White Yeti from Hungary

White Yeti from Hungary… (Rendered from Hungarian via Google translate)

They saw the Woodpecker from Mátranovák again, the human-like creature smelled awful

In the photo, the blurred figure is a human-like monster similar to a jet (Yeti)

Mátranovák – A young scientist who not only thought to see but also photographed the strange creature shared a creepy, almost horror-like detail about the infamous Woodpecker.

Since the eighties, a monkey-like creature with white hair and long limbs has been “seen” in the Mátra, its legend being spread among local miners for the first time. A local man allegedly met the Hungarian Jetty, also known as the Hungarian jet, four times, his dog attacked him once, he was also considered a local woodcarving master with a hunched back, but he often heard the stories of night campers when the huge flashlight flashed. a human animal at least two meters old, named after the fairy tale White White. In most of the accounts, the look of the creature is the same, and the fact that its face is human-like, it alone is not covered with hair.

Anyway, who accepts these stories with hesitation and who with fear, Blikk has now become aware of another discovery after a young scientist visited our editorial office that they had recently encountered the strange creature. According to him, a cartographer-geoinformatics friend carried out fieldwork at the rhyolite tuff formation near Fehérszék near Mátranovák, and investigated how the juice of melting snow erodes soft volcanic tuff. Blood froze in their veins while documenting the site.

“ We worked in an unusually quiet, non-conversational way, perhaps because the place was quite depressing. We constantly felt like someone was watching us – Balázs Karmos begins their story, which evokes the opening of horror films for Blikk. It was cold, damp weather, their shoes were soaked, they were not overflowing with fun. Or they may have been in the field for a quarter of an hour when they started to smell a “strange, stinky smell.”

” Like unwashed, greasy, greasy hair, it was just a lot more intense.” When the stench was almost unbearable, we suddenly saw something out of the corner of our eye, on top of one of the tufts, a dirty white spot. It was like a sitting, big dog. He raised his head, somehow leaned back strangely, unnaturally, squirmed, and straightened up. We got our plane to photograph the apparition– says Balázs, who also sent the photo to our newspaper. The animal – or animal man? – however, as if he could only feel the sudden movement, Balázs said that he started running towards the forest with unnatural speed, yet airy lightness, stepping on huge ones. As he ran, he made sounds like a buzz in the wood, “just much, much louder and more creepy.”

As the young man says, he was relatively far away from them, it was difficult to get his exact shape, this photo helped in retrospect. But it must have had very long limbs.

– We were exposed several times, but since we had to use a strong zoom, it was not easy to catch, we were able to capture it in one picture. As it disappeared, the smell subsided, but it didn’t go away, it was hiding in our noses all the way home – the young photographer recalls, adding that they had listened all the way home and didn’t even dare to talk about it. They had no idea what they were seeing, all they knew was that they were beyond a terribly frightening experience.

“We reassured ourselves that it could only have been a strange, large, white dog, but its rapid, zigzagging motion and insect-like legs didn’t let us rest. Then I searched the internet to see if I could find any information, so the previous perceptions of Fanyűvő were confronted , says Balázs, who, based on them, is now quite sure that they have encountered it.

Of course, it is also conceivable – one of the explanations – that it is an unknown, migratory primate-like species that is otherwise native to Asia. But there could even be a homeless in the neighborhood who lives in the woods and is very, very horrified by the people. In any case, the description of Balázsék is another chapter in the legend of Fanyűvő.

What is a jet? (Yeti)

In Western civilization, a jet is said to be a large, primate-like creature that lives in the Himalayas. It is thought to be an unknown primate, a surviving anthropoid, and possibly a bear species.

However, most scientists consider it a legend. The idea of ​​a jet bears a striking resemblance to the stories of giant apes prevalent in all less populated areas around the world.

Complete article with photos in BLIKK.

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