Has Sasquatch Ever Spoken to You Telepathically?

Has Sasquatch Ever Spoken to You Telepathically?

Telepathic bigfoot, by What Is Bigfoot:

There have been many stories of telepathic abilities among people who have had an experience with a Bigfoot, and even among those researchers who maybe haven’t had this experience themselves. There are many Bigfoot researchers and hunters that believe they have communicated with Bigfoots, in what they call “mindspeak.” This can be considered a form of telepathy, involving non-verbal communication via thoughts, emotions, impressions and even images. Many of these people who have experienced this phenomenon believe they become more skilled at receiving and interpreting their communication as the creature becomes more attuned to them.

It really isn’t that crazy of an idea. Many physicists have proven that animals communicate through extrasensory perception, and furthermore, much of the scientific community also holds the belief that humans can as well.

Russell Targ is an author and physicist who has performed extensive investigation into psychic abilities. He has stated that we’ve proven psychic abilities exist, “just as we’ve proven that lasers exist.” He defines his proof as “evidence so strong that it would be unreasonable to deny it.” He explains that telepathy is a normal ability we all have inside, if we learn how to use it. He even maintains that people can learn to see things in a remote location, (known as remote viewing).

If animals and even humans can communicate telepathically, wouldn’t it make sense that the Bigfoot species can do this as well?

Many dedicated Sasquatch researchers believe that having someone with a developed psychic ability on their team would be a huge benefit in locating and contacting these forest creatures – even being able to create a relationship in better understanding them. It would enable us to learn how they think, and WHAT they think. Even if species have different physical languages, the language can be understood through the universal language of ESP.

This relates to the many theories of what the Bigfoot species originates from. If they are interdimensional or from a higher frequency plane, telepathy would come quite easily to them. Furthermore, if they are able to perform infrasound or mind control, telepathy is just another obvious idea that would go along with this. The idea that a species of Bigfoot exists is even difficult for most to grasp, but those of us who are enthusiasts know them to be. It is only credible that this incredible creature could also have telepathic capabilities.

7 thoughts on “Has Sasquatch Ever Spoken to You Telepathically?”

  1. I am a Reiki Master, and psychic, and have had lots of appearances from ETs angels, Jesus, and other of the spiritual hierarchy;
    although I’ve recently been asking Creator for a powerful healer, to assist me with removing a fear block, I created, that now has me having severe nerve pain in my head and other parts of my body. It’s been going on for 4 months, the pain, only somewhat manageable with pharmaceutical medications.

    Four nites ago, we had light tapping on our windows, first in the dining room, then livingroom, then on my bedroom windows. I didn’t think at the time that it could be a Sasquatch, although I’ve read Kewaunee Lapseritis books, and others.

    We do though live close to Sasquatch lake, in the west Kootenays and I’m totally open to connecting with a powerful shaman Sasquatch.

    I’ve been wondering if it was a Sasquatch, but as my psychic abilities are not the best right now, I’m wondering if anyone can help me determine if it was a Sasquatch. I’m feeling it was, but not sure if I can trust my feeling.

    The knocking has not resumed since the 4th of April.

    Kind regards, Agnes

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    1. Greetings Agnes, Your feeling is the best guide in your experience, as you were there and you know what you felt.

      It is highly possible that it was a Sasquatch, as tapping on windows is a common way they use to get your attention. They usually contact you for a reason and they certainly know about your psychic abilities, so it’s up to you to engage or not in communication. They might be coming to assist with your healing as you asked.

      Sasquatch Lake and the whole Slocan Valley area is definitely a hot spot for Sasquatch and other paranormal activity like UFOs. I lived around there between 2017-19 and organized three Sasquatch events while around. We probably know some people in common.

      I had a lot of contacts with the local clan there, including with a white Sasquatch hermit who has been sighted by many since decades and whose messages I channeled in Book 3 of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

      He introduced himself as Limptbataook, Strong Earth Medicine, gave me hair samples and many other signs.

      Next time they come around, if they do, if you wish to deepen the connection, try expressing your intention to them. If it is that white Elder, just be open and prepared for his particular sense of humor. But he has already contacted many and he can be a good friend and teacher. Say hi for me, he’ll know, as many other in his clan have also met me.

      Best blessings on your quest, prompt healing, and keep us in touch…


      1. This Elder has white hair, but his face is dark, like grayish. He has been seen since Native times and until now, often along Lemmon Creek and Sasquatch Lake, the heart of his territory. He is wise yet a bit of a trickster. There are also other individuals in the local clan, so any of them may be trying to contact you. Communications develop when both parties are interested and invest in the process. Make your intention clear and let them know. Usually, it goes pretty much at your own rhythm and with the intensity you are ready to live. Best blessings on your quest…


  2. I was followed in the woods by something. Feeling afraid decided my best action was to get a look at was it was. Managed to trick a young one into the open. Looking at it in disbelief. A voice in my head that wasn’t my own voice said; “you didn’t see that”. For a long time I believed I hadn’t seen anything but logically the memory I held of that creature in my mind had to suggest I did see it. I thought it could have been telepathy but after studying trauma and it’s symptoms decided it was my own mind tricking itself to allow better reasoning to escape that scenario. There is no telepathy it is all trauma.

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    1. You refer rathe to cognitive dissonance and selective memory, that happen as a reflex to avoid processing new information we don’t understand. Telepathy is another phenomenon and if you hear a voice in your head, it probably what it is. Blessings on your path…


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