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Encounters at ECETI Ranch, by Jamison Shults

Encounters at ECETI Ranch, by Jamison Shults

ECETI ranch south WA state, august 2019. I sat with a friend on a ledge 15 (ft) above the flowing river. We felt a massive energy approach from behind and turned to see what it was. 20 feet away we noticed a 13ft shadow obscured by a pine limb. We immediately knew what it was. Cheyenne and I both began to thank the being for showing himself and offering gratitude for its trust. It said to us both, telepathically, “I came because you were laughing. Now go back to laughing.” So we did just that, feeling his being ever so close. We then asked him if he would make a sound to confirm his presence. He grunted and squeaked a couple of small attempts, and that was enough for us.

He then told us, again telepathically, “we don’t talk much.” Cheyenne told me to look across the river. I saw a 15 ft Sasquatch with his left arm around a massive tree and his right arm waving at us. His eyes were bright and he was smiling. We could also hear a large figure walking in the river about 25ft to our right. We are sure he took a piss in the river just to mess with us. Then, behind the waving one, a large rectangle of light appeared, much like a hanger door. The light shown from inside and standing still and beautiful were five more silhouettes of sasquatches. We were being introduced to the entire family. We turned and thanked the juvenile that was near us. He had moved to within 10 feet from us. He said to us, ‘you can go back to the group now,” meaning the rest of the guests that were star watching in the adjacent field.

As we walked back along the road and under the barbed wire fence, the juvenile circled quickly around us. He moved with stealth, but his energy was unmistakable. We heard him jump the fence with no effort. He walked in the woods alongside us, and the gnome we had come to know joined us again.

As we neared the larger group, two people were leaving towards their car. The sasquatch said, ‘Watch this,” and stood in front of the couple, raised his hands over his head, and stuck out his tongue. The couple froze, not knowing why, but just froze in place. We called out to them and asked why they had stopped walking. They gave a couple of flimsy answers, showing they had no idea what had happened. We informed them that a sasquatch had just engaged with them. They continued to walk away without a response.

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