SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson, 03/28/23

SunBôw’s latest interview with Dani Henderson, recorded and aired on 03/28/23, can be watched on Youtube at THIS LINK. Sorry for the poor sound quality on my old device. Thanks for watching…

Artwork: Rose SP, Sentient Sasquatch

5 thoughts on “SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson, 03/28/23”

  1. Thank you Sun Bôw True Brother. Your energy is so calming and your knowledge vast. Your work with the First Nations is incredible. Wow! I used to go up to Harrison Hot Springs a lot in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I camped in the Sasquatch Provincial Park as well. There was definitely an energy there that is awe inspiring. I now live on Vancouver Island. I have been on some hikes where there is this same feeing. I am so grateful for your knowledge. I am seeker of knowledge too. Please give my regards to the Sasquatch Star People. I think of them often in my heart. I thank you again. I will be reading much more now as your resources have come to my humble attention.

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    1. Greetings Nebilah. Thank you for your appreciation and insights. The Island is definitely an intense region with so much activity. I had life-changing encounters there. I can relay your regards to the Elders, just like you can greet for me your local clan, whom I was blessed to me. They can hear when we address them directly with a sincere heart and enough patience. Many tips and guidance found in my books and articles are meant to be helpful in the seekers’ learning process. Best blessings on your quest…


      1. Thank you Sun Bôw True Brother.
        When i am in the forest again, I will try to relay your greetings to them.
        I took 2 pictures (Mar 2019) when i was hiking in the Enos Lake area, it was strange, as the blue light came on like when the camera has a sun-spot? But there was no sun when I took the picture. It was overcast. I was crouched down and feeling calm and just wanted a picture of these very old Arbutus groves. The “blue spot” was moving and cast a blue-ish hue onto a what looks like a figure with a large shape/body. There is also a bird-like look to this hue…
        I took 2 pictures. One has disappeared from my phone. I will look for it as I think I sent it to a friend.

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      2. You’re most welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience. That sounds like orbs, which often accompany the Sasquatch and other interdimensional beings. It’s the most basic common form such beings can take. Sometimes they can be visible to the naked eye, but often they are more easily captured by digital cameras. Good signs. Keep your eye open. Best blessings…


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