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Story of a strange photo from Cave Junction, Oregon

Story of a strange photo from Cave Junction, Oregon, by Challenge the Unknown

Earlier I spoke with the individual who brought this photograph to the light of day. It was supposedly taken near Cave Junction in Oregon.

“Me and a couple of people I work with were having the ‘Paranormal’ conversation at work when one of the girls told me this story. Her brother, I believe, was helping an old lady move. While moving some things around he came across an unusual picture, so he took it to the lady to ask her about the background story. She expressed an uncomfortable energy, asked the guy to keep the picture because she didn’t want it around anymore and told him that her passed husband, showed her the picture one day and told her that one day while he was inside the house he noticed a massive figure standing at their front door, trying to peak in. So he rushed, grabbed the Polaroid camera and ran outside (I’m not sure if he had a gun or not, I know how crazy that reaction sounds but feel might do the same thing if I didn’t feel threatened somehow), opened the door and found himself at very close proximity to the entity, that’s when he snapped this picture and the Bigfoot just up and left back into the woods, which is basically the backyard of the house. Judge for yourself. The story was relayed to me from the person who received this picture. This happened in Southern Oregon.”

Source: Challenge the Unknown

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