Comments on SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson

Comments from viewers on SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson, aired on 03/29/23.

CANADIAN AWARENESS™ : SunBow is a legend, Canadian legend, it was a pleasure interviewing him on our podcast last year. Honorable Man !

Belinda Chambers: Dear Dani thank you so much for this lovely interlude. Since I first watched two of your “Sasquatch ” videos a few weeks ago I have received my order of 3 books by Sunbow True Brother- as I held the first one I could feel the gentleness and humility and upon opening the book and reading a few words my eyes just filled with tears as my heart opened in complete trust, safety and recognition. Beautiful beautiful feeling of home and welcome and freedom. Thank you so very much.

Alex Davidson: BEST SET OF BOOKS E V E R. one day, I hope to meet this man.

Sarah Smith: The quiet kindness and humility and magic in Sunbow, are very clear to me, it actually helps me realise and understand what the sasquatch must be like because I have never experienced any.

Amanda El: What a humble, gentle man. So wonderful to hear his experiences and insights. He mentions that there are kinds like sasquatch all over the world. Here in Australia there are many legends from the original people and recently there are more and more sightings and connections with those they call yowies. There are, as far as is known, 2 types here. Larger more communicative beings making themselves known to many native and enlightened people through physical signs as well as telepathically and a smaller type who are rarely seen but known about by the Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

GA Fairbanks: Love to u Dani, I’ve missed hearing from Sunbow ! Good to hear from him and Forest PEOPLES.

Sherri Wade: Sunbow thank you for speaking. I can’t wait to see your website and books.

Lis Sørensen: Sunbow is a really nice and beautiful soul. Thank You so much for giving Sunbow space to tell us what is going on with Sasquatch and so on. Loved it. Loads off love to both off You.

christine: Sunbow narrative stories with experiences from last year conference and now are truly magical. Just because I don’t see it in the city doesn’t mean these stories does not exists. Truly magical as to all creation of life source beings…

Christine Virgil: Dani I was using the close caption, but I caught his eyes for a moment. I watched and listened to the rest of the show without CC. His eyes have great depth to them. I felt like he could see me. Thank you for another enlightening interview, that would know nothing, if not for you. Many thanks.

Beatrix Poupe: Thank you Danni what a gorgeous humble man I want to know more so I just ordered his 3 books.

Thierry D: I know SunBow personally he’s such a great man and modest man. He speaks the truth.

christy steiger: Loved every minute

veressence: That was so interesting (…)

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Comments on SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson

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