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Prayer for the Forest People, by Lauren

Prayer for the Forest People, by Lauren

BEYOSHE (pronounced Bay-Oh-Shee). I received this word in 2015. I don’t know if it is a name for a person or a word for a concept. Most of my experiences have been a feeling- a mental picture-goosebumps but nothing physical like many here. I always believed the Forest People were real but other than that had no extreme interest.

That changed one evening after reading an account by Joan Ocean. Suddenly it was like discovering a color I had never seen but loved. I have gifted different things in a remote location two times. The first time a raven flew by me at eye level after I had reached out mentally to the People with a warm greeting. The raven looked at me intently, eye to eye as it slowly flew by. I gifted a feast of food the next day and am convinced when I came back that it was not eaten by regular animals. I have gifted my favorite polished stones, a stuffed animal etc. But mostly I have prayed for the People.

This is a prayer I pray 2-3 x or more a week.

Eternal Creator
I thank you for the Forest people. I ask that when it is wet and cold that they have warm dry places to be and sleep. In the hot summers, I ask that you bring them cool breezes , shade and cool earth with grasses so they may feel refreshed. May they always have pure, cold, clear water to drink that they may never know thirst. May they always have plenty of game and vegetation to eat that they will not know hunger. Please protect them from any dark beings-human or alien. Protect the little ones from injury and disease and protect their play that they may know the joy of childhood. May they always have their wisdom and strength. And may our peoples one day have friendship and peace.

Twice, while driving through two very separate National forest areas, and without even thinking of them, I had a strong message in my mind “Lauren. We are here“. It felt like many voices but the message was short. I have had a large dusty handprint left on the side of a tent I slept in (I estimate finger imprints were 10” long) . But I have never seen a footprint or a physical sighting or even a voice. So my experiences are really circumstantial and not really impressive compared to so many. I am old and now pretty disabled. It is unlikely I will ever make it back out into the woods but I will continue to love them and continue to pray for their well being. That is all I can do. Thank you SunBow for bringing to our people some real truth about these beings.

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