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Sasquatch and ET dreams, by Shaun Werner

Sasquatch and ET dreams, by Shaun Werner (via Twitter)

Funny how I wake up to read this. Last night one of my dreams, I was a soldier in black armor marching in line with a group in the woods. A tall and lanky Sasquatch saw us and came right up to us. He was looking for someone in our group. He was surprised I could see him. No one else seemed to see him though. He seemed interested in the person two people ahead of me in our marching order. The Sasquatch said he was looking for someone named “Poppolily” or “Pappa Lily”, something like that. I went on to tell him that I didn’t want to be part of any military operations but how humanity had 50% of it’s economy tied to war. There were many good people stuck in the system and wanted to get out but couldn’t. He simply nodded and listened.

The other people in line were seemingly faceless soldiers. They seemed almost robotic in their behavior. They just kept marching in unison. I didn’t see any of their faces nor did any of them feel familiar to me. If anything they felt like there were part of the background. I do find it interesting symbology though. I’ve never been in the military nor even been in a fight (at least in this lifetime), yet dreams of being a part of a military operation is fairly common for me.

I then woke up and hear two loud pops next to my bathroom door I presumed it was the house expanding and warming up, even though it’s a new house. I went to go pee and again there were two loud pops, same as before but it sounded like it wasn’t the bathroom door but in the wall. I noted it because how loud it was and how I’ve never noticed it before on other mornings. Considering the timing right after the dream, I can’t help but wonder if it was a greeting of sorts, though I’m no where near any woods. Perhaps a remote greeting or coincidence.

I have not had too many dreams with Sasquatch in them but I do remember two others off the top of my head within the last year. The first one was my first major telepathic dream about 30 days after reading the primer and practicing telepathy daily. In that dream I saw three different groups of ETs and the first group I saw a P’nti come out of a UFO with a Sasquatch. The Sasquatch wanted a back scratcher and I said he could take a plastic pipe that was leaning against the house. They walked off holding hands and then other ETs showed themselves to me but nothing more of Sasquatch in that dream.

They were escorting me to my childhood bedroom. In the hallway I saw and waved to a Sasquatch I saw that was, again, with one of the P’nti, whom I assume was Radar, but that is a guess on my part. They were heading into the garage, perhaps symbolic for their hanger bay. As I looked out the garage it looked foreboding and gloomy so I didn’t go into the garage. I think I was being telepathically nudged to go to a particular room.

The P’nti and the Sasquatch went off somewhere in the garage. From there I was sat in my old childhood room. In my old room I sensed there was a Mantis but I saw no one there. I saw a mirror and looked intently into it and saw a wavy bending behind me. It startled me and woke me up. There was nothing more with Sasquatch in that dream but I’ll finish the story since it’s interesting.

The next night the dream continued off with my in my bed with the same lighting. I somehow knew that this was a flashback of yesterday in this dream. In the dream there was a dried, shriveled up barbed tendril that I could see up through my arm and I could feel it into my neck. It was sticking out of my thumb where I was having a bad hangnail persistently showing up. In the dream I couldn’t grab it with my fingers. I wished for some pliers. Someone, (the mantis I believe), handed me some tweezers from behind.

The mantis was out of sight so as not to scare me and I had tunnel vision on pulling out this tendril. With the tweezers I was able to pull the dead tendril out. It was an unnerving though feeling it being pulled out but not painful. Afterwards it felt like a relieve to have it out, like it was blocking things being there. I still get hangnails but not nearly as bad as that one. This ties in to a previous dream where I saw three P’nti, (for some reason for me I often seem them in groups of three in my dreams) where they assisted me removing this grey and shriveled spider out of my head, which I believe was an energetic implant. Since that spider was removed and some time had passed, the remaining tendrils interlacing my energy system had shriveled up and could be safely removed.

Though I still from time to time still feel a strain on that part of my head particularly when I get deep into mediation. I believe that energetic implant had been there a long time and has created the equivalent to energy body scar damage as it seems that section doesn’t handle higher energies as well as the rest of my body does.

Also I have noted an oddity with my body. If I press on the backside of my thumbs I feel a pressure on the side of my neck. As a child I it was like that for everyone though when I asked I found it was just me. Today my right thumb no longer does this but my left thumb does, the side where I pulled out the tendril. I did also note the sensation I feel going up my arm to my neck when I press my left thumb matches where the tendril was within my body in the dream. So perhaps my astral body was at the P’nti’s base and I was seeing the room I was placed in as my childhood bedroom, the place where I have the most loving and safe memories, for comfort to have this procedure.

This would explain why I saw so many P’nti but we didn’t interact much in these dreams. And maybe that one P’nti and Sasquatch I saw were heading out for a flight and going to the hanger bay where the craft are kept. That’s my guess anyway. Either that or my imagination is overly active, organized and likes to create logical continuing narratives over consecutive days with consecutive continuing dreams. This tweet got me thinking why would Sasquatch wish to communicate with me? I’ve never really reached out to them or anything. Maybe the P’nti referred me? I do seem to have better dream recall than most so that may be part of it. Only other guess I have is maybe there is a past life connection. I have had multiple dreams and hypnosis sessions recalling lives as a Native American. Perhaps I made some connections with Sasquatch then.

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