Message channeled via Rachel Hybrid

Message channeled via Rachel Hybrid

Source representative

Elody /Melody

We are here to give you information

On critical times

Do not panic

All is well

We must stay in our heart space

Planet disalignment are happening/will continue

All beings will be safe from constitutional matter’s and ideas 

All have mercy on the dark ones /lords

End transmission

Art by Su Walker

4 thoughts on “Message channeled via Rachel Hybrid”

  1. “All have mercy on the dark ones /lords” – yes i feel this in my bones to be critically important for humanity to recognize within themselves as part of our healing process. Thank you Rachel Hybrid.

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  2. “All have mercy on the dark ones /lords” Yes, i sense this point is critically important to the human race in recognizing our own healing process deep within our hearts. Thank you for this timely message Rachel Hybrid, Blessings.

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