SCENIC report and review for April 2022

SCENIC report and review for April 2022:

Greetings SCENIC readers, we are pleased to announce that in April 2022, we had over 35,000 views and 20,000 visitors, making this our record audience in one month since our start over 4 years ago. Also, on April 25th we passed above 1/3 of a million views in total, a moment I felt worthy of archiving. Thanks to all our readers and subscribers. Below is the monthly review (30 posts).

1/3 of a million views, 04/25/22

This last month on SCENIC:

The Woman Who Faced Bigfoot Multiple Times And Even Talked To Them

US Army Corps Announces Bigfoot is a Legitimate Species

300,000+ views on SCENIC on 03/30/22

Experiencer’s account, by Carol Hansen, from Kentucky

Why has no one found a dead Sasquatch?

The Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Cover Up

Sasquatch body found after storm in 1962

Almost 5000 views in one day on SCENIC

Earliest Sasquatch documentaries from the mid-1970’s

Hairy Humanoids reports from Belarus

Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker

Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw

Bigfoot America’s Abominable Snowman (1968)—the long lost documentary

Has Sasquatch Ever Spoken to You Telepathically?

5 cases of lost children rescued by ”Bears”

Flying shields of the Hopi

Account from an Ojibway Midewiwin Elder about Sabe (Sasquatch)

The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon

SunBôw’s interview on Everything Imaginable, 04/12/22

Childhood encounter by Danielle, from Quebec

Mrs Jones Regular Contact with Bigfoot

1938 report: Sasquatch fights a bear

Did I connect telepathically with Bigfoot? by Josette 22

Bigfoot teachings, by Algonquin Elder Michael Bastine

Lorraine Warren Telepathically Communicated with Bigfoot in Tennessee

Experiencer’s advice, by Lucky Lowe

Letter to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, seekers and experiencers, by SunBôw

Aliens vs Bigfoot, Documentary by Jeremy Norrie

Experiencer’s account shared by Reddit user Sow, from NC

The Gathering of Consciousness, by Brian Bland

Art: Cindy Carter

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