SunBôw’s interview on Yowie Central with Sarah Bignell

SunBôw’s interview on Yowie Central with Sarah Bignell:

SunBôw TrueBrother, author of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Hairy Humanoids from the Wild, and Contemporary Shamanic Journeys shares his fascinating insights and experiences with the Sasquatch people. We talk about the message that the Sasquatch people asked SunBôw to share with us and some of SunBôw’s experiences with the Yowie people here in Australia. And if you’re interested in reaching out to your local Dooligah friends, he shares some ideas on how to reach out to them.

Listen to the interview on this link: Yowie Central Episode 132

Note by SunBôw:

In this inspiring and uplifting conversation with Sarah, we covered a lot of ground, from our personal experiences to a diversity of topics. My apologies for the poor sound quality, after having had my laptop hacked, I had to used an old noisy machine for this interview last month. Since then, I bought a new device to keep working, thanks to the donors who helped towards this goal.

To facilitate a better understanding for the interested auditors, I’m providing here a few links about subjects we discussed, with additional info and details.

At 13m, I mention Dr. Dmitri Bayanov, the Russian founder of hominology.

At 13m50s, we address the Sasquatch Genome Project and DNA study.

At 38m40s, I describe some Dooligah tree structures observed in Victoria.

At 39m20s, we discuss the infrared footage of a Yowie from 2021, taken by Australian Yowie Research in Queensland. Sarah has collaborated with these researchers and is mentioned at 15m in this video for interviewing witnesses, on the Yowie Hunters channel, which also presents the same thermal footage.

At 45m, we talk about Mount Hope and Pyramid Hill, and as an incredible ”sacrednicity”, Sarah and her husband who is pilot had planned to fly that same day of the interview and she posted some amazing images of the site.

At 55m, I tell of an encounter with the Junjeri and footage I took.

At 56m, we explore the Yowie Triangle and an encounter I had there, near the Indigenous village of Jimna.

At 60m, I introduce an Indigenous lady connected with the Junjeri since before birth.

At 63m, I present the Deebing Creek Original community and some of the work I did with them in documenting the history of a massacre site.

At 71m, we refer to my last interview with Dani Henderson in March.

At 77m, we discuss gifting and tips to approach the Hairy Humanoids.

At 90m, Sarah quotes Michael Harrell and Brian Bland, who host the Pork and Beans podcast.

And much more… Hoping you will find this conversation interesting and the additional links provided informative and useful. Best blessings to all…

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