2023 Greetings, SCENIC 2022 Review

2023 Greetings, SCENIC 2022 Review, by SunBôw:

Dear SCENIC readers, on behalf of our Cosmic team, we would like to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year 2023 to you and to your beloved ones. This year has been fruitful and beneficial for many interested and involved in our network.

We are pleased to announce that we reached our largest yearly audience in 2022, with almost 125,000 reads from 70,000 visitors. As we complete our fifth year of service on SCENIC, we wish to reaffirm our goodwill and commitment in continuing our work in disclosure and informing through this still growing international platform. Our fifth year with SCENIC will in fact be completed in two moons, on March first 2023. We intend to maintain the website and renew the domain for at least another year.

Here for our dearest audience, is a report and review of 2022 for SCENIC.

As of the first week of January 2023, we are just about 6000 hits short from reaching 400,000 views, a mark which we should exceed within days. We aim at reaching beyond half a million views during 2023, our sixth year, with our readers participation.

Our number of subscribers has reached over 4300 and keeps growing slowly and steadily. We thank all our readers, subscribers and supporters and encourage you all to share our posts in your networks, either by using the share buttons under the articles or copying the links to our pages. Please invite your contacts who might be interested.

We also appreciate when our readers rate our posts with the five stars under the title, and click on the like buttons below the posts, as these small gestures help SCENIC’s visibility with the algorithms. We are pleased to notice that the search engines have been bringing us a growing proportion of our audience throughout 2022, only through organic growth, without us hiring any SEO or SEM services nor advertisement so far.

Search engines are now only surpassed by Facebook for the number of referees we receive, as that social media has always been our first source of readers so far. Since joining Reddit last spring, that platform became the next source of referees for us, after search engines, followed by these referrers in order of importance: Pinterest, WordPress, Twitter and Youtube, to name only the main ones. We sincerely thank all our readers and supporters, without whom our organic growth would be slower.

Regarding Facebook, we need to inform our readers that the pages we manage there have been facing increasingly some difficulties and restrictions. The Sasquatch Message to Humanity FB page has practically prevented me from using it since a couple years and just recently has been classified as spam and restricted furthermore for its creator and user Kelly, also editor of the book series. In 2022, my author page on FB, SunBôw TrueBrother, has also been practically blocked, so that I basically can’t do anything with it, while being booted from dozens of groups I had joined with it. Those FB pages are still visible, but it is much preferable to contact me here on SCENIC.

However, on occasions some content shared on FB is not posted on SCENIC, for instance the announcement of my participation at the Sueneé Universe 5th International Conference on Exopolitics, History and Spirituality held in Prague, Czechia, last November, for which I did a prerecorded presentation, but cannot provide a link to it.

Facebook users can also listen to my latest interview on Cosmic Oracle with Barbara Jean Lindsay, from last November. There are yet no links to Youtube nor elsewhere.

My best interviews in 2022 were in order, for the numbers reached, on Exopolitics Today with Dr. Michael Salla (44,000 views), with Dani Henderson (9000 views) and with Anthony on Canadian Awareness (4400 views). Note, these numbers only account for views on Youtube, but the podcasts were also broadcasted on several platforms.

SCENIC reaches readers in over 160 countries, with the first ten for their numbers in 2022 being the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland, India and New Zealand. We published 143 posts in 2022, bringing their total number on our website to 865 posts available in our archives, easy to find by topics or key words with the search engine at the right of posts, or by dates in the archive box.

Our most popular post in 2022 was The Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Cover Up, with almost 6000 reads, and Small Hairy Humanoids of Indonesia, with nearly 5000.

We wish to thank the artists who have allowed us to use their artworks to enrich our content, and apologize to the ones whose names we haven’t found or been able to cite.

We remind our readers that you are always welcome to submit your accounts of your interspecies encounters and paranormal experiences or to submit content related to interspecies communications with non-human intelligence and humanoids.

Your contributions and donations are also always welcome and appreciated, via Paypal or WordPress. You can contact us for any additional questions or inquiries.

Below is a review of our posts from the last few months, since our last reviews in March and April, which were our busiest months in 2022.

We wish you all and everyone the best blessings in 2023 and beyond…

Artwork: Mike Paterson


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4 thoughts on “2023 Greetings, SCENIC 2022 Review”

  1. Thank you Sunbow Truebrother for the update.
    A large pack of fox, coyotes and wolves just gathered under the same window and side of house and began to give multiple whimpering. Image to check phone email. You just posted, you can’t make this up. I do not stop talking about Sasquatch and the 3 of you that help them and other extraterrestrial groups.

    With Unconditional love from the Walton NY, Delaware County Sasquatch family and myself
    Frank Balducci Jr.
    Ting Wong

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sun Bow- I have been out of touch with may people, including yourself, who I was previously in touch with after facebook kicked me off in December 2021 for promoting Kamooh’s messages to humanity and the truths behind those disclosures. I’m continuing in my attempts to awaken the still sleeping members of humanity to these truths.

    I was the one who shortly after moving from the Puget Sound Region of Washington to Alabama, was put in touch with you by Kamooh’s promptings, via a facebook friend request that I had not initiated myself.

    When we connected, you asked me if I knew you and if I had asked you to connect with me. I was not aware that I had done so. We spoke for a few minutes and then you inquired if I was aware of or had ever had any interactions with the Sasquatch.

    I told you of my working in the National Forest and adjacent forestlands for 10 years as a “Forest Protection Officer” (this is what I referred to myself professionally), my employer referred to my offical position as the “Forest Patrol Officer”. I told you I had had many non-visual interactions with the Sasquatch family units, including one that was a visual encounter, during my time in the forest.

    As you might recall, at the time we spoke, I had no idea who and what your background was or anything about you. As I recall the contact I had when I connected with you, the name I connected with was you birth name, not Sun Bow.

    I then mentioned that you might think that I was a few peas short of a full casserole, when I disclosed to you that within the last few days, I had been contacted by a Sasquatch standing at the foot of my bed on my side of the bed where my wife was also sleeping. I guessed that the time of my contact was somewhere around 2 AM or so. I told you that I did not have full recall of our conversation, but when “he” told me me had to go, I asked him what his name was?

    I had no idea how to spell his name, but after he departed, I got up out of bed and wrote down the name he had given me…I wrote it down on a sticky-note I had in a book I was reading and was using as a bookmarker. I wrote “KAMU”.

    You asked me to describe him, and after doing so, you told me that I had just described a Sasquatch Elder who is known to you as Kamooh. Needless to say I was blown away when you informed me of this, the fact that Kamooh had I way of contacting you over the internet and had put other individuals in contact with you in similar ways as he had with me. I have no for sure way of knowing, but I believe it was Kamooh, not I that initiated the “Friend Request” on facebook that connected us.

    When this occurred I had a few months before, retired and moved to Alabama to escape the
    political insanity of Washington State and what was in short order, to become an insanity that would overtake the entire Terra Earth.

    Before ending our phone call, you told me several things to be aware of. One was that the Sasquatch among other things, might touch physically. Either the following night or the a night or two later, again while in bed, I was was awakened to the touch of someone with what felt like a rather large hand over my right shoulder blade as I lay on my stomach. It was a soft, but I could feel the strength of the individual who pressed down firmly two or three times. I had followed your instructions the night before to tap on the wall above my head three times before I went to sleep. Again I was amazed.

    I had been reading the book entitled “Woods Works, Sasquatch Speaks” by Thom Cantrall and Brian Douglas Bland which I’m sure you are familiar with, as they often traveled to, and spent time with the Sasquatch People on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The book’s content and subject matter had to do with “Glyphs” or patterns laid out on the ground or in the space above ground where they can be easily seen.

    I had taken several weeks to slowly devour it’s contents as best I could, and I placed a blue sticky note on the inside of the cover indicating that I had finished reading it on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Its possible this was the book I had on my nightstand the night Kamooh paid me the visit, but the other post-it note was removed after I spoke to you Sun Bow.

    For many years I have been aware of and observed many tree structures and such, but after reading Thom and Brian’s book, I became acutely aware of many more subtle glyphs constructed or laid out around the apartment complex where I was residing at the time Kamooh visited me in my second floor apartment in the fall of 2019. I found and photographed many of these which I still have in storage in digital form and on my laptop PC.

    I was walking daily in and around the property of the moderately large apartment complex, and each day I would find new glyphs on the grounds and sidewalks where I would walk, constructed of pine needles, branches, and sometimes small tones and other items that had been discarded along the way. Many of these glyphs appeared after I had walked through the area minutes before in areas and manners they could not be missed, but were clearly present in my passing returns through the area. In the forested strip of woods behind the apartments, I also found and captured images of pulled-up, twisted-off tree branches of 3-5 inches in diameter, all woven into artful structures in a manner no human would conceive of doing. Subliminally-captured among the trees are what appear to be the dematerialized outlines of several of our Sasquatch friends.

    I now own a home located on a single acre of land in a newer housing development where my home butts up to 40 plus areas of undeveloped forested lands. The glyphs and gifts still occasionally show up in the oddest places.

    I would love to reconnect with you Sun Bow. You can find me on and Telegram as well under my name or as Alabama Greg.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Greg, thanks for reaching out. I understand problems with FB, after years dealing with them. Just recently I lost access to my SCENIC page there, after losing access to my author page last year and book series page previously. So this website just renewed for another year remains the safest place to reach me.

      I’m not surprised if Kamooh visited you, as dozens of people have reported contacts with him so far. Such an interdimensional master and his kind can reach out and work on much broader perspectives than we can. I’m glad to know my advice was useful to you and you have found your guidance to continue on your quest.

      You are most welcome to share your experiences with our readers on SCENIC.

      Brain Bland is a friend I had encounters with and I promoted his book on SCENIC when it came out. There are many of us who work with our Hairy Elders and create bridges with the right people. Many can show support or provide information.

      I don’t do MeWe or Telegram, but can be joined here, also in private messages with the ”contact” button in the menu. Best blessings on your spiritual journeys…


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