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Experiencer encounters by Brittany Marie Fleming, from Alaska

Experiencer encounters by Brittany Marie Fleming, from Alaska

I have had quite the spiritual and physical sightings of Sasquatch since April of 2021. I started to remembrance of what I thought was a dream when I was a young girl. I’ve now had several experiences with these majestic sacred beings. I would like to share my experiences with you and what has happened and the communication I have with them. I was more interested in your approach as it goes with my knowledge and how I deeply feel regarding these beings. I hope I can speak with you and share what has transpired over this past year. It is a lot in a short amount of time, & quite phenomenal to say the least.

I live in Alaska but was born and raised I Utah. My family and relationship with these beings goes back to my great-grandfather who a sheep herder in Uintah mountains in Utah. I’ve read one of your books and have two more along the way. Thank You sure for what you’ve done, you truly are inspiration to me on a deep level. I myself have a deep connection to the Hopi’s and have dove deep into their knowledge and practices and feel they are truly inspiring to me…


I absolutely would love to share my experience with everyone. I believe that it’s very helpful for others to hear about these magnificent beings. 

It was 4am, I live in Alaska and was in my truck. I saw a spark of orange gold light outside of my truck. I watched it flow over towards the trees. I then saw a figure start to shimmer it was see through at first, like a mirage of heat off a road.  Then a form started coming into shape, it was a classic Sasquatch coming (through) what looked like a portal. He stood there walked over a 6ft snow bank. Then he said to me, not all of us are bad (in my mind) I said back, “Well, we are all not bad either” he then smiled at me, turned to his left and disappeared right in front of my eyes. 

A week later, I was in my back yard it was 11:30pm my dogs were acting out and need to go outside. I let them out and while I was on our porch, a fog started to come down. It came down quite low, it carried with it a sulfur smell that reminded me of back home.

I grew up in Salt Lake, every time a storm would come the sulfur smell would roll into the city. It actually made me feel good, it reminded me of my childhood. Then I saw it, a orb like rod of light, it bounced three times along my fence line towards my house, then three more times towards me & went behind me. I then went to turn around and watch it, but was stopped! I was stopped like when you’re in a big auditorium or movie theater & you go to turn around and bump into someone. But, what Ran into was big, I mean big, like my shoulder and back hit a chest. I’m 5’5. I actually tripped a little. Then it hit me, no one was behind me… When I watched these orb like rods, I had a feeling come over me that was so fun, innocent like I was playing and a child again. I have not felt that in Soo long! I then thought, holly crap where’s my dogs, they were laying down on the ground obediently (which they never do). 

I went back inside baffled by what just happened, my husband then asked me if I was okay, I said yea why? He said, “it looked like you tripped over air on the porch!” I thought: wow he saw that? 

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so overwhelmed by excitement, & wonder I kept thinking what was that, WHO was that behind me? Finally, as I’m laying there I get the clearest picture in my head, a child with dark brown hair standing on top of the snow bank that I had previously seen the Sasquatch walk over a week before. The child was waving like you wave to a friend. Then, I got a picture of one big black hand that had dark brown grey skin with hair on the back of its hand. It made a waving motion as if it were waving to someone saying hello!!! I got it, it was my Sasquatch friends they actually came by to say hello! I was blown away…

Fast forward three months to last August 2021, we were up at our cabin, it was early in the morning I was outside enjoying the morning air with some coffee and my sister. We then heard this Roar/howl that went started deep then went up to a high pitch scream like sound. It did 7 times as is moved down the river bank, back into slue. First thing I immediately knew & before I could say it, my sister said “oh my god it’s Bigfoot” 

After that trip I found myself awake one morning about 4am. I was woken by the loudest purring I’ve ever heard, I looked for my cat and he wasn’t in our room. I sat there thinking, that was the loudest purr I’ve ever heard, in fact I felt it in my chest. I went to lay back down, & then started hearing it again. This time I felt myself overwhelmed with the calmest peaceful feeling. Then it happened, I felt myself, and believe I know how crazy this sounds, but I felt myself suctioned off my bed fast like a vacuums suctioning up something. The next thing it’s 6:30a,m I woke up. All the sudden I remembered what just had happened, the weird deep purring I heard & that I was feeling in my chest, then I remember my dream. But it wasn’t a normal dream, it was so incredibly real.

A mom & daughter Sasquatch took me to a place through a shed on top of snow capped high peak mountains. There was a golden light piercing out the holes of this tiny random out of place shed. It was as if we were on the top highest Alaskan peak mountains. Then I was instantly in a beautiful forest. The mom and daughter showed me where they live, the were showing me different plants and sticks of wood. They were showing where they live, sleep & the things in nature they use. 

It was so Real, I could remember the smells, the compassion they had and even more, this deep purring noise right before I fell asleep! I remember that I knew something / Sasquatch was beside my bed even though I couldn’t see her. The purring noise was something like I’ve never felt before in my life. I could feel through my chest, & my body. What it made me feel like in my mind. This was by far the most amazing thing! One of the major key points I do remember is they said to me, “We are you”.

Then I started to second guess myself, thinking this was a dream, but every time I go there in my head nothing can change this pure I heard and felt throughout my whole body. These beings are so sacred, I’ve thought about wanting to tell the world, but I feel like what has happened is too far out for most. 

I’m extremely grateful I found you Sunbow. I would love to learn more and hope keep up this amazing relationship and be able to strengthen my abilities that were lost! 

I do want to share that since this, I am able to see energy now all around me. Nikola Tesla was right, genre is a constant energy flow all around us! There is sometimes different colors: Light blue, white, goldfish orange etc. I believe these to be different elementals. 

I will share a year and a half ago I started having dream of a green fairy being. Before this I could see something flying around me while I’m outside, then I started seeing it in my house. Somehow I just knew that they were elementals. Then she came to me in my dream! Since then I’ve seen & had many different amazing things happen.

One evening I was out on my porch, I asked in my mind what is going on as I was starting to physically see energy where I am. The next morning my husband said there’s a gift on the front porch for you! It was a falcon, she want alive but their was no sign of trauma, not a broken neck, nothing was wrong, she was in a beautiful position like displayed. Why my husband chose those words “A Gift” was even more weird, as he is not into the spiritual journey or any of this stuff. 

Since then I’ve been visited by a Large, I mean Large white wolf and so many more amazing things. These times are what I know I came here for. Thank you for letting me share this with you & everyone. 

Please feel free to correct any spelling as that was never my forte in life! 

Brittany Marie Fleming 

Fairbanks, Alaska

P.S Sunbow, I have always been driven, almost obsession with the Hopi’s and their sacred knowledge. You truly are an inspiration to me and I hope that one day I could meet you, speak with you learn from you,  and give you a hug brother! 

Much Love to You💫

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