March 2022, SCENIC Sasquatch Monthly Review

March 2022, SCENIC Sasquatch Monthly Review:

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Happy 4th Anniversary to SCENIC

Speakers at the Sacred Sasquatch Symposium, 02/22/22 Video presentations

Artist Greg Allen speaks of the interdimensional Sasquatch on CBC

Message from a Sasquatch Elder, via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter

Cryptid: Thylacine filmed near Melbourne

Massive Sasquatch observed by pilot near Kelowna, BC

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology, by Vlad Stankovic

Recent Yowie encounter reported in Queensland

Thermal images of a Yowie captured in Queensland in 2021

Sasquatch Activity in Southern Quebec

Strange Hairy People of the Malaysian Jungle

More about the Melbourne Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)

Message from an Elder via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter

The mysterious Man-Monkey phantom beast of Shropshire, England

Yowie researcher Tony Healy on Channel 7

Plagiarist John Kuykendall’s misappropriation of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

Crowdsignal polls, surveys and new tools on WordPress for readers feedback

Leaked Top Secret Scientific Report Discloses the Cover Up of Sasquatch

Missouri Man tells about his Sasquatch encounters

How to see the Forest Giants and other Sasquatch-like beings of Native American lore, by Adawehi’Tzak Elverette

Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott

Cloaking, Invisibility or the ”Predator Effect”, by Thor Maier

Visit to the Annunaki of Nibiru, by SunBôw

Sasquatch reports in the UK

Small Hairy Humanoids of Indonesia

Conversation with Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario

Correspondence Regarding ”Visit to the Annunaki”

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Art: Rose SP Sentient Sasquatch

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