SCENIC Blessings to all beings for 2022, by SunBôw

SCENIC Blessings to all beings for 2022, by SunBôw

Greetings to all, may this season and new year be the best ever for everyone who reads this. In 2022, we will continue on our disclosure mission and keep sharing our work and resources with the world to contribute to a greater awakening of our collective consciousness.

So far, SCENIC offers over 700 posts with articles, videos, photos and links, classified in sections by topics (Experiencers Stories, Research, Cultures, Messages, SCENIC). The search engine on the right allows you to search the site with key words. The Archives box allows you to search by dates. You are welcome to SUBMIT content for us to publish, especially Sasquatch experiences or related info.

This year has been much quieter than the previous ones, but we reached above the quarter of a million views, with 266,000+ and over 3500 subscribers. I also published two volumes in the last year amounting to 888 pages and am now working on a next one, (a seventh book in seven years), in the series entitled Contemporary Shamanic Journeys.

Many thanks to all our readers, supporters, donors, those who submit content, comment, browse, rate, like and share our posts in their networks, and for all your encouraging and inspiring kind messages.

Please, read our readers REVIEWS. Browse our BLOG. You can CONTACT us.

Comments welcome. Links to our BOOKS are on the HOME page. To DONATE.

Thanks to our readers and patrons for your interest and support.

Best blessings to all beings in 2022…

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