Message from an Elder via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter

Message from an Elder via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter:

“Most Sasquatch can speak directly to the Earth Mother. We know she is upset. This bothers us tremendously. Humans can’t speak to Mother like we can and most do not even know that Earth is a living being. So they use and abuse her. This bothers her very much and she is fed up. She is showing her displeasure with the humans. It is hard for us to not get really angry when we witness first hand the destruction of our Mother by some of your humans. We must be patient with you because you don’t understand what you are doing and if you do you don’t care. It is true that we see a change in humanity’s consciousness about their relationship with our Earth Mother but it is slight. We continue to teach trusted humans their relationship with Earth Mother and urge them to help others of your kind help spread the message. Earth Mother will only allow so much abuse before she rides herself of the inflictors. Times are changing and care for this home is becoming more prevalent in your collective awareness but there is still much work to do. Please go and help your people understand what they are doing. Goodbye for now.”

-Rugio, Clan Leader, via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter

Artist unknown

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