To our SCENIC followers on Facebook

To our SCENIC followers on Facebook (and others):

To all who can read this. This is SunBôw.

Due to FakeBot (FB) censorship madness, I’ve been unable to post, like or comment on my SCENIC FB page with the page profile.

It means I’m also unable to read and reply to messages sent to that page. It also means that I lost access to the dozens of groups I joined with that page. This situation implies as well that I’m unable to share there, posts from my SCENIC website, reason for which that FB page was created in the first place. Now, only Kelly can still share posts and comment with the SCENIC FB page.

This same situation happens as well with the FB page for The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series I authored, and with my SunBôw TrueBrother author page, both of which I used to manage, but they are now out of my reach, making that FakeBot platform totally obsolete and useless for my networking efforts towards disclosure and public outreach.

Due to these unjustified treacherous restrictions imposed on the fruits of my years of work by the lower lords’ thought police, I’m forced to stop using that FB page and the others I managed. Nonetheless, I’m leaving the links to those pages on the SCENIC home page, since those 5-6 years of work on FB can still be consulted, for now. This message is to notify our audience that I can’t interact or be reached anymore on the FB pages I was managing.

Although we won’t cry over it, it is somewhat unfortunate as FB has been our main referrer of readers most of the time since I founded SCENIC 5 years ago. Yet, it is not always the case and it has been surpassed by other referrers at times, like search engines, Reddit or Pinterest. However, the loss of our FB pages surely affects our readership, to whom we would like to ask again if you can, to kindly contribute to our networking and outreach in our disclosure efforts by liking, rating and sharing our posts and links in your networks.

Our SCENIC website has reached 125,000 views and 70,000 visitors in 2022. This is all due to continuous diligent efforts in organic growth, as we have not invested in professional advertisement, marketing, SEO nor SEM. This means that our success is due uniquely to our sustained concerted efforts, with the help of our readership participating in the spreading of our info and links, despite the detractors, the censorship and the shadow ban of algorithms.

I will not extend here on the years of increasing censorship on FB, yet the situation is not exclusive to that platform. As another example, since over a year, 90% of my comments on Youtube are deleted within hours, practically forbidding me to use that major platform for any form of networking. Disclosure is not an easy task and it can even be a risky business when we reveal too much that contradicts or discredits the mainstream narrative.

If there is one major warning emerging from The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, it is about the transhumanist agenda, which is implementing its next move by imposing a global digital ID and currency that will soon be mandatory to log in online, so this kind of networking might be ending soon.

For these reasons, I want to express my gratitude to all of you reading this, who have supported our work in any ways they could, by showing their interest and appreciation, contributing content, commenting, liking and sharing our posts, and with donations that are always gratefully welcome.

We would like to remind you of the share buttons under each post that make it easy to share our posts in your social medias. Thanks for your help.

To keep in touch, contact me and follow my work, this SCENIC website remains the best place for now, since I still own the domain at least for another year, and had no technical problems so far (not that it can never happen). Please visit our blog, in which you can browse through some 900 informative posts providing links and resources, and subscribe for updates, joining with our 4353 other subscribers who receive our notifications.

Thanks to all our readers, supporters, friends and allies. Best blessings to all…

Artwork: Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

10 thoughts on “To our SCENIC followers on Facebook”

  1. Scenic Sasquatch helped understand and build a tighter bond with my Sasquatch family along with other dimensional beings. Helped me find the connections to a Secret Shadow Government that brings nothing but chaos and confusion, while poisoning your lands and Water. This planet is a much better place with them here.

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  2. I’m sure you already know this but just in case. A lot of people use Telegram and rumble now. Because they don’t sensor like fb and yt. It’s so sad that this has happened. If everyone just stopped using there platform it would send them a message. Thanks again for all you do take care.

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    1. Thanks. Yes, but I’ve had trouble joining Telegram, they ask for a QR code and I don’t have a cell, while Rumble is mostly for videos. I must be on 3 dozen social medias already, but most are close to useless, being too limited or having no outreach. So far, I haven’t found any other social medias that make it easy to reach large numbers quickly.

      Also, after a decade and a half developing an audience on the two major platforms mentioned, it’s pretty hard to start anew and replace entire networks with new accounts.

      Anyhow, continuing with what we have for the time being, while we still can use the web. I’ll be able to say I did my share. Peace…


    1. Thanks. I already got accounts on MeWe, Gab, Bitchute, Rumbler nd Whatnot. The first two are like solitary confinement limiting your number of contacts where I have yet to find a first interesting post after years, the other two are for posting video. Being on so many social medias hasn’t proved to be more efficient nor useful so far for me. Dropping off the matrix might be an option…


  3. Shared your Fake Book censorship message on Telegram..Alex Collier followers channel.See where else I can drop some truth bombs for others to find your disclosure experiencers.Been following you since Spring last year. Enjoy the blog and all the contributions from experiencers. Keep sharing. We will find the info if it’s being shared somewhere. Lol

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