Viewers comments and short stories

Viewers comments and short stories selected from Youtube below my interview with Dani Henderson three weeks ago. –SunBôw


”Wow what an absolutely amazing interview. My local woods where I go to walk the dogs in the early morning its still dark at the moment when I go so I wear a head torch. I’ve seen them a few times moving amongst the trees as the light catches them, I can also feel them following me and the dogs around. They know I mean no harm I’ve done many 5D activations there and they’re gradually coming in closer, I hope to see them properly one day. I’d never realised until now there’s tepee’s popping up all over and I just never even thought that was them! It’s not a well known woods so the children aren’t making them. Thank you SunBow…” –Ashley Pike


”Hi Dani, great interview… I seen a 3ft Sasquatch in the early 80’s, near a river bank, he seen Me too and leasurely walked into the forest. Sunbow is correct on spiritual knowledge/healings/medicines are supposed to be gifted not sold. Told to me by My Indigenous Elders.” -DC


”Sunbow, my friend and I read out loud together your three books. We felt like the sasquatch were listening in on us. Thank you for the detailed information in your books!” –Lynn Jacobson


”Sunbow I purchased your books my gratitude runs deep for your sir Thank You. Dani, I’m absolutely loved everything about this interview, So Much incredible deep wisdom within this. Amazing!!! These beings are Sacred….. Dani, I live in Alaska and have several amazing encounters with these beings, everything this beautiful man said has been exactly what I’ve been learning about these beautiful magnificent beings. I even been gifted a beautiful falcon from these beings. Nothing was broken on falcon, & beautifully placed on my doorstep! I knew this was the beginning of my journey. I’ve learned a great deal from these beings” –Brittany Marie


”Thank You Dani: Historic information and paradigm shattering. So curious about Sasquatch as one came by my tent in Yosemite in 2000, and I thought it was a bear, but it was warm, kind and benevolent. I feel blessed.” –NanaR504


”I had a sasquash invite me for an out of body flight into the stars. It was my only experience, but one I will cherish. Definitely interdimensional, and they have a good sense of humor too. It was totally out of the blue. I was actually in my apartment at the time, in Vallejo, CA — early 2000s. I was sleeping and had the urge to go outside. Only after the whole experience did I realized I had been out of body. It was all telepathic, but in that state, I had no reservations or inkling this was anything other than an invite from a nice being. He/she picked me up and put me on their shoulders, started running into a leap into the air, then up into the night sky. Later, we landed in an earth-like forest. It was strange because there were soldiers with bayonets like in the civil war. (on earth at a different time?) He “said” watch. He was messing with the soldiers, appearing and disappearing while they panicked trying to shoot him — having a blast. But one of the bullets came close to me, so the fun was over. I woke up with that feeling when you “know” that really happened! Nothing explosive or deeply meaningful, just some innocent fun. I have no idea why me, but am honored. Only later did I look on the internet and read about them being interdimensional. I made the mistake of sharing my story in a forum which unfortunately put me on someone’s radar. I received a call from a military-sounding man, asking me if I had any more experiences. I don’t think it’s the same anymore. Too many people are waking up these days with far-out stories than to keep track of my one long-ago experience. If you want to have an experience, raise your vibration and contact them through your heart. They are very loving and wise beings — though there are some that are not so nice because of where they live and that they have been hunted and disrespected. I think their nature is lovely, but they’re all unique like any species of sentient beings.” –Katharine Bayer


”Yes I’m from Australia… and I live in the Northern Rivers (North/east NSW) more specifically Nimbin. Here we have the Nimbin Rocks where the small hairy people live (the nimbingie or the nimbinj ) very well known about. A little way up the road is a town called Kyogle, a big sign on your way into the region says: welcome to yowee country.” –Holly Tutin


”Thank you both for sharing this informative, enlightening, and Incredibly special interview!! Finally, with integrity and respect, the truth unfolds more each day. Would absolutely love to hear more of SunBow’s experiences and wisdom of anything he wishes to share. Thank you!” –Stephanie Fox


”Just WOW!!! About the interview, I have been always so amazed about this being, always wanted to know more about them, and even have a deep wish to meet or come across them, one day in my life, since I love the woods. Awesome talk, I am purchasing his books right now. Thank you so much…” –Bruna Mara S. Brandt


”Fantastic interview. All the spiritual work your guest has done. To see structures view you tuber Colorado big foot. Amazing structures. What your guest has shared is very very important and beautiful talking about these highly developed beings.” –Mage River


”A sincere and thoughtful man – yes bring him back – he is speaking the truth about how to be in the World as a global citizen. I related to his teaching via Native American tradition. Thank you Sunbow.” –Kalla Susort


”Sunbow Truebrother reveals more than I realised I could imagine. Arohanui / much love & appreciation to you both & our star nation elders, brothers & sisters from Aotearoa / New Zealand.” –Jenny Mauger


”So Beautiful, Both of You, All that you bring to Us All. . Pure soul food. Wild and beautiful and Free. Mega Gratitude and Joyous Love. Yay!” –Roksted


”Sending you both much love from Sri Lanka. Thank you so much for sharing the truth. Would love to know more about the beings here.” –Anthea Laurens


”Thank you both so much for sharing your curiosity and wisdom. I’m so open-minded and willing to learn and the REAL REALITY AND ORIGIN OF BEINGS FROM THE ONE N MANY N THE MANY N THE ONE. I will communicate my learnings and advocate for ALL beings FROM THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE and what I’ve learned here since I realize upon waking from the illusion and what they teach us is lies diseception and separation and realizing slowly how we are connected and powerful royal loving kind and peaceful living cooperatively in unity and harmony in balance with mother earth Gaia . Thank you thank you Thank you Much love. God speed” –Sharon Robinson


”What a wonderful man with such great knowledge. Thank you for sharing and hope to hear you on again in the future.” –Ardath Lee


”I just ordered your book, I’m so excited to read it! Thankyou sir for the interview and sharing your knowledge with Dani and the world.” –MJ Bates


”Fantastic information from a first hand experiencer! Great interview and super questions Dani! THANK you!” –Betty Olis


”Sasquatch is something familiar for me, as a Mexican, I have always heard stories of encounters with them! Awww, I love Chin chen Itza, very powerful site, a portal! The name of the daughter of the chaman Quetza Ra, Ix Chel, is the name of the mayan goddess of the moon, love, fertility, healing and death. The little mayan beings are called Aluxes in spanish, in mayan language they called them alux singular, Alux’ob plural. Dani, like always super cool your interviews, full knowledge,! information = light / ignorance = darkness.” –Lizbeth Ajuria


Here’s the interview for those who have not watched it yet.


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