together and it’s all about raising consciousness. I appreciate to work with allies like you and to keep in touch. With the guidance and help from our spiritual guides and Elders, we will keep growing into higher levels of consciousness to open the way for humanity’s next evolutionary leap. We are all relatives and our greater Family has a grand destiny. Best blessings my friend…

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  2. Your words are very wise and true. I believe you and wise this message gets out to the disbelievers. Hope it doesn’t effect the sasquatch. Peace and love to all. Dave

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Dave. The Sasquatch are still behind my inspiration and motivation to write, as my words agree with their message. They have been watching us since we exist and are great guides for us in the times we live. They have survived many human civilizations and their downfall and will surely survive this one. Best blessings…


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