UFOs on the Moon: Truth Exposed, documentary

UFOs on the Moon: Truth Exposed, documentary: Interesting research about the hollow moon as an alien base.

Science now recognizes that the Moon is far older than previously thought, potentially even older than the Earth or the Sun. Our Moon is the only moon in the solar system with a fixed, nearly perfect circular orbit; it is not a solid object. Stories from the past explain how the Moon came to be in orbit. Why are there mysterious geometric structures on the Moon’s surface that resemble those in prehistoric Egypt and other parts of Earth? How is it possible that the Moon perfectly eclipses our Sun by miraculous chance? It is mathematically impossible for a total eclipse to occur on Earth if the Sun and Moon aren’t properly aligned.

8 thoughts on “UFOs on the Moon: Truth Exposed, documentary”

  1. There have been reports that the moon rings like a bell,after being struck from space mission debree.How would the female cycle change if anything happened to the Moon’s orbit?Some have used their Far Sight to see into our Future and have noted that the moon was absent.We don’t know what the Moon is or what it’s function truly is.Just the same as we don’t really know the depths of our Oceans,and what is hidden there.The Pressures of deep water make Space for Portals between Universes and Galaxies ,Just like the rock pressures on the various minerals create vast amounts of energy.We are Travellers in Time and Space,yet we are still waiting to arrive in Total Consciouseness

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  2. A great watch. Thank you for sharing. I feel that this part is true, that the reptilian race brought the moon into earths orbit, and is still inhabited by reptilians.

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    1. It must date from a few years, but still fairly recent. I see you are in the Slocan Valley. One of my favorite places, with lots of Sasquatch and UFO activity. I had many encounters out there. Best blessings…


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