Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

Greetings SCENIC readers, as many have been asking about gifting lately, we will start this new year by addressing this practice of friendly exchange. Here are a few tips learned from direct experience with our forest Elders that could be useful for others seeking to establish contact and develop inter-species communication with Sasquatch.


First of all, do not take the habituation approach as if feeding animals or trying to lure them. Take rather the gifting approach, as if honoring respected Elder and wanting to make trusted friends. Absolutely no weapon should be carried and as little technology as possible. Phones and cameras usually shy them away or alter the quality of the contact, as they dislike being recorded. Don’t try to trick or fool them as they read our thoughts and it’s the best way to turn them off. Rather, approach them as respected relatives with peaceful intentions and a humble, loving heart, without any agenda or ulterior motives.

Don’t expect anything or any sign in return of your gifts. It is only a natural attitude to express gratitude, generosity and reverence to all life around us, especially when in Nature, including its guardian spirits and keepers, like our Elder relatives. Make sure you express a clear intention when gifting, as they are more concerned about our intention than our gifts. The whole process is about developing friendship and peaceful communication. Its purpose is learning and raising our consciousness. It’s about learning from intelligent beings, so the more intelligent our messages are, the wiser the response.


It can be practiced anywhere, whether at home or in the wilderness. But the more care, attention and intention is put in the gesture, the more sacred and powerful it becomes. For instance, giving the offering on a special location, on an altar or in a sacred grove, brings more results than a random spot. Quiet, isolated places in Nature are definitely best suited for deeper connection. The best places are where Sasquatch activity has been observed. For instance, the tree structures they leave us as gifts and communication devices, with intricate expressions of their intelligence, craftmanship and artistic creativity, are ideal locations for gifting and contact, bringing the best results, as they have already manifested by them their presence and desire to communicate.

To illustrate the relevance of honoring with offerings their artwork and tree structures as sacred gifts, here is the summary of a first hand experience, as an example.

In June 2019, after the Sasquatch Days in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, with a friend communicator I returned to the site of my first encounter in 1981, 38 years earlier. The Sasquatch had built a small structure with green boughs woven into it, showing it was clearly newly made for our coming. We honored their altar with offerings, prayers and chants. I gifted a feather, pebbles, a sage smudge stick and a bead necklace given to me especially to gift to Sasquatch. That night we had a close encounter with fifteen individuals of the local clan, as well as a star ship with star Elders that flew low above us and spent the night nearby. We received many teachings from the Elders that time.


People often ask what to give. The answer is simple. Give offerings that you would offer a respected Elder and friend. What matters the most is the intention you put in it. Shamanic traditions have always honored all beings, seen and unseen, in their ceremonies. This is the attitude the Elders look for, a sacred approach, with prayers, offerings, meditation and ceremonies, with smudge, chants, drumming or flute for example. These are the greatest gifts we can offer them, a pure heart, peaceful loving intentions, with humility and eagerness to learn. Offerings can consist in tobacco, herbs, incense, natural medicines, stones, gems, crystals, crafts, toys, marbles, whatever you feel.

If you gift food, make sure it is natural food, like raw fruits, avoid any processed or junk food. However, any animal can eat the food, but who will pick the crystal or the weaving? I’ve noticed with practice that they like when I offer some of my hair (and DNA), and got good results this way many times, as they often pick my hair, send it back to me or give me some of theirs. On a visit to Sasquatch Lake in 2019, I offered hair on a gifting tree and later, the local White Hermit left some of his on the same tree and also gave me or the friend that was with me more of his hair on a couple of occasions later in different locations, including on a flower by my doorstep.

In 2020 in Victoria Australia, on a friend communicator’s land with much activity including tree structures, I had taken the habit to give hair every time I found a sign of them, called the Dooligah in those lands down under.

There was also a gifting tree there where we exchanged gifts. Around new year, I brought a spirit plate with food offerings on a piece of eucalyptus bark that I left on the gifting tree, then a flower hung on the tree appeared just in front of my face out of the blue. The food was gradually and selectively eaten over the next few days. Around the last time I visited the gifting tree, they gave me back there all the small pieces of hair I had scattered and hung in the bush and they had twisted the samples into a small dread, a powerful sign showing how they watch and care about our moves.

In cases when you have nothing to offer, you can take a plant leaf, a pebble or even a pinch of ground, and pray with it before gifting it. In the end, they don’t need anything from us, but are willing to accept our friendship. However, the Sasquatch themselves taught me a wonderful way to make nice offerings anywhere we might be in Nature.


The tradition known as the spirit plate in the Anishnabe teachings, but practiced by many ancient shamanic cultures around the world, consists in using a plate to make offerings usually of food to the nature spirits, the ancestors, the spirit world in general and at times specifically for the Sasquatch or Yeti. A little sample of every kind of food that is to be eaten is put aside on a spirit plate, most often disposed in the branches of a tree, with an invitation for them to join and accept the offering. Sasquatch showed me that they themselves offer spirit plates and probably taught the tradition to the Natives.

Here are a few examples or results I had with gifting spirit plates. Links in text take to the detailed accounts.

In September 2018, while looking for tree structures I had previously seen in a remote area of BC, we came across two other smaller tepee-shaped. At the foot of the bigger one, the Sasquatch had left on a rock altar pieces of pine bark with samples of all the essences of plants growing around. This practice allows to acknowledge and honor every growing species living in the environment. I took their teaching and started offering such spirit plates made on site in several occasions and locations, obtaining great responses.

A few days later on the equinox, four of us spent the night on a peak, where we made an altar and did ceremonies. I offered a spirit plate made on site as taught to me earlier. That night, two Sasquatch came by and communicated, as well as a star ship and several animals, including a grizzly bear that hung around all night and later visited me at home.

Here is the altar we made the day, as an example. Near the spirit plate, the crystal skull and tensor rings act as telepathic transmitters to send out our intentions.

In August 2019, a friend took me to a mountain top near Victoria, BC, where she had a Sasquatch encounter. On the bare rocky summit, I made a spirit plate with arbutus bark, put in it stones and local plants that I left in the open. We sat a few steps behind under the trees, meditating. After barely 20 minutes, we checked back closer at the offering that had remained in our sight and there was a small deer lower jaw next to it as a gift.

In February 2020, in the Yowie Triangle of Queensland, spending a night on a remote mountaintop, the Yowie Elder asked me what I had brought for him. I apologized and prepared a spirit plate that I offered, so he came close to me as a sign of acceptance. Him and his family then spent several hours around my camp, communicating at times.


Basically, nothing. Our Elder relatives have no reason to satisfy our expectations nor to fulfill our human agenda. They can make the best friends and become the best teachers if we ourselves can be good honest sincere friends and are ready to learn from them. They see our hearts and hear our souls, so they choose who to talk to and when to manifest. With respect, patience and practice, we can learn how to connect with them.

Every sign they give us, a knock, a call, a whisper, a footprint, a tree structure, a stick arrangement, a gift, is a precious blessing that comes with teachings for those willing to learn. The whole process is about raising our consciousness and understanding better.

Hoping this information and first hand experiences may inspire others in developing peaceful and spiritual inter-species communication with our Cosmic Family. You can find more advice to develop contact in this article, and of course in more details in my books.

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Infinite thanks to all our readers and supporters. Best blessings to all beings in 2022…

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